Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ram saying this time only I will fight against ravana. Sugreeva says no lord and my army will fight ravana, ram says no your army killed ravanas army and that was enough help for me but my duty is to save my wife myself with whatever power I have and I will alone fight ravana because iniquity is to fight by being the path of righteousness. Ram says I will punish ravana.
There ravana is shocked to see mata tara devis form. Ravana thinks what I heard was true and mata tara devi’s form is very dangerous. Ravana gets a bit scared and steps back. In heaven lord Shankar and parvati are watching this, vayu dev says that ravana has become a bit scared from seeing mata taradevi’s form. Ravana then kneels down and does pranam and says maa.
In heaven

lord Shankar says if ravana would have got scared completely he would have died but he did not get scared and even if he is evil he is faithful in praying and being a disciple. Parvati says even tara devi is a woman goddess and though her form of mine id dangerous but listening the word maa even her heart has melted.
There tara devi’s heart melts and her anger goes. Mata says what do you want son?
There hanuman falls at lord ram’s legs and says prabhu please don’t do this and let me fight ravana with you and I can not see you fight alone as ravana has become successful in his prayer and he will be very powerful, hanuman has tears and says please let me fight with you. Lord ram gets down and says hanuman I can not allow you to fight with me as I have to protect and save sita and remember even sita said to you that she wants me to come and defeat ravana with my hands and kill him. Hanuman says yes. Lord ram says then I will fight ravana alone.
There ravana says that mata I want protection from you, protection from that ram and all his warriors. Mata tara devi says so you will force me to give you powers? Ravana says mata I have done your power with all my faith and you have to give me protection completely and that is what I ask for. Mata says so I am forced to protect you. Mata says I will grant you the powers but if you fight cunningly and cheat in the battle with iniquity then my protection will not save you anymore and then you will suffer my wrath and will die for even a single drop of water. Ravana says mata I will fight on the right path. Mata goes. Ravana laughs and says now ram wont be able to do anything and I have the protection of mata tara devi.
There ravana is in his palace and gets ready with his body shield and is in his court. Mandodari comes and sees ravana ready for the battle and thinks which means even he will die….? Mandodari says no in her mind.
There lord ram is ready and hanuman hands lord ram his arrows and bow, laxman gives ram his dagger. Ram is ready for the battle. In ravanas palace, mandodari has the plate of Pooja and is doing the tilak of ravana, her hands are shivering, ravana stops her hand and says mandodari your husband id going to war and be proud and don’t be scared as nothing will happen and mata tara devi has promised to protect me. Mandodari puts the tika as her hands still shiver a bit. Advisor comes and says lankesh your mayavi chariot is ready. Ravana says yes and goes to the chariot and outside lanka in the battlefield climbs in the chariot. Ravana says jai tara devi and rides the chariot. The wild eagles crows and wolves start making noises on earth. Everyone hear this and vibhishan says this is not a good sign and ravana has become powerful and if only we all could fight with you lord ram. Lord ram says don’t worry vibhishan and I will fight ravana with all my might and you all are anyway a part of this war so stay put and do not worry.
Ravana comes in his chariot and tara devi is standing huge on the back part of ravanas chariot. Everyone see chariot coming and see tara devi. Lord ram says devi tara!! Hanuman thinks tara devi is helping ravana in this battle! Lord ram says it is an honor to see devi tara in her form.

Precap: lord ram is attacked by a gadh which hits lord ram on his chest, everyone says lord!! Lord ram attacks ravana with a volley of arrows, nothing hurts ravana. Lord ram says why aren’t my arrows doing anything to ravana?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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