Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Kishkindha
As rama decides his war strategy, he places everyone at pivotal positions as per their calibre and designation. he also Presents himself to be atop hanuman and laxman atop angad, to get ahead. hanuman and angad are overwhelmed as they get this chance. rama and laxman decide to be the leaders so that the monkey army is always full of confidence to get ahead. they start on their implementation of the strategy. hanuman supervises as the army moves ahead with much vigour. but suddenly their advances are thwarted as they hear someone approaching, but cant find anyone. Suddenly, vishichika emanates, and finds millions of monkeys and wonders how to recognise who tormented lankini. she thinks that only two powerful monkeys could

have done that. she finally settles on hanuman and angad. she decides to throw in her plague of locusts to torment them all. neel sends in red butterflies, that alerts the others to be aware. they progress cautiously, while rama and laxman are tensed. they are placed down, and sent into the security circle, with sugriva. they comply. the army senses he green biological weapon falling from the skies. hanuman requests for permission to get ahead and find out what happened. he places angad in charge of the security. hanuman then leaves to find out what happened, and finds the butterflies dying away, as they come in contact with the green organisms. as it starts polluting everyone, they all get tensed. hanuman is boggled. Vishochika eyes hanuman, carrying rama on his shoulders, and recognises him as the person who tormented Lankini, and decides to seek revenge and torment him, and his army, by her powers. she then says that she shall kill everyone, and hopes for hanuman to progress further, as he too shall get infected once he comes in contact with them. as he goes past the green worms, hanuman experiences disturbance, while vishochika eyes evilly. but he comes out unfazed, and she is boggled, when it doesnt cause any effect on him. he finds something suspicious in the air, that caused this to the army. he wonders why isnt anything happening to him, and then remembers how shiva blessed him to be healthy always. he wonders how to save his army though. he calls out to neel, and then takes him away from there, so that he doesnt get infected and places him safely. she gets enraged and says that hanuman may have saved him, but what about the others. she then disappears and emanates again near Lord rama’s contingent. hanuman gets tensed as he eyes the air being polluted again. neel says that he sensed but couldnt understand what it was. hanuman tells him, and says that a demonic power is behind this, and asks him to instruct all to cover their nose and mouths. neel complies. the lady guffaws as the organisms start going towards rama and his team. hanuman rushes to their aide. rama is bothered when there isnt any news from neel’s contingent, and even hanuman hasnt returned yet. they hope that there isnt any trouble looming ahead. sugriva and laxman decide to go and check. but angad asks them to stop, and he himself presents to go, and says that he shall send a message anyhow if he senses trouble. hanuman thinks that he has to find out some way, while neel says that he shall alert people behind. hanuman thinks that he has to deal with some tactic, and an idea comes and he thinks he shall have to create a tornado, using the wind force. he stands at a safe place, wherein he can see the demon. meanwhile angad says that he is approaching. hanuman starts praying to lord of winds, and begs him to help him get rid of this. she wonders whats he upto. the lord grants him what he wishes for. meanwhile angad too gets affected by the organisms, and falls right on the ground. he wonders whats happening to him. hanuman thanks the lord and gets to his task, as she hides herself in the air. he creates a whirlwind tornado, with both his hands, and all organisms start getting engulfed in it. she wonders if he has gone mad. then he twirls it in the direction of the saline sea water, where they wouldnt be able to survive. she is apalled at her plan being defeated. meanwhile hanuman is distracted by angad’s plea for help. hanuman rushes to him, while he says that he feels he wont survive. hanuman asks him not to say so


Precap: vishochika emanates and then threatens hanuman that she shall send in severe bio-organisms that shall plague the entire land now. She again starts pulluting the air, while hanuman watches boggled and tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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