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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman hears some noise coming out from under the bed. He lifts up the bed with one hand. Anjana and everyone look on in shock. Anjana helps the daasi in coming out from under the bed. Hanuman smiles happily for he has found her. Dai Ma, Anjana and all the daasi’s have a hard time while keeping the bed back it its place. Anjana hugs her son. She is still shaken up by what she just witnessed.

Ma Parvati smiles seeing Hanuman’s antics. Lord Shiva opens his eyes and asks her what is making her so happy. She talks about Hanuman’s strength. He is just as strong as you. I think Shivansh will suit him. What do you think? Shivansh, Harishwar or Vedansh? Lord Shiva speaks to Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma through his mind / heart. What kind of a dilemma is this? How can I choose one

name and upset the other two ladies? All three of them are in the same dilemma. Lord Shiva suggests that Lord Vishnu is the maintainer of the universe. I think you talk to him on this subject. Ma Parvati nods.

Hanuman’s strength also meant that the 3 lokas will soon be free of all the Danavs / Rakshasas. There was still time for the people living on earth to know about Sankatmochan’s birth.

A group of Rishi’s (Rishi Vishmbhar and his disciples) are going somewhere. They are singing Hari bhajan as they walk.

Kesari is reading something when Hanuman comes there with Anjana. Hanuman shares with his father that he played hide and seek today. I had loads of fun. Kesari is happy to see his son happy but he can see that Anjana is worried over something. She is about to say something when the one of the courtesans greet them. Rishi Vishambhar and his disciples are on their way to Badrikashram like every year with Narayan’s idol. He wants you to meet them and seek Lord’s blessings. Anjana nods.

Rishi Vishambhar was on a maun vrat since last 50 years. He never used to talk to anyone other than his Aradhya Narayan and dint even so much as look at anyone else in all these years. He could not think of anything other than Hari Naam.

Rishi Vishambhar and his disciples are outside Kesari’s palace. Kesari comes outside with his family along with Dai Ma and the daasi’s. Anjana tells Hanuman to fold his hands before the Lord. The idol turns into Lord Rama’s avatar. Hanuman’s hands fold automatically. He again says Rama. Rishi Vishmbhar stops his prayers and turns to look at Hanuman. Hanuman continues to utter Rama all this while. Kesari and Anjana try to correct Hanuman. This is Narayan. Hanuman denies. This is Rama only. Rishi Vishambhar breaks his maun vrat. This is the truth. Yuvraj (Hanuman) is right. Everyone is surprised. No one can understand Lord’s Leelas. Lord Narayan is Shri Rama and vice versa. Hanuman chants Rama. Rishi Vishambhar loves the way he utters it. he keeps his hand on Hanuman’s head and looks at him. One of his disciples asks him about the vrat. You have been keeping it since last 50 years! Rishi Vishambhar says think that my life found its meaning. The aim of my maun vrat is accomplished too. Kesari is confused. Rishi Vishambhar explains that it is about 50 years ago. I had done Tapasya of Brahma ji and he became happy. I wanted to know how the Rakshasas will end. He had told me that when I will listen a small kid saying Rama then I should understand that Lord Vishnu’s avatar and Sankatmochan’s avatar have taken birth to put an end to it. I had decided to keep quiet till Lord Narayan takes avatar on earth. Kesari and Anjana are emotional. Rishi Vishmbhar thanks Hanuman for giving him the hint that Lord Vishnu and Sankatmochan have taken birth. They all bow their heads before him and sing happily. Hanuman cannot take his eyes off the idol. He too dances merrily.

Ma Parvati, Ma Laxmi and Ma Saraswati meet again. the Naamkaran ceremony is tomorrow and we still haven’t found a name that describes Hanuman perfectly. The preps have begun.

Kesari has got a red coloured dhoti for tomorrow. Anjana recalls something and says Hey Shiv Shambhu. Hanuman copies her. Anjana wants only Hanuman to wear a red coloured dhoti. Kesari says what if a guest comes wearing a red coloured dhoti. She suggests him to wear what he had worn in his wedding. They both stay put on their points. Hanuman quietly walks away from there. He gets an idea. He calls out for his Ma.

Precap: Anjana is looking for Hanuman. No one has a clue. The ladies are making a garland. Anjana notices something moving under the garlands. She tries to look close and Hanuman surprises her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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