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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hanuman’s Preachings by Goddess Saraswati
Due to Mohini’s ire, rahu has his head severed off and his body came to be known as ketu, and his head as Rahu, thereby earning the names RAhu and Ketu, which have problems with the sun and moon lord, causing the scientific phenomenons, eclipse. he listens and hears intently. when she asks him whats the lesson, he smartly answers that he knows, cutting her short, about how patience is needed and deception is needed at times too. she smiles at his earnestness. while he is too tensed and eagerly asnxious, she asks him to start the chants with her, to achieve internal peace and satisfaction, he readily complies. they sing in unison, after which his anxious heart calms down. Saraswati then says that now

its time for him to know, of Vishnu’s third avatar, that he took for the preserving of the earth. he is anxious and eagerly asks what incarnation he took. She says that the third avatar was the varah avatar, which he took in the Satyug. hanuman is curious as he hears intently. she tells how this avatar had deadly sharp teeth. she then talks about how this story was incepted. she says that when the four baal rishi, came to meet lord vishnu, on the baikunth doors. he asks if they were actually children. she informs that they are Lord Brahma’s MANAS PUTRAS, Sanak, Satatan, Sanandan and Sanath Kumar. he continues to hear on, and she says that they have much more age, but due to their meditative powers, they stay young, and after they crossed all six doors easily, but when they were at the final door of the baikunth dham, they are stopped by guards, who tell them that they cant step in without prior permission. one of them introduces themselves, and says that they need to meet the lord vishnu. they also identify the guards of Baikunth, as Jai and Vijay. they are told this is the time for their lord to rest, and they shall have to wait. they decide to wait there only, and waited on for days, while the guards are shocked at their adamant firm will. they tell the Rishis that this isnt a rest area, and asks them to return back, to where they belonged, and if the lord so wishes, then he shall meet them himself. they mock the rishis, and say that their age isnt of meditation and worship, but of playing. they proclaim and request too, that they need to meet the lord. they say that the lord shall definitely meet them, if they he gets to know about their arrival, and they wont bother him during his rest too but the guards are rigid, and they tell them that they cant meet the lord, as he doesnt have time for kids. he asks if they can prepare for food and toys which are more suitable for them. The rishis get enraged. a tussle and verbal arguement ensues between the rishis and the guards. they then take the holy waters, and are about to curse, and say that they might have become guards, but they dont deserve it at all. they say that they have therefore earned themselves a curse and that they shall have to take the birth on earth, and stripped of their aneglic powers. the third says that they have lost their sanity in their demonic behaviour and due to this demonic expression, they brought this on themselves. they throw the cursed waters at them, and then the final door to Baikunth opens.

Inside, the lord welcomes them all, along with his wife, and apologises for the guards’ rude behaviour. the rishis ask them not to embarass them by asking for apology as whatever they did, it was due to their ignorance. the guards too apologise profusely, saying that they couldnt recognise, and can penance only by their curse, and they dont wish to go to earth. they apologise, and beg for them to take it back. they express their inability to do so. the lord too says that a curse cant be reverted, and that they shall have to take birth on the earth, but they can be given an alternative, either live seven births on the earth, being his most devout devotee, or three births as their arch enemies, and the choice is theirs. they decide that they cant stay away for seven births, and instead agree on three births, to be their enemy, and then they can be salvaged to serve lord vishnu yet again. he complies. Hanuman asks about the guards from saraswati, who were these three enemies. she smiels at his childish eagerness, while he says that he is very eager to know about the same. she says that they have already had two births, and the third one shall take place in the dwapar yug, Shishupaal and Dantvakra in the future and in this treta yug, they are already born born, as Raavan and Kumbhkaran. he is boggled. he asks about their first birth. She says that after being cursed, in the middle of satyug, they were conceived by and given birth by, RIshi Kashyap’s wife, Diti, as Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaksh. she says that with age, they started becoming more and more evil. she says that they took the form of highly atricious demons. he is apalled at what they did. she says that this is why why they bore an enemity with lord vishnu. She says that the younger brother, Hiranyaksh, was always eager to do demonic things, and always wanted to pick up illogical fights, he intently hears on. she says that murder was his recreation. hiranyaksh proclaims himself to the ruler of all. after having won a major battle, Hiranyaksh gets the evil idea, after having ravaged the earth, he decides to take Lord Indra’s test, of powers. He arrives at the doorstep of lord vishnu and challenges him to a duel. the door finally opens, and he walks in guffawing loudly, while lord indra confronts him enraged, as to how dare he challenge him. the demon challenges and instigates him, and a duel starts. he continues to chide with Lord Indra, getting his ire, as he thwarts his every move. he guffaws as he continues to overpower him. Lord Indra is tensed as he starts winning. in one fatal attempt, lord indra is on the ground, and he asks the lord to accept defeat or face another fatal attack. he stands defeated, as hiranyaksh guffaws loudly, and leaves. saraswati finds hanuman tensed having heard this.


Precap: Hiranyaksh proclaims in front of demons, that he shall submerge Goddess earth, in the deep depths of the Pataal Lok. He takes the earth and throws it away, in the depths of the universe. he guffaws, while the devi earth is apalled. The devi starts beckoning for lord vishnu, and he finally helps her, taking up the Varah Avatar.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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