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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vali hits Hanuman with a mace but Hanuman holds it with his hand. You know now how much my powers have increased. Stop this test now or you will get tired. Vali thinks without gaining Markat’s powers it is impossible to defeat him. Hanuman says you want to see my powers I think. I will just show you. Vali thinks he does not want a description of the same but half of his powers.

Narad ji says this is possible only when Vali’s opponent comes towards him with a feeling of enmity. Vali will never be able to understand it. He will keep attacking Hanuman while his powers will be safe because of his simple nature.

Hanuman tells Vali about all his boons. Hanuman pushes the mace because of which Vali is pushed back. Hanuman expands / reduces his size (to an ant) to show him

the boon granted by Brahma Dev. He flies up and sits on Vali’s shoulder. Vali tells Him to move away. He shakes his shoulder. Hanuman jumps down and returns to normal size. I can move biggest mountains using my breath. Vali is pushed behind when Hanuman does so. Hanuman apologizes to him. I was only showing you my boon. I can turn into burning fire (boon by Agni Dev). Vali is shocked to see Hanuman on fire. He steps back in shock. This Markat can to this too?

Anjana tells Sugriv to advise that it is not right for Vali to do what he is thinking to do. Sugriv worries that Vali can come here also. Fighting with Sumeru means a war between Hanuman and Bhaiya. It can be dangerous for Bhaiya. Kesari nods. I have the same worry. I have assured your father of Vali’s safety. It will be difficult to save him if he comes here. We have to keep Vali away from Sumeru and Hanuman somehow.

Hanuman lifts a stone by his one hand and tells vali that this is also a boon that he got from Gods.

Sugriv thinks to explain to Vali. First of all, I have to stop him from coming face to face with Hanuman. He tells Kokat to stay back in Sumeru till he goes to find Vali Bhaiya. Kokat thinks to keep quiet for now. I will inform Maharaj Vali at the right time for sure that Sugiv isn’t dedicated towards his Maharaj but Kesari and Anjana.

Hanuman lifts two stones in each of his hand. I could even pick a bigger one but they aren’t here. Vali thinks this Markat is trying to show off his powers. He does not know that he will lose half of his powers when we will fight. I don’t know why that hasn’t happened so far.

Hanuman is so naive. Why can Vali not see Hanuman’s pure heart? Krishna says the person whose eyes only see jealousy, anger and negative thoughts cannot see anything good in anyone else too. If Vali gives up on his animosity towards Hanuman then Hanuman can happily give him all of his powers. Vali cannot understand this though. People are unable to understand anything in this situation. It results in the downfall of a person only.

Vali tries hitting Hanuman again but Hanuman holds his mace with one hand. Hanuman says it looks like you want to test me more. You want to see how much power is in my hands? He holds Vali’s hand and twists it. Vali is in pain. Hanuman asks him if he knows now how much stronger his hands have become. He pushes Vali in air. Vali has a hard time holding his grip on the ground. Hanuman smiles. You must be happy now that I dint waste time in your absence. My tests are over now? Hug me then. Vali jumps and stands before him. Hanuman asks Vali to hug him. Vali hits him with his mace. Hanuman flies up in the air but manages himself in the air only. How much more will Bhaiya test me? He flies back to where Vali is. I know how strong you are. If we join our powers then we can kill all the Asuras and save Hari Bhakts. Vali thinks of Ravan’s words (against Hari Bhakt). All of Vali’s attacks are warded off by Hanuman very easily. Hanuman wonders what has happened to Bhaiya. He dint accept my greeting and dint even hug me. He is only testing me. Vali lifts Hanuman with his hands and throws him in air. Hanuman falls inside a mountain. Vali looks content. He looks at the mountain. He senses something weird nearby and notices a tail. This Markat should have been under the mountain. How did he come here?

Vali follows the tail. Don’t hide like cowards. Face me!

On the other hand, Hanuman comes out of the mountain. Where did Vali Bhaiya go while taking my tests? He flies up to look for him.

Vali shouts Hanuman angrily. Hanuman sees him from above. Who is Bhaiya following? Sugriv hides behind a tree. Vali is very near the tree. Come out Hanuman. Sugriv thinks Bhaiya wont take time to find him. I will have to think of some other idea to divert him. Vali asks Hanuman to come out if he thinks he is strong enough. You are very proud of your powers? Fight me like a braveheart! Don’t hide like a coward. He goes in different direction. Sugriv runs in the opposite direction. Vali chases him (did not get to see Sugriv’s face). Hanuman reaches there just then. Where did they go? They were here only.

Sugriv realises it is the same cave where anyone can get lost for a while. If it happens with Bhaiya then I can avoid him meeting Hanuman. Sugriv hides as Vali comes there shouting for Hanuman to come out. Where are you hiding? Sugriv throws a stone in the opposite direction. Vali goes in that direction while Sugriv runs out.

Hanuman looks at the cave. They must be inside only. Sugriv meets Hanuman. Hanuman asks him if they are playing with him. They hear Vali’s angry voice. Sugriv tells Hanuman it isn’t a game but a serious thing. we have to hide from Bhaiya first. They hide behind a tree. Hanuman tells him to call Vali Bhaiya too. Sugriv says he has changed a lot. Hanuman hears Vali calling out for Hanuman. He must be in some problem. Sugriv stops him. He has become a problem for us since he has come from his tapasya.

Vali gets lost in the cave and is irked. Come out right away!

Sugriv agrees to tell hanuman everything but in Sumeru. You are needed in Sumeru. Hanuman gets worried for his family and Sumeru. Is everyone alright? Sugriv says you have to avoid meeting Vali Bhaiya ever and reach Sumeru asap. Trust me. I am your friend. Hanuman flies away on his request but is thoughtful on his way. Something is indeed wrong.

Precap: Vali comes to Sumeru to make Kesari surrender to him. Hanuman thinks something is wrong.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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