Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Kishkindha
after having made up their mind to fight the war, they discuss how to progress to Lanka. sugriva says that now he shall get the time to repay back the favour that rama did on him, by killing baali. rama expresses that they cant fly like hanuman, nor cross the sea, due to dangerous sea animals, and wonders how to get to lanka then. all are tensed and wonder what to do. Hanuman says that he too thought that crossing the sea would be impossible, and sita thought so too, but he reiterates what he toldf sita too, and that with his name chanting only, he could devour all the demons, and found sita through his name, and burnt the whole of lanka through that only, as all troubles gave away, at the mention of his name. all are

overwhelmed. hanuman asks if he himself goes with them, then what trouble can possible pose itself. they comply. hanuman reminds rama opf his powers and grandeur, and merely by the powers of his name, he can do anything, and can create a hanuman out of the most ordinary of monkeys. rama says that he has been reminded of his powers renedered by Lord vishwamitra, due to his words, and that his encouraging words, have assured him that he can get sita back. hanuman praises him, and says that he knows he said this not to doubt his powers, but to relieve the others of their doubts. he gives hanuman the blessing, that his disciple shall forget all sorrows, if they take hanuman’s name with full devotion, and that the disciple’s determination shall never weaken. hanuman thanks overwhelmingly. rama asks them not to delay any second longer. he asks sugriva to get the army ready. he asks hi to direct himself, as its his army now. he attends to the army, and expresses his gratitude that they are with him, and tells that this war shall be severe, and that their greatest weapon shall be their self-belief, that hanuman has ignited in them just now, and with that belief, they have to get ahead, and remember that the enemy might be grand, his powers cant be underestimated, but neither can they let themselves be intimidated. he points out the location of the stars, and says that today is the perfect day to start this venture. they all start chanting lord rama’s name with full vigour. rama tells surgiva and jaamvant, that before they start for lanka, they need to have a proper and organised warplan. hanuman understands and says that he shall be back in a second. they are all boggled. hanuman gets back a plate of rock, and places it on the ground, afore rama, and then tells him to inscribe on it, and explain the entire plan. laxman complies and gives rama an arrow. he tells them raavan wont sit quiet and would try to attack them even before they cross the seas, and hence they have to be very shrewd in their warfare. he draws on the rock and then explains it to everyone, while they hear and watch with full intent. he talks about the placement of the army, that shall progress furthr, to alert the secondary army, backwards, of the impending danger. he also talks about secret code language that they shall use to communicate. hanuman is impressed, and tells that neel, his friend, can fathom danger early on, and suggests that they can make him the leader of the front army. rama complies. he then tells that at noon, which is the best time to start anything, at that time, the first step always leads to victory, and at neel’s signal, the secondary army shall start. hanuman expresses the desire to speak, and suggests some other names to lead the secondary army, for defensive skills that they are good at. by flying green butterflies, neel gives the go ahead and the secondary army follows, and starts progressing. rama then talks about the sideways defence, and hanuman suggests name for that too.

Scene 2:
Location: Lanka
Emboldened by the rage of his demons and warriors, he expresses his happiness and asks them to wait for his further instructions to detail when shall they wage the war. but Vibhishan apologises, and asks him to rethink before fighting. they are taken aback. he asks raavan to ponder who was at fault, that caused all this, and if one of them is so powerful, what about the entire army. raavan is enarged at the loss of faith that his own brother expresses in him. he asks raavan to understand the grandeur of rama, and suggests that they should return sita respectfull, and absolve themselves of all sins, or else, they shall not be able to thwart the ruin that is progressing in the form of lord rama and his army. raavan asks him to shut up, and not disappoint them, by his words, as all know, by saving hanuman the last time, he caused grave danger to lanka. he asks if there is anyone else, who is scared by vibhishan’s words. but the army commander expresses full faith in raavan and his grand powers, and to save their own skin, they express their solidarity to raavan. Raavan says that he shall send his army today itself to finish hanuman and rama before they can form their army. they all guffaw, while mandodari and vibhishan are tensed. meghnad requests for permission to slay hanuman and rama rightaway. but raavan asks him to have patience as right now he has someone else in mind. Raavan is asked by his warriors as to who shall go first to thwart rama and his enemy. he talks and boasts about a woman warrior, who is sufficient alone to kill rama and his entire army, and that too without even touching them. the same is in great depths of the universe, Vishochika, when the demonic ladies come and say that they have been sent by raavan to inform her, that the time for her revenge, for her sister lankini’s death, by Hanuman. she screams up saying that she is Vishocika, which causes pidemics. the demonic lady promises raavan that neither rama nor hanuman shall be saved, who totured lankini, as she shall pullute the air and water, and that everyone, including them and their allies shall be killed. the screen freezes on hanuman’s face.

Precap: Vishochika eyes hanuman, carrying rama on his shoulders, and recognises him as the person who tormented Lankini, and decides to seek revenge and torment him, and his army, by her powers.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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