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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana is shocked to see his burnt palms. You bore so much pain for your mother! He replies that he dint even feel it. my only focus was to return you your eyesight. She happily hugs him. Varun Dev asks Hanuman to head to Surya Loka asap. Surya Dev will be waiting for you. Hanuman says I cannot leave my mother and my friends here alone. Varun Dev offers to drop them to their destination safely.

Mahadev tells Surya Dev to leave now as his disciple Hanuman will reach Surya Loka soon. Surya Dev nods. How can I put Hanuman in trouble when I know the adverse consequences?

Hanuman leaves for Surya Loka.

Surya Dev talks to Arun Dev. Tridev have told me to give Hanuman all my knowledge. Hanuman isn’t back yet. I wonder how it will happen. Arun Dev notices Hanuman

just then. Hanuman greets them. Forgive me for coming late. Surya Dev says taking care of your mother is above everything else in the world. Hanuman says he is ready. Surya Dev thinks of Brahma Dev’s words. Hanuman asks Surya Dev what’s troubling him. Surya Dev shares his worry with him. I had to give it to you in 7 days. Now I will have to do it in half of the day only. Your body and mind can even explode while trying to hold it together. Sadly, I have no other option now. Are you ready for it? The knowledge, that I had to give you slowly in 7 days, I will now have to give it to you all at once. The consequences can be adverse. Your brain and body can completely destroy because of it. Hanuman says I am ready for it. After completing my education, I will be able to meet the one, to meet whom I have taken birth. Tridev smile.

Kesari is worried for Anjana. Nani announces Anjana’s arrival. Anjana and the kids come in with Varun Dev. Kesari, Nani and Marjarika are relieved to see Anjana alright. They are all the more happy to know that Anjana can see now. Kesari thanks Varun Dev for bringing ANjana and the kids home safely. How do I thank you! Varun Dev replies that Hanuman deserves this thanks. Anjana got her eyesight back because of his efforts only. He only freed me and Surya Dev from a very big problem. I shall leave now. Everyone greets him. Varun Dev disappears. Kesari orders the commander to drop the kids to their home. Kesari is very proud of Hanuman. He makes impossible possible. Anjana nods. he killed Patalika and free Surya Dev’s horses as well. Kesari is anxiously waiting for Hanuman’s return. I will hold a grand celebration. Nani notices the change in Anjana’s expressions. Anjana shares that she is worried for Hanuman. He only has half of the day left.

Surya Dev looks at the Kaal Stambha. Surya Dev turns to Hanuman. I will tell you about 3 divya-astra of Tridev. You will have to bring together your devotion and strength to attain them. it isn’t easy for everyone to hold them. This is why no one has these Divya-astras. You are the first one to receive them. Hanuman says it will be an honour for me. Surya Dev starts the process. He warns Hanuman. You have to stay inside the circle I have created so as to gain them. your education will remain incomplete if you step out of it at any point of time.

Mata Parvati shares her worried with Mahadev. The 3 divya-astras, that even bigger / greater sages cannot attain, how will Hanuman hold them together?

Surya Dev guides Hanuman to think of Ma Jagdamba first in order to get these Divya-astras. There are some rules to get every astra (weapon). First of all, I will tell you how to get Digha-astra. It is the emblem of Brahma Dev’s energies. Listen to the mantras carefully and remember them. Hanuman agrees. You can make anything using this Digha-astra if you chant the mantra along with. Hanuman repeats the mantra after him. Hanuman remarks that he is feeling energized after gaining this. Brahma Dev blesses Hanuman. The Digha-astra merges inside Hanuman. Hanuman thanks his Gurudev for giving him the first Divya-astra.

Agni Dev says it isn’t as easy to get the other 2 Divya-astras inside someone.

Surya Dev tells Hanuman about Vrita-astra. It is Vishnu Dev’s astra. You can help anyone in the world using it. You have to be calm to absorb it in you or there can be dire consequences. The Vrita-astra appears in Surya Dev’s hands as he requests for it. He chants a shloka and asks Hanuman to listen intently. You have to say it after me. Hanuman repeats the shloka next. The Vrita-astra travels to his hand. Hanuman is unable to hold it though. It is too heavy for him. All the Gods look on tensed.

Precap: There are significant changes in mother nature as Hanuman tries to hold the Vrita-astra in his hand using all his strength.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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