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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun Dev tells Maruti that this is your punishment. You will stay here inside forever. Surya Dev mentally compliments him for accomplishing what Kaal Dev and Agni Dev couldn’t do. You are the best! Maruti again closes his eyes. Varun Dev turns to go when Maruti seeks Sakha’s help. My hunger is increasing all the more. The ice starts breaking. Varun Dev stops in his tracks as he hears the sound of it. This is impossible! Maruti starts chanting Rama again. The sound of it echoes all around the globe. Maruti is able to free himself from the ice circle around him. Varun Dev and Surya Dev are amazed at little Maruti’s capabilities. Maruti resumes flying once again. He apologizes to Varun Dev. I have no interest in fighting with you. I am hungry and Aakash-phal is very near to me.

I am only going to eat it. Varun Dev is surprised to hear him calling Surya Aakash-phal. He shoots Jal-pash after Maruti which will catch hold of Maruti but they fail. Varun Dev is certainly taken aback.

Varun Dev can stay near Surya as God but Jal Tatva can never go near Surya in any form. This is why it becomes mist. That is what happened with Maruti.

Varun Dev realises that Maruti is surely some Divya Shakti. He folds his hand in respect. Surya Dev is tensed to see Maruti approaching his Graha.

Lankesh starts the puja. He greets his FIL. They are anxiously waiting for the solar eclipse. Lankesh’s armour / guard is kept in such a position that the sun rays will fall over it. We Asuras will get loads of mayavi powers today. His FIL points out that today is a special solar eclipse for which he was waiting for since long. You can control any Asura anywhere in the world. Lankesh nods. We will surely be blessed by Ma Nikumbhla. The yagya begins. I will join once the solar eclipse starts.

Rahu Loka:
Rahu’s mother does his abhishek. She is angry with Surya as her son is in this condition (without body) because of him. Moon and Vishnu too have cheated you. Get Surya in your grip completely today. the more you harm him the more I will be at peace. Rahu talks to Surya. I know everyone will be looking at you sympathetically as it is solar eclipse today but don’t expect any such thing from me. Ketu appears there (headless) and greets Rahu’s mother.

In Sumeru, the soldiers continue to look for their prince. The kids stomp over the stone rock (Atibal) and chant Maruti’s name as they try to break it. Atibal is in pain while the soldiers hear the noise too. The soldiers remove the stone from the cave’s entrance and rescue Maruti’s friends. Atibal returns to his original form. He limps and is all red due to bruises. He runs away. The kids tell the soldiers about Maruti heading towards the Sun. He was calling it Aakash-phal. They realise that Maruti has gone up in the sky in an attempt to eat the Sun

The sun rays start falling on Lankesh’s Kavach. This indicates that Rahu has started the process.

Surya Dev is getting tensed as Maruti is getting nearer by every passing minute. Even my heat is not having any effect on him.

Lankesh’s FIL too points out at the shine of the Kavach. Lankesh wants to gain lot many powers through this solar eclipse.

Maruti and Rahu both approach the Sun. This time Rahu is standing in Maruti’s way. He asks Maruti who is he. Who is becoming an obstacle in my task? Maruti is worried as someone else has come up to stop him too. I am Maruti. He is curious to know about Rahu. Rahu gives his intro. It is his task to eat up sun on solar eclipse. Maruti is surprised. Everyone was trying to stop me while he is already here to eat the Aakash-phal!

Precap: Maruti says I want to satiate my hunger only by eating Aakash-phal. Rahu decides to teach him a lesson but gets beaten by Maruti in the process. The yagya gets over in Sumeru. It is about time for solar eclipse. Maruti thinks that Narad ji was right that there will be lots of obstacles in my way but I will eat it anyhow.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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