Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hanuman’s Adulthood
Sugriva is amazed at rama’s bravery and calibre, and apologises for having misunderstood him, and then is assured of his potential. hanuman is overwhelmed, as things sort out. sugriva and rama enter into friendship, and they both take the vow of never deserting each other. sugriva warns him of bali’s boons, and all the prowess and powers that baali has. rama asks him to stop thinking as he wont but sugriva himself shall fight with bali. sugriva is shocked, and asks if he really wants him to threaten baali. rama explains that he shall be in hiding, and at the right time, he shall end his reign of terror, with his arrow. sugriva asks would it be ethical. hanuman says that rama is an idol of that, and asks him not to

doubt it. jaamvant agrees on it too. hanuman makes him understand too, and asks sugriva to comply with rama’s request as he would be ready to help sugriva fight baali. finally, he is assured.

scene 2:
Location: Baali’s courtroom
Baali is busy practising with his son, when his wife comes and talks about a premonition that she had when she was sleeping, which meant ill for her husband, and begs for him to reconcile with sugriva, and return roma to him. baali, is too arrogant and proud to comply. he reprimands her, and sends her off.

Later, surgiva is emboldened and challenges baali, in his courtroom. baali is furious too. sugriva says that he shall take revenge. baali is about to rush out when his son and wife try and stop him. baali rebukes him and angad says that he isnt doubting his power, but is boggled why sugriva is so brave all of a sudden, and maybe its a trap. lost in his own ego, baali storms out, hoping that its a good trap, so that he can enjoy it. he lands in the battlefield, and compliments him for having presented himself, to face baali’s ire. sugriva says that he is here for his wife, Roma, and not his death. but baali says that he shall annihilate him. he starts his attacks, and sugriva is taken aback. from afar, laxman, rama and hanuman watch. baali keeps getting more and more powerful, as he draws sugriva’s powers too. sugriva is boggled but holds ground, as he eyes rama ready to kill baali. rama has confusion to aim how attack as both the brothers enter into a duel. he is unable to get a clear view at baali. baali who is more powerful starts overpowering sugriva, who thinks that if rama doesnt kill baali soon, then he shall be killed. he rushes off, while baali throws off his Gada as a last attempt, which starts following sugriva, who runs for his life. hanuman thwarts the attempt, as he chang3es the direction of gada by colliding into it, and it lands in a mountain. Meanwhile, sugriva is very angry at rama and laxman, who come to him, asking why did he become his enemy in the garb of friendship. hanuman comes just then. rama denies his allegations and says that he couldnt identify between the two brothers, and they looked identical, and was scared that his arrow might have hurt him. hanuman hear this, and says that he has a solution. he asks sugriva to wear a floral necklace, as a mark of distinguishing.

Sugriva arrives yet again at baali’s courtroom. Sugriva, with his necklace, finally arrives and starts threatening baali. baali’s wife is boggled, at this unlikely turn of events, but baali, walks out, to ruin him completely. he screams at him and then comes yet again to fight sugriva, and teach a lesson for having underestiamted his courage. hanuman is very happy.


Precap: While baali and sugriva fight, rama finally casts his arrow at baali, which turns fatal, and he falls on the ground.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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