Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman saying, I will help you rishi’s don’t worry, I am the disciple of lord ram and defeating iniquity is dharma in lord ram’s rule. Hanuman tells shatrugan that he will go and defeat that demon, trishulrom! And they shall go ahead with the horse for the ashvamedh yag. Shatrugan says yes hanuman ji, this is right. Hanuman goes.
Shatrugan and everyone now start going ahead with the horse. hanuman there goes to find trishulrom and is told by the rishi’s that trishulrom lives in a cave. Hanuman flies and stands outside the cave.
Shatrugan, pushkar and the army go behind the horse. there the horse goes inside the forest. Shatrugan says where did this horse go? why is the horse so troubled? It went in the forest. General and his soldiers follow

the horse. in the forest, luv and kush are there and luv says see that horse, it is so shiny and beautiful. Kush says yes luv, lets go and catch it. luv and kush run behind the horse. luv kush say we will catch this horse.
There hanuman is outside the cave and says I have to lure this demon out, how will he come out? Hanuman then says yes he hates bhajans and Pooja, I will sing prayer and bhajan for lord ram, that demon will come out himself. hanuman starts singing bhajan for lord ram and dances. From the cave the demon screams and says who is that? hanuman sings. Trishulrom breaks his cave and comes out angrily and says monkey stop singing you are making me angry and annoying me.
There luv and kush jump ahead the horse with the help of banyan tree branch. They catch the horse. kush says this horse seems to belong to a great king or warrior, it may have lost from its way and come here. luv says yes you are right, then he reads the letter tied on the horse. luv reads and it says this horse belongs to ayodhya naresh prabhu shree ram and whosoever stops this horse shall face the army of lord ram. Kush says this horse is of lord ram, luv says good that we stopped it, lord ram abandoned mata sita, we will fight his army. Luv and kush tie the horse. general comes and says kids, you took our horse now. there lord ram sees in the fire and says these boys are luv and kush, they impressed me by their song of Ramayana, why did they stop our horse? laxman says they have done a wrong thing.
There hanuman is singing and trishulrom is bigger than his size, he says I will kill you. trishulrom puts his leg on hanuman, hanuman holds him easily and pushes him behind and says I will read the Ramayana to you. trishulrom says monkey! I will kill you. he attacks his trishul on hanuman, hanuman becomes huge too. Trishulrom is shocked. hanuman suddenly gets vision that the horse is trapped, hanuman says I have to go back soon and save the horse. hanuman it’s the trishul back on trishulrom. Trishulrom is shocked and says this monkey attacked my trishul back on me, he seems to be a divya power.
General says you kids, stalled us last time too, we will not let you do that again! give us the horse! general says otherwise you have to fight the army of lord ram. Luv and kush say surrender is for the weak, we will not give you the horse. luv and kush attack arrows on the soldiers and the soldiers are thrown back on trees and tied to the trees. General attacks arrow on luv and kush. Luv and kush attack back with their arrows and general is tied to a tree too. Lord ram sees and thinks these boys must be sons of some great warriors, they are very intelligent in combat, I feel like they are close to me but they don’t know that now pushkar, shatrugan and mahabali hanuman are going to fight them.

Precap: trishulrom bursts from the attack of his trishul, he comes back and laughs and says I have been given a wish by lord shiv. There shatrugan is shocked to see luv and kush. Luv kush say you? they both fight with arrows.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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