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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman returns to his normal size. He walks up to Shani Dev and his wife and greets them. Shani Dev says I am a sinner. You had to bear so many wounds in your little body because of me. Hanuman replies that he also hurt him a lot. Shani Dev says I deserved it. It should have been worse. Hanuman shares that he used to get similar wounds during practise. Father used to pour oil over me to get me well. I would have done the same for you if oil was here. Narad ji requests Shani Dev’s wife to arrange oil. She nods.

Hanuman puts oil on Shani Dev’s wounds. Indra Dev and all the Gods look on mesmerised. Narad ji remarks that Hanuman is taking care of Shani Dev just the way a son takes care of his father. Shani Dev looks at sweetly at Hanuman. You too have been hurt. Give it to

me as well. I will apply oil on your wounds too. Hanuman hands over the bowl to him. Shani Dev applies oil on his wounds. Mangal Dev comes there. Everyone greets one another. Mangal Dev says you (Hanuman) saved my planet from Kaal Chakra. Whoever prays to you on Tuesday (Mangalvar) will stay away from all problems. Shani Dev thanks him. Shani Dev tells Hanuman he showed him the right path today. You took care of my wounds. Whoever offers oil to you on Tuesday and to me on Saturday will always be blessed by me. I will never trouble him. Today, I promise you. I will never look at Hanuman and whoever prays to Hanuman will be safe from me. Hanuman thanks both the Dev’s for the blessings. It will help me in saving the world. He turns to Shani Dev. Please help my mother now. Forgive Chandra Dev and remove your effect from him. He can rise up in the sky thereby making way for my mother to break her fast. Both Chandra Dev and Shani Dev apologise to one another. Chandra Dev points out that Hanuman’s mother and entire world is in problem because he dint rise. Please help me so I can help them. Shani Dev says I took my effect back but it will last till the time it is destined to. Hanuman asks for a solution. Shani Dev points out that his effect fell low before Hanuman. If Chandra Dev is blessed with your Divya-ansh then maybe he can be completely free from it. You have been blessed by me. I will never look at you. If you will share it with Chandra Dev then probably he will be free from my effect. You can have him on your head then. Hanuman shares his Divya-ansh with Chandra Dev. Narad ji thinks Hanuman turned into Chandreshwar Hanuman by having Chandra Dev on his head. Everyone cheers for him. Hanuman thinks now Chandra Dev will rise up in the sky. I have to rush to mother’s side now. I have to break her fast by feeding water to her with my own hands. I wonder how she will be now.

Anjana’s body has turned cold. Everyone is worried for her.

Ravan paces holding the Amrit Kalash in his hands. Rahu and Ketu come there. Rahu cheers in his name. He shares that the Chandra is about to rise in the sky. That vanar kid freed Chandra Dev from Shani Dev’s spell. They are on their way to Chandra Loka. Ravan laughs evilly. Ravan summons Kalnemi. He orders Kalnemi, Rahu and Ketu about the impending moon rise. All the Asuras must be here. Arrange a meeting soon. Make an announcement that their Samrat, Lankesh Dashanan Ravan, will become immortal by drinking Amrit. I will make everyone immortal too!

Hanuman asks for leave from Shani Dev. Shani Dev signals his wife. They both do Hanuman’s aarti together. All other Gods stand their with folded hands. Hanuman is touched by their gestured. Mata Parvati thinks Hanuman too has made Chandra Dev his ornament. Hanuman requests Chandra Dev to rise up in the sky now. Narad ji seconds him. Anjana kept fast for Hanuman. She will drink water only after you will rise in the sky. Chandra Dev knows it. Narad ji adds that Hanuman has also renounced water or food since the time his mother has not eaten anything. Everyone looks at Hanuman in stunned. Shani Dev is teary eyed. You went through so much for the world and your mother yet you did not let us know anything. There has not been any such kid till date and will never be! They all fold hands before him. Hanuman calls himself a servant of the world. I did only my dharma. You all are great Gods. You should bless me. Don’t fold hands before me. Indra Dev says our blessings are with you. But we fold our hands to your unselfish wish to serve others and your immense love towards your parents. Such parents also deserve to be

Hanuman tells Chandra Dev that his mother’s every passing moment must be troublesome. The sooner you will rise up the better it will be. Please accept my request. Chandra Dev nods. I want to take you to Chandra Loka in full speed so you can rise asap. Chandra Dev agrees to go with him. Hanuman greets everyone and takes leave from Shani Dev and his wife. He increases his size next. Chandra Dev too takes everyone’s leave. Hanuman makes him sit on the shoulder.

Precap: Hanuman asks Chandra Dev to sit on his throne. He is hesitant. I did a sin. I handed over Amrit Kalash to Ravan. On the other hand, Ravan is excited to drink Amrit and become immortal.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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