Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hanuman’s Preachings by Goddess Saraswati
Hanuman comments to saraswati that the demons must have become very impatient to acquire the amrit. she informs him that before anyone could realise anything, two demons snatched the amrit from the LORd, and ran towards the Pataal Lok. the lords feel cheated and betrayed and are taken aback. she narrates it all. While all the lords and demons, are lost in the grandeur of the Amrit, raahu along with one more, deceptively snatches the kalash, from the lord, before anyone understands anything, and rush to the pataal lok. all are shocked. the lords are distrzught, at having lost their only chance. then the demons stealthily leave from there too. hanuman questions saraswati, anxiously as to what happened afterwards.

she explains how its natural for demons to be deceptive in their nature, and so they deceptively caught hold of the amrit, but had they been able to consume it, it would have been grievously wrong. he is eager to know what happened next. she deliberates and then narrates.

Scene 2:
Location: Pataal Lok
The demons gather together, and starts fighting as to how and who shall first get to taste it. raahu finds that this decision isnt getting anywhere, and decides to rush away, before he loses it, in the fight. he rushes away with it, while the demons rush after him. baali thinks that their fight shall prove advantageous to the lords and he cant allow that to happen at all. he is irritated with their foolishness and stubbornness.

Scene 3:
Location: Manthan Seas
The lords are very tensed of the reaction and consequences, if the demons get to have amrit, and that everything shall be ruined and destroyed. they are unable to even imagine the havoc that they shall create if they become immortal. they decide that the demons need to be stopped before they have the amrit. they beckon to Lord Vishnu to come to their help. they bow their heads and humbly pray for his blessings.

Scene 4:
Location: Heaven
while he casually relaxes, Lakshmi asks vishnu what if the demons, who have snatched the amrit, consume it too. she says that only the lords can have amrit, and asks him to give it to them. he says that in lieu of amrit, they shall have to give the demons something, that they are more tempted to than anything else. she wonders whats it, and then herself concludes that its ladies’ beauty they are most attracted to and that its time, for him to take the MOHINI avatar, that can tempt anything. he chides that her wish shall be fulfilled, and that being a new bride, its apt too. then he incarnates into the Mohini avatar, to tempt the demones into giving away the AMrit. they both eye it gladly. she comments on the beauty. hanuman is surprised to hear this. saraswati says that when life incarnates as woman life, its synonymous to Parvati, and in male life, its Vishnu. hanuman understands. she explains how vishnu used mohini avatar to take back the amrit from the demons.

Scene 5:
Location: In pataal lok
The demons are fighting like cats and dogs, for the amrit. Baali tries to rush after them, trying to talk sense. meanwhile, rahu ducks them and goes the other way. he is about to get ahead, when Mohini stops him, asking why is he in such a hurry. he leeringly eyes her, and is shell shocked. he wonders how is this possible. she says that she is mohni, and grazes her hands on him, and then asks seductively if she can take this Vase from him. inebriated by the seduction, he complies and gives in. mohini takes the amrit, and while he is still binded, the demons arrive back, and are shocked to see her, and all are aglaze with her beauty. baali comes and he is too attracted towards her. he comes upto her, while she greets him, saying that she know they all wish to have amrit. they comply. she asks how shall they do so, if they keep fighting amongst themselves. she asks what if she fulfillls their wishes, and feeds them amrit with her soft hands. as she seductively gyrates, they are all mesmerised. they hungrily comply. she asks them to arrange up in a line, and they dutifully follow. she then asks baali that he is the first person to attain it, being the king. he hungrily bows down, and she is about to pour it, when the lords come and claim amrit, as the demons cant do so. they are all shocked. as the lords eye Mohini, they find Vishnu’s incarnation in Mohini, and are aghast. she smiles at them knowingly. baali warns the lords that this beauty is theirs, and has come for them, and asks them not to eye her even. they are enraged. she too sides wotj baali, saying that she has come here only for him, as he only deserves uch a beautiful girl and not these lords. the lords too pretend to comply, and say that they too have a right on it. the demons and the lords fight amongst themselves for it. she says that the lords cant be trusted, and that their lord, Vishnu is the biggest deceptor. the demons are amused. she then says that even the lords have done much hard work, and they should b given some amrit too, and that they cant be deceptors. raahu agrres, but asks what if it falls short for them. she cuts him short, saying that it wont be less, and says that they shall be forever grateful, if they get amrit from the demons now. baali complies to her wishes, spellbound, saying that she should remember that they get it first. Lord Indra speaks saying that he doesnt comply to it. he says that even the demons can be deceptive after they consume. baali says that they shall have it first, and a verbal arguement ensues. then she finally shuts them both, and eyes the demons lovingly, and addresses them, asking if any of them has ever seen or consumed amrit. they deny. then she convinces them, that this is why they are being so foolish to want to consume it first. baali says that he didnt understand anything. she points out when kept in the vessel, the top layer, become thin like water, whereas the lower layers are viscous, and have great powers. raahu asks why she wants to feed them the lower layers. she says that she wishes them to become immortal, and leave the pataal, and stay in heaven, with all the luxuries and comforts, as wishes to serve them justice. baali gets convinced, blinded by her beauty, and says that the amrit shall be divided as per mohini’s approval. the demons question what if she gives everything to the lords. she pretends to be hurt, saying that she merely wanted to not waste the amrit, in their fight, to be able to divide, and came for their help. she gives them the kalash and decides to leave. but baali says that only she shall feed it to them. saraswati explains how mohini deceptively gave back a retortful answer to the demons’ deception. saraswati tells hanuman that vishnu had to take the help of deception, to save the world. he asks that this means the lords got all the amrit. she says that there is one more interesting turn yet to come. he is curious and eager. she says that demons cant abstain from their habit of deception. she then narrates how mohini takes the kalash, and gives it to the lords, starting with Indra dev, who consumes it humbly with gratitude, in their eyes, that Lord Vishnu himself is giving it to them. the demons watch anxiously. she serves one, who the lords become too late top identify that he isnt a lord. rahu transforms from his godly form, and guffaws loudly, saying that he became immortal. mohini is furious. rahu says that he did consume amrit, and says that he had doubted her earlier, and hence took the godly form. he guffaws at his remarkable achievement, while she is in a rage. She raises her finger, and the sudarshan chakra appears that comes straight at him, and slits his guffawing throat, while


Precap: Saraswati then says that now its time for him to know, of Vishnu’s third avatar, that he took for the preserving of the earth. he is anxious and eagerly asks what incarnation he took. She says that the third avatar was the varah avatar, which he took in the Satyug. hanuman is curious as he hears intently.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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