Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ravan leaves from there. Mahadev utters Ram. The name resounds in Hanuman’s ears and around the world. Shree Ram’s feet lit up. Hanuman calms down seeing them. He folds his hands and bows to them. Mahadev points out at Ram in his arms to Hanuman. Hanuman returns to his original form. He looks happily, emotionally at Shree Ram’s feet. He says Jai Shree Ram. The chant echoes everywhere. Hanuman happily walks toward Mahadev and Shree Ram. He keeps chanting Ram Naam. He touches Shree Ram’s feet. Lord Vishnu smiles. A tear rolls down Hanuman’s cheek. Narad ji is happy over their reunion. Devguru Brihaspati appears there. He blesses Hanuman for rescuing all the Gods. Guru Shukracharya too blesses him. Hanuman cannot take his eyes off Shree Ram’s feet. All the Gods bless Sankatmochan

Mahabali Hanuman. The world turns beautiful and normal once again. Narad ji says whoever gets a chance to see these auspicious feet of Shree Ram gets

Shree Krishna explains all the symbols that are there in Shree Ram’s feet. The sages too get a rare chance to see them even after doing tapasya for years and years. Mahadev too had to leave Kailash to see those auspicious feet. Brahma Dev, Mahadev and all the Gods and Goddesses always pray to them. Hanuman had to calm down. He got his world. He dint want anything else in life.

Hanuman looks at Shree Ram’s feet with complete devotion. He resides in my heart.

Matang Rishi comes to Sumeru. Kesari greets him. Matang Rishi shares that Hanuman has ended the problem at hand. Everyone is relieved. The Nau Grah have calmed down. Marjarika is also ecstatic. Everyone cheers for Hanuman.

Narad ji points out that a devotee forgets everything if he meets his Aradhya. Mahadev tells Hanuman that his mother needs him. Go to her now. Hanuman says Jai Shree Ram and Jai Bhole Baba. Mahadev disappears. Hanuman thinks of his mother. I first saved the world, as per your guidance. Now I am coming to you!

Mahadev keeps Shree Ram’s soul back in his body. He is happy with Hanuman for saving the world.

Mandodri is scared. This makes Ravan upset. Mandodri and Kaikasi notice his wounds. What happened? Mandodri asks a daasi to call Vaid ji. Kaikasi says it is good that I sent your father at the right time. Ravan declines. That was the wrong time. If father had not come there then Mahadev wouldn’t have come to stop the war. In that case, either I would have killed that vanar kid or vice versa. He even broke my kavach! Kaikasi tells him to keep his anger in his heart. It will help you later in life.

Matang Rishi tells everyone in the palace what all Hanuman did to save the planets. Marjarika is scared of Matang Rishi. He might have recognized me. Matang Rishi looks pointedly at Anjana (marjarika). Nani is also worried. Matang Rishi says nothing to Marjarika. He addresses her as Anjana only. You son shuns all darkness and brings light in the world. Laxmi is also coming to your house soon with your son. Make preps to welcome her. Kesari is confused. My Grahlaxmi, my wife, is with me. What darkness of heart was he talking about? Matang Rishi leaves. Kesari still thinks of his words. Maybe his words had a deep meaning. Nani diverts his attention. Let us make preps to welcome Hanuman. Kesari agrees. Marjarika looks thankfully at Nani. Everyone leaves to make preps to welcome Hanuman. Marjarika tells Nani that her truth would have been out today. nani nods. Everyone looks at the lotus that grows in the mud, and not the mud. Marjarika is touched. You called me your daughter. Now I shouldn’t delay anymore. I should go and tell everything to Maharaj Kesari. She leaves. Nani worries of the consequences.

Hanuman is on his way to Swarg Loka. The soldiers at the gates notice him. They get alert, and ready to stop Hanuman (unaware who he is).

Precap: The soldiers stop Hanuman. They agree to allow him in after asking them some knowledgeable questions. Urvashi gets to know about a vanar kid trying to gain entry inside Swarg. She realises that it will be Hanuman only. I will have to stop him or he will take Anjana with him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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