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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Asuras are shocked to see Vashkali in fire. Kaal Dev remarks that it is his end time. He turns into Yamraj and takes Vashkali’s life. Hanuman comes down afterwards. Anjana hugs him. Everyone is relieved and happy. Kesari starts breathing again. Everyone rushes towards him. Kesari looks at Anjana and Hanuman. Hanuman touches his father’s feet and hugs him. They share an emotional moment. Anjana hugs her Swami too and cries. Sugriv and others join them. Anjana looks proudly at Hanuman and wipes his tears. Hanuman greets Kaal Dev followed by everyone. Hanuman thanks Kaal Dev. I will always be grateful to you. Kaal Dev folds his hand to apologize to them. You all had to go through a lot because of me. Anjana says don’t say so. My Swami got his life back. My son is perfectly fine.

What more could I ask for? Kaal Dev says only Hanuman’s mother can be this modest. I am lucky to have met you. It is the result of your upbringing only that he is Sankat Mochan Hanuman. Now he has become Kaleshwar Hanuman too who can postpone untimely death. Everyone cheers for Kaleshwar Hanuman. Kaal Dev disappears.

Hanuman chants Gayatri Mantra. Matang Rishi looks at him. Hanuman finishes his prayers and then greets Matang Rishi. Matang Rishi says your son made the impossible possible. He brought his father back from Mrityu LOka. Kesari agrees. Our son is remarkable. He gave me a new life after freeing me from Kaal Dev. I am lucky to have a son like him. Matang Rishi says he has done good for his father and state too. Everyone is happy to have their favourite King back. We will celebrate this moment. Invite all the Kings. Kesari readily agrees. It is certain now that Hanuman will not let any evil eye fall on Sumeru.

Vali is doing Tapasya (to Indra Dev). He is completely hidden under dirt. Indra Dev appears and removes the dirt. Vali opens his eyes upon Indra Dev’s askance. Indra Dev is happy by his tapasya. Ask for the boon. Vali says I only want one boon. Indra Dev says I cannot make you immortal if you will ask for it. That’s not under me. Vali does not want to be immortal. I want the boon to be as powerful as Hanuman. Indra Dev is taken aback.

Hanuman meets everyone. I am sure it is going to be fun. Sugriv gives its credit to him only. He leaves to check preps. Maharaj Riksharaj comes there. He compliments Hanuman on his strength and perseverance.

Indra Dev says Hanuman has taken birth to do a bigger task. No one can make you as powerful as him. Vali tells him to go then. If you cannot fulfil my wish then it’s no point coming here. Let everyone know there is no meaning of your words or promise. Indra Dev suggests him to ask for something else. Vali tells him to think before promising something. Don’t back out later. Indra Dev agrees. I will fulfil any other wish of yours. Vali wants to have divine perception (divya drishti) so he can look beyond walls. Indra Dev limits him to 100 miles. Vali does not want to be caught in certain limit. I don’t want any boon in that case. Indra Dev reasons that even Gods are bound by certain limits. I will give you what I can. Vali asks for a boon because of which he gets half of the strength of whoever comes before me with an intention to fight. Indra Dev gets tensed. Vali reminds him he just promised him. I only want a small boon. Indra Dev grants the boon to Vali. Vali looks content.

Everyone cheers for Hanuman. Riksharaj talks nicely about him before the citizens. Hanuman tells his mother he is getting nervous seeing everyone praising him. I only did what a son does for his father. I only fulfilled my duty. She smiles. You are getting all these praises as there is no one like you in the world. He replies that he gets strength from her and father only. Anjana kisses him on the cheeks and smiles hugging him. Riksharaj comments no one could escape Kaal till date. For a second we thought we lost Kesari ji. It is only Hanuman who has the power to fail Kaal Dev. People cheer for Hanuman. Kesari agrees. I am sure it is because of the good deeds that I did in my previous birth that I got a son like Hanuman. Hanuman touches his and Matang Rishi’s feet. He thanks Matang Rishi for his guidance. We do get successful when we do what elders tell us to.

Vali holds his mace. I trapped Indra Dev to get what I wanted. Markat (Hanuman), my biggest enemy! How will you fight with me now? I was waiting for this moment only. I will fight with you and get your powers!

Precap: Sugriv is looking for Vali. Vali thinks he will finally defeat Hanuman and kill him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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