Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the demon trishulrom coming back and he laughs and says you cannot kill me, trishulrom then attacks and holds hanuman captive by his spell. Trishulrom says you did not see that I can never die, I think you wanted to go somewhere and you did not pay attention to me. Trishulrom says you cannot do anything. Hanuman thinks I have to find a way to kill this demon. Trishulrom says stop thinking, trishulrom then disappears. Hanuman says where did he go?
There shatrugan says you both? Shatrugan says I did not expect you to be the one to tie our horse. luv and kush says shatrugan ji we did not expect it would be you. shatrugan says listens kids do you know what is meant by stopping the horse? just untie our horse and give it to us. Shatrugan says this horse belongs

to lord ram and this is his ashvamedh yag, so do not interfere In between. Luv and kush say what to respect lord ram, who abandoned mata sita. Shatrugan says you kids say too much, if you don’t give us the horse I have to command my soldiers and we will have to attack you. luv and kush say we are not scared of anyone, lord ram left mata sita and now she must be roaming around the forest alone. Luv and kush say the army of lord ram and lord ram himself have become weak and can be defeated. Shatrugan says you don’t understand why lord ram did this, even he left all his happiness and pleasures after leaving mata sita. Luv and kush say tell that to mata sita who is in the forest alone. Shatrugan is angry and says I will tell you again, don’t do this, leave the horse otherwise I have to fight you. luv kush say your lord has been insulted right? Go and call him and tell him to fight us. Shatrugan now says angrily enough! You kids have crossed your limits, luv and kush say attack your arrow otherwise face ours. Luv and kush attack their arrows. Shatrugan attacks his arrow. There pushkar is with the army and says why didn’t kaka shatrugan come yet?
There luv and kush’s arrow hit shatrugan’s arrow and go past it, shatrugan is shocked. the arrows go beside shatrugan’s hand, shatrugan saves himself and is very angry. Luv and kush say what happened shatugan ji? Shatrugan says you boys have become overconfident after defeating our army once, shatrugan removes a divya arrow and says they have to be injured a bit to teach them a lesson. Shatrugan removes pavan astra and there is a storm now, shatrugan attacks and thinks I hope it doesn’t hurt these boys. Lord ram sees and thinks what is the use of my ashvamedh yag if a suryawanshi is forced to attack a divya astra on 2 children from an ashram?
There hanuman sees trishulrom and trishulrom comes back and laughs. trishulrom says you cannot do anything to me monkey. Hanuman then has light coming from his back and all his forms are shown and they go. trishulrom gets scared and thinks this monkey is a divya monkey, I should get away from here before he catches me. Hanuman tells his tail Sakha and it holds trishulrom captive, trishulrom is shocked, he then thinks and becomes small. Trishulrom says monkey, if you want to kill me first catch me, trishulrom goes away in a cave. Hanuman says where did he go?
There kush says luv you distract shatrugan ji and I will attack arrows from here. luv says okay and shoots a spear and jumps on it, then he attacks arrows on shatrugan. Shatrugan dodges. There kush attacks arrow on pavanastra but nothing happens, kush then cannot see from the storm and is getting affected by the pavan astra, luv sees and says kush sent me so that he I would be safe, I will not let anything happen to him. luv goes back.
There sita feels something bad is about to happen and says hanuman help luv and kush, I feel they are in danger. There hanuman goes in cave but hears sita and says I heard mata sita to, something bad is happening, I have to defeat this demon and go.
There luv is hit by the arrow as he comes in between and he falls down. Sita is putting flowers on lalita devi’s statue but one flower falls down and sita says did something happen to my kids?
There kush says no luv! Kush sits beside luv and says get up luv. Luv is injured and looks at kush. Lord ram is worried and sad. There hanuman sees demon trishulrom’s shadow in some crystals and breaks the crystal with his gadha but trishulrom is not there. Trishulrom says from other crystal that monkey, you cannot defeat me. Hanuman breaks that crystal too but nothing happens. In another crystal, trishulrom laughs and says I am here monkey. Hanuman thinks I have to find a way to defeat him.

Precap: hanuman is flying back to save luv and kush and is worried about the horse. hanuman says what will I say to lord ram and mata sita if anything happens to the horse and luv and kush.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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