Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ravan’s kavach eventually breaks. Ravan looks on in disbelief.

All the Gods are in Kailash. They request Mahadev to stop Rudra-ansh or everything will be finished. Ravan ‘s father too appears there. He too has the same request. It will be disrespect to Vishnu Dev if Hanuman kills Ravan now! He turns to Brahma Dev. Ravan has been blinded by arrogance because of your boons only. Brahma Dev tells him to calm down. We all are gathered here for the very same reason. Ravan’s father is relieved. Ravan’s father greets Mahadev as he leaves. Mahadev says we will have to do something for sure. The time that we have been waiting for is finally here. Indra Dev gets curious. What time are you talking about? Mahadev smiles.

Ravan is angry with Hanuman for breaking his kavach.

I will still fight with you. You wont be able to get away. I will make you my prisoner just like the other planets. He attacks Hanuman. Devguru Brihaspati advises Hanuman to be careful. Devguru Brihaspati gets free during their fight. Hanuman calls out for Ravan. Now you will die! A lot many maces come flying towards Ravan. Ravan takes it lightly. You think you can kill me? Keep attacking me. That Narayan’s avatar as human will go waste after your death. It will leave no meaning to his existence then. But destruction will certainly happen. One of the mace hits Ravan. Ravan falls down. His crown falls down as well. Ravan gets angry. These attacks cannot harm me in any possible way. Another mace hits him. He challenges Hanuman. Get angrier. That anger will help me in bringing destruction in the world. Show me your anger. The attacks on him gather pace. Narad ji gets worried. I don’t think anyone will be able to save Ravan now.

Nani interrupts Kesari before he can talk to Marjarika. She notices Atibal there. She sends Kesari to the other side, saying there is an Asura there. Atibal walks up to Marjarika. She fools him, and is finally successful in hitting him on his head. He faints. She vows to keep it a secret till Hanuman is back. She ties Atibal and keeps him in a trunk. She has used some powerful mantras to bind him. He wont be able to get out now. Nani is more concerned for her. What will happen if Kesari finds out the truth? Kesari calls out for Anjana. Marjarika tries to turn herself into Anjana but fails. She is finally successful in doing so but it cannot last for more than a second. Nani meets Kesari in the corridor. He says there was no Asura on that side. She makes excuses. He wants to meet Anjana. Nani tries to divert his attention but in vain.

Kesari meets Anjana (marjarika). Marjarika looks at the trunk. Kesari asks her about that Rakshasi who came to help him. She nods. Maybe Hanuman helped her sometime, which is why she came. He agrees. Now we must pray for Hanuman. Prayers are very powerful. It will help him in saving the world. Nani seconds him.

Brahma Dev appears. He advises Hanuman to stay calm. Don’t let your anger get hold of you. Ravan continues to instigate Hanuman to hit him harder. Brahma Dev asks Ravan to accept his defeat. Ravan denies. I only accept victory or death. I am Ravan! He yet again pesters Hanuman. Indra Dev and Brahma Dev are worried as Rudra-ansh’s anger continues to increase. Hanuman finally gets a trident. Brahma Dev advises him against it. It is not to be done by you. Don’t try to change the destiny.

Everyone is praying in Sumeru. Anjana is also praying in Indra Loka. Anjana cries while praying. On the other hand, Hanuman is all set to attack on Ravan.

A kid is sleeping. Mahadev greets Shree Ram with folded hands. Hanuman’s anger is on its peak. Your guidance and suggestion only will calm him down. You will have to come with me to calm him. He picks up the sleeping Shree Ram in his arms.

Ravan asks Hanuman to attack him. It is better to die by your hands then by dying by that Vishnu’s hands. I wont give him that golden chance. People will praise him for forever then. Attack me! Hanuman angrily looks at him. Hanuman brings forward his trident. He notices Mahadev coming there. Ravan folds his hand seeing his Aradhya. He returns to his normal size. This war is still unfinished Hanuman. We will wait for this war in future! Entire world will wait for this war. Hanuman cannot take his eyes off the bright light that is emanating from Mahadev’s arms.

Precap: Hanuman happily walks toward Mahadev and Shree Ram. He touches his feet.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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