Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman is on his way to Ayodhya. I should hurry up. The Pishachs should not create another problem for anyone in Ayodhya before then.

Devi Kaushalya brings everything that Ram had asked for for Hanuman. Ram is all lost. Bharat tells her that Hanuman left for Sumeru. Manthra adds that he had to leave because of the Pishachs. They have attacked his mother. Maharaj nods. I was told by Devraj Indra. It would have been wrong to keep him here while Sumeru is in such a big problem. Devi Kaushalya notices Ram’s sad face. I know you got all this for Hanuman with love. Don’t be sad. Right now his priority is to save Sumeru from Pishachs. Ram nods.

The Rishi’s doing the yagya request Guru Vahsishtha to do something fast. The agni (fire) of the yagya is dimming. We need

the ingredients as well. Guru Vashishtha says everything will go wrong once it happens. Pishachs will easily gain entry inside Ayodhya then. Hanuman took care of all our problems till now. If he was here then we would have hope that he will bring the ingredients form somewhere. What to do now?

Lakshman and Shatrughana have come too far to look for the ingredients required for the yagya. Shatrughana notices a passing by cart. Lakshman asks his charioteer to follow them. Lakshman and Shatrughana offer to pay those guys anything that they require in return of these ingredients. They are glad to meet them. These ingredients are for you only. We are coming from far. We only managed to save this much after a lot of difficulty. The Pishachs attacked our other carts. Thugs block their way.

Ram is looking for Lakshman and Shatrughana in the palace but in vain. Where did they suddenly go? They inform Sumitra about the same. They are nowhere in the palace. Sumitra is sure they must be around. She too starts looking for them and gets worried for them.

Lakshman warns the thugs not to even think to attack them. We are from Ayodhya. It will be good for you to leave. The thugs know they are bound by the rules of the yagya. Lakshman angrily says this is why you are daring to do so. They laugh at their helplessness. Shatrughana politely requests them.

Guru Vashishtha sends the Sumant ji to inform Maharaj about the impending problem.

Hanuman is on his way to Ayodhya. The ingredients are needed for the yagya. Plus the water from rivers and sea is also needed. I must think of something. One can find everything at Varun Loka.

The people from the other cart (traders) step forward to protect Lakshman and Shatrughana.

Ram asks his mother if she has seen his brothers. Sumitra is sure they must be around only. Ram says where they will be. Hanuman left. Now I cannot see both my brothers too. Guru Vashishtha comes there. Everyone greets him. He points out that Ram loves everyone from all his heart. This is the reason of his worry. Devi Kaushalya advises him to be patient. Guru Vashishtha says the same thing.

The Maha Pishach creates a storm and lifts the trees from their roots. The other Pishachs look on curiously. Maha Pishach brings all the trees and stones together. This will end Ayodhya. No one can save that Ram from us now! Let’s leave for Ayodhya!

Hanuman is at Varun Loka. Varun Dev is all the more glad to help him. I too will contribute in finishing the yagya this way. He holds his hands forward. Water from everywhere pours in his hands in a brass pot. This is the pure water from 7 seas and rivers. He gives the brass pot to Hanuman. Hanuman thanks him. He yet again rushes towards Ayodhya.

Guru Vashishtha thinks the pure water from the rivers and seas might have helped me save the yagya. I don’t know what will happen now.

Hanuman thinks there would have been no obstacle in yagya if I could arrange the ingredients too.

Lakshman and Shatrughana know that these normal people wont be able to stop the thugs for long. Shatrughana thinks of Hanuman. He would have helped us if he was here right now. Hanuman appears there just then. The brothers are pleasantly surprised to see him there. Shatrughana tells the thugs they wont be able to stop them from taking the ingredients now. Hanuman politely requests them to take it with them. The thug says only weak people request. Powerful people snatch everything from people. Hanuman realises that the thugs don’t understand requests. The thugs think to attack Hanuman but Hanuman beats the thugs with Sakha’s help. A thug thinks to cut his tail only. Sakha again comes to Hanuman’s help. He makes the thug twirl by binding him in Sakha. He teaches a good lesson to all the thugs. Lakshman sadly looks on while Shatrughana and the peasants enjoy it thoroughly. Hanuman thanks Sakha. The traders cheer for him. Shatrughana joins them whereas Lakshman is all quiet. The thugs are in pain. Hanuman walks up to them. if you all had accepted my request then this wouldn’t have happened. they reason that looting people is their profession. Hanuman explains it is wrong to gain something by troubling people. My mother says the money we arrange by working hard gives happiness. They agree to leave all the bad things and follow the path of dharma. They also apologize to him. Hanuman thinks to leave asap for Ayodhya.

Precap: The Pishachs are on their way to Ayodhya. The ingredients for the yagya are less. Everyone in the palace is concerned. The Pishachs attack on Ayodhya.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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