Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ma Parvati calls Hanuman, Shivansh! The word echoes in all the three lokas. Anjana and Kesari have got all their answers along with a new name of their son (Shivansh). Ma Laxmi too comes there in a disguise. She too wanted to see Hanuman. Hanuman touches her feet as well and sits down on his knees before her. She hugs him instead. She breaks the hug after a lot of difficulty. Ma Parvati gives her intro. We are three sisters. Sharda, Rama and I (Gauri). Ma Laxmi also gives a name to Hanuman – Harishwar. Ma Sharda too joins them. She too couldn’t stop herself from meeting Hanuman. She too hugs Hanuman after he touches her feet. The ladies explain the meaning of the names that they have given. Shivansh – Shiv ji’s ansh. Harishwar – Hari is for Lord Vishnu and is another word

for Vanars. So Harishwar means – the best among all the Vanars. Ma Sharda names Hanuman, Vedansh as he is very intelligent. Anjana loves all the names. They are so peaceful. Thank you! Kesari says we would have kept one of these names if we were supposed to do it. as per our family’s tradition, the baby selects his name himself. Anjana thinks of adding these names in the other names. Maybe one of these names will get selected then. The Goddess get happy. Hanuman offers fruits to Gauri’s Gaiya and its baby. Ma Parvati offers to do it for him. Anjana gives her all the fruits. The Goddesses leave.

The Goddesses meet Vayu Dev next. He compliments all the names but we need only one name for my son. What should we choose then? They want him to wait a little. A name impacts the person and his life. We must not rush into it. He nods.

Anjana and Kesari discuss the names. All the names are so beautiful. I cannot decide which to choose. Kesari says all the names will actually talk about his characteristics. They are all so lovely. Hanuman runs and hugs his Dai Ma. He wants to stay with her for a while. She agrees to take care of him. She shares with him what she has chosen for him – Sadanand. The commander takes Hanuman with him. I am going to meet your father only. I was so mesmerised seeing the bright light that came out of you. I too had thought of a name for you – Mahadwitiya.

The Naamkaran was just a day away. It was just 9 days since Hanuman was born. He was growing bigger in size every day and the name list was getting bigger than anything else. He was becoming naughtier day by day.

Anjana and Hanuman play hide and seek. They both hide. Dai Ma is giving den. Everyone hides (including the daasi’s as well). Dai Ma finds everyone. Hanuman gets tired of hiding behind the bed. He asks them to look for him there. Anjana laughs. Dai Ma pretends that she cannot see him but then finally points out at him. He gets happy. Hanuman wants to give den this time. Everyone hides. He lifts the entire bed next. He finds Dai Ma and a dassi. He hears some noise coming out from under the bed. He lifts up the bed with one hand. Anjana and everyone look on in shock.

Precap: Anjana, Kesari and Hanuman are in a temple. Shri Krishna’s idol is there. Anjana tells Hanuman to fold his hands before the Lord. The idol turns into Lord Rama’s avatar. Hanuman again says Rama. A very old Guru breaks his maun vrat after hearing the same.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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