Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman increases his size. He picks up a smaller mountain and lifts it with one hand. Atibal is shocked to see Hanuman putting the smaller piece of mountain inside the bigger one. The soldiers too notice him. What is Yuvraj doing here? They run towards the palace to inform Kesari.

Hanuman joins his friends. No lava will come out again and hurt anyone. Everyone nods. Right then there is another bigger blast in the volcano. Atibal asks Hanuman to go once again and stop this volcano using all his powers. Hanuman flies up one more time. He grows up in size once again. He walks pretty close to the volcano as he puts another piece of mountain inside. His friends are worried for him. He is surrounded by fire from all the sides. Atibal is happy as it will give him a chance to either

find out about Hanuman’s powers or probably he will die. I will get a chance to please Dashanan. Hanuman blows at the volcano so as to calm it down. The smoke disperses. The volcano calms down a little. Hanuman covers the top of the volcano with another piece of mountain. His friends cheer for him. Atibal is amazed to see his powers.

Ma Parvati asks Lord Shiva what Hanuman did. He stopped the natural process. If the compression of lava increases then it will come out some other way. Lord Shiva says it is wrong to stop the natural processes as the consequence can be dangerous. Lord Shiva understands that Hanuman has been misguided. He did so as he is young but this will certainly make him understand the difference between right and wrong!

The soldiers tell Kesari about Hanuman trying to cover the volcano. Kesari runs towards the jungle to look for his son.

The neighbouring mountains start erupting with lava. Hanuman watches it in confusion. What should I do now? Atibal is enjoying seeing him in trouble. The kids and Atibal run for cover as the pieces of mountain head in that direction. The entire village is also tensed to see the lava flowing down from the mountain. Hanuman thinks that his friends might be in trouble too. The volcano erupts. It is getting dangerous. I will have to look for his friends. Hanuman’s friends are having trouble seeing things clearly or hearing any voice. They all join hands. Kesari and the soldiers come there looking for Hanuman. They are worried as this volcano has never erupted like this before. It might destroy everything.

Anjana and mother are selecting the clothes and jewellery which Hanuman and they will be wearing tomorrow. Anjana’s mother tells the ladies (vendors) that this will be one of its kind events. Gods too have been invited. They see the lava outside the window. One of the daasi’s share that the volcano has erupted. The lava is spreading. Anjana gets worried for Hanuman. He had gone out to play with his friends.

Hanuman too is unable to see things clearly because of the thick smoke. He starts blowing at the smoke. He is finally able to see the extent of the volcanic eruption.

Kesari thinks that everything might get destroyed today.

Hanuman thinks that the volcano is going to erupt at another few more places. Sushen is having trouble breathing and is tired. Neel encourages him to be a little more patient. We will have to look for a safe spot.

Anjana prays to Mahadev to save her son. Give him strength so he can help someone in trouble.

Never try to stop Agni, people, water from following their natural process. No one bears anyone weighing them down. There is a reaction for every act. The more you try to compress them the more aggressively they will react. One must think very carefully before doing something like that.

Hanuman thinks about the people living in Sumeru.

Precap: Kesari tells Anjana that the lava is heading towards the palace only. If this continues then everything will be finished. It is all because of Hanuman’s mistake. Hanuman yet again tries to calm the volcano.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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