Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shani Dev says the fight isn’t over yet. He throws a mace towards Hanuman. Hanuman hits at the mace which heads back towards Shani Dev. Shani Dev moves aside so as to avoid it.

Kaal Dev is meditating. The mace hits his seat. His concentration is broken. Who dared to do so? He closes his eyes to find out who did it. Hanuman! You did not do the right thing by breaking my concentration. Chitragupta ji asks him what happened. Kaal Dev blames Hanuman for everything that has gone wrong so far. He interfered in my concentration. My palace is

Hanuman again requests Shani Dev. Don’t attack Chandra Dev for the sake of the world. Shani Dev angrily replies that no one will save him from his anger now. Hanuman says he wont let any harm come on the world now. Shani Dev

takes the challenge. I will see how strong you are! Both of them run towards each other. The Gods worry because of their fight. No one knows what will happen now. Shani Dev and Hanuman fight. The world is in a mess. Hanuman pushes Shani Dev who flies in the galaxy. Hanuman is able to stand normal again but Shani Dev hits himself on his planet. He falls down in the process. The planet shakes making noise. Hanuman increases his size. He tells Sakha to bring Shani Dev’s planet to its original place. Sakha extends and places the planet back inside the rings. Narad ji says seems like Shani Dev lost his head completely. Hanuman set his planet right but Shani Dev is still adamant on the fight. Chandra Dev thinks that he is the reason of the fight. It can be ended peacefully only.

Mata Parvati asks Shiva why he isn’t putting an end to it. He replies that there is still something left as Shani Dev is still not calm even after coming out of the Kaal Chakra.

Shani Dev says your mother did not do the right thing by promising Chandra Dev of safety. Now neither her fast will break nor will her promise be fulfilled. Hanuman thinks of his mother. It’s been so long since she ate anything. I wonder how her health will be right now.

Anjana loses conscious again. Everyone is worried for Anjana. Matang Rishi looks outside. If Chandra Dev comes out in the sky tonight then his rays can give life to Anjana or there will be a big problem.

Hanuman wants to end his mother’s pain asap. I will have to end this matter asap so Chandra Dev can rise up in the sky. Shani Dev asks Hanuman what he is thinking. I guess a kid is worried about his mother. It will be good if you head back to Sumeru. She will be at peace to see you. Hanuman says Sakha. Sakha extends itself and ties Shani Dev. Shani Dev calls it wrong. Hanuman flies up with Shani Dev tied to Sakha. All the Gods look on in shock. Hanuman brings Shani Dev to some other place. I am telling you for the last time. Withdraw your effect from Chandra Dev. Shani Dev calls his action wrong. I will look at everyone now, your mother, your family and the world! I will destroy everything. Hanuman tells him against it. Shani Dev says your mother will be the first one to bear the consequences. Hanuman refuses to let him do anything like that. He puts him high in the air and then throws him down again and again.

Vayu Dev thinks so much has happened. Shani Dev should give up now. Chandra Dev says if we try to make him understand now then he might accept his mistake.

Hanuman is angry with Shani Dev for speaking against his mother.

Ravan wakes up as he sees a bad dream. No! Did my Amrit Kalash fall? He goes to where the Kalash has been kept. It is safely put on a table. Rahu, Ketu and Kalnemi are guarding it. Rahu greets him. You look worried. He thinks hope Ravan does not want to drink Amrit right away. Ravan tells them all to leave right away. inform me as soon as the moon rises in the sky. They leave.

Hanuman says whoever looks at my mother with bad feelings will be my enemy as well! Shani Dev apologizes to Hanuman. I regret it. Hanuman says my mother’s life is in danger because of you. All the Gods come there. They try to calm him down. Shani Dev has realised his mistake. Free him. Hanuman denies. he deserves to be punished. A lady calls out to Hanuman. It is Shani Dev’s wife. There is nothing bigger than forgiveness. My Swami is seeking forgiveness. Free him. Accepting your mistake is the biggest repentance. Hanuman thinks of his mother. He greets her. pardon me. I wont be able to do it. Till the time Shani Dev withdraws his effect from Chandra Dev and refuses to not look at Chandra Dev, I cannot leave him. Shani Dev says I am ashamed of my mistake. I got arrogant seeing people getting scared because of my anger / eyes. I regret doing it all. Please forgive me.

Shani Dev’s wife says sorry to Hanuman on her husband’s behalf. I too am somehow responsible for it. If I had not cursed him then his eyes wouldn’t have been this dangerous! Hanuman tells her not to apologise to him. I got angry for my mother’s sake. Her life can be in danger if her promise isn’t fulfilled. I wont disappoint you. He frees Shani Dev. Shani Dev returns to his normal size. His wife is very relieved to see him fine. Shani Dev says I lost my sense by becoming arrogant but you broke it. I am indebted to you. Hanuman too returns to his normal size.

Precap: Hanuman’s puja is done. Shani Dev says you showed me the right path today. Today, I promise you. I will never look at Hanuman and whoever prays to Hanuman will be safe from me.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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