Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Lanka
Rama instructs hanuman that this is the magical trap of meghnad, that shall spoil their monkey army. meghnad guffaws and says that he wont be able to thwart this attack of his. hanuman thinks that he has to act fast. laxman challenges him to face him like a true warrior. meghnad says that he doesnt have to prove it to him, but hanuman says that he shall take care. he flies till meghnad, and then eyes the Chakra in his hands, and says that he wont be able to do abt havoc soon. he grabs meghna’s hand, and then eats up the chakra kept in the other. meghnad is enraged, and says that he might have eaten it, but he wont be able to stop his army from fighting against each other, as they wont stop until

the other is dead. he is apalled at this, and rushes to the army, and desperately tries to maske them realise what they are doing. but they dont listen and continue fighting. he is apalled and wonders what to do. then he understand that rama’s chanting has saved him many a times, and now its time for the same effect on the army. he gets atop a high hill, and then chants rama’s name, that distracts them all from their magical trap, and bring them back. as he chants, it has the desired effect. he eyes them all in grand avatar, while they vehemently apologise to each other for fighting. hanuman is overwhelmed and relieved to see this. rama likes it too. MEghnad is enraged and says that he cant lose to hanuman, and says that they dont know his magical capabilities. he disappears and appears back, saying that its enough and now neither the man, nor his army shall survive. he takes his magical bow and arrow, and then chants some mantras, while the lords are tensed. as meghnad aims, and then fires, one small arrow becomes many more and starts affecting the monkeys. naarad and the lords are tensed as rama is a mere mortal, and wont be able to bear this magical weapon’s attack. it hits them too, and then fall on the ground, unconscious. as hanuman sees this, he is apalled. meghnad guffaws. hanuman says that the attack has stupefied them, and meghnad says that now he shall take his life. meghnad continues to attack, while hanuman is apalled. the army is unconscious on the ground. hanuman sits beside his lords, as he beckons for help to save the lord. he is inconsolable tears, as he is aghast seeing the enormous sight of the torment. he then says that he wont let anything happen to them at all, and says that rama played fair and square and didnt hit back, as he is on the righteous path, but meghnad deceived them. meghnad has meanwhile disappeared. hanuman says that the person on the righteous path can face torments but ultimately its him, who emerges out victorious. he beckons them to get up, and tell what they need as he shall get antidote from wherever he has to. he beckons everyone to get up just once and say what is needed to get them all better. he tries to nudge them all, but noone wakes up. hanuman starts crying when he doesnt get any response. naarad from above claims, that seeing rama like this, hanuman is such pain and grief, is intolerable.

Scene 2:
Location: Palace
Meghnad reports this to raavan who is unfazed. he asks why isnt he happy. he says that he shall be when sita is traumatised to hear this. meanwhile, sita is apalled and tensed and nervous, as she senses something wrong instinctively, and doesnt even find anyone around her. she hopes rama is okay. she is extremely restless. Later, raavan beckons all the demons to take sita on the pushpak vimaan, so that she can see the condition of lord rama for herself, and meet him one last time, after which she has no option but to be with raavan. trijata exclaims that she doesnt think anyone can harm rama. but raavan reprimands and shuts her up, asking her to force sita into going. as they try to get sita to comply, she is adamant that she wont go, as long as raavn owns the vimaan. trijata complies with her and says that its true, that noone can harm rama, but just to assure herself, they can go and check. anila hears tensedly too. trijata asks her to go and see her husband for once. anila says that she shall go too, so that she can find out an update on her father, vibhishan. trijata says that she shouldnt let go of this wonderful chance to see her husband. sita hears tensedly.

Scene 3:
Location: lanka
hanuman is apalled as he continue to eyes the unconscious bodies lying ahead. the screen freezes on his face.


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Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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