Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana saying I will start my prayer, ravana puts white powder on himself and starts dancing and praying to mata taradevi who is a form of goddess parvati. The 4 gods of kundli are watching from heaven and they get worried for lord ram. Ravana is praying and the earth is shaking and natural calamities occur. Lord ram and the army feel the earth shaking and lord ram gets up. Shani dev, agni dev , vayu dev and guru dev see this and they come on earth.
There lord Shankar in heaven is angry but says see parvati and ravana despised women and took sita captive but see he is asking for help from a woman goddess itself.
The gods come and lord ram says pranam. Vayu dev says lord we have seen ravana praying to tara devi and tara devi will be forced to give

him protection from you. Vayu dev says if you tell us I will bring a strong storm towards ravana, agni dev says if you say I will burn entire lanka down. Guru dev says I can electrify ravana, all the gods say that we will help you in fighting ravana. Lord ram says thank you prabhu but I want to fight it with my own power and whatever I have access to. Lord ram says don’t worry I will fight ravana myself and I can not take your help as I have to save my wife from what is in my power. . The gods says okay and say if you need us lord then we will be there for your help In any way, the gods say pranam and go.
There in heaven Shankar is smiling and goddess parvati is worried that she will have to send her form of tara devi to give ravana what he wants. Lord brahma is also worried from seeing ravana praying like this to tara devi. Ravana suddenly gets 10 heads and 10 hands. Ravana says mata come in front of me and give me protection, wild crows appear and the advisor gets scared, he goes away. Ravana cuts his hands and throws them in the fire. He cuts each hand which makes goddess parvati restless. Lord Shankar says ram will make his way out and defeat ravana. Ravana cuts all his hands except one and says mata I can sacrifice everything but you are still not appearing. Ravana says I will cut my heads. Ravana cuts his head and each time a new one appears. Goddess parvati is restless and she gets up as she has seen ravana do the essential thing to impress tara devi but parvati is worried that her protection can cost ram his defeat. Ravana cuts more heads. Goddess parvati finally turns her eyes red and sends her form of tara devi to earth. The form is coming and ravana says mata I can kill myself entirely. Lord Shankar says to parvati that if ravana gets scared from seeing your form then he will die.
There sugreeva says to lord ram that prabhu we will attack now and use all our powers to defend you. Hanuman says yes. Lord ram says no and takes his bow and walks ahead. Lord ram says this time I alone will fight ravana and no one will fight with me and I wont agree to anyone dying for me. Everyone is shocked.
Goddess tara devi appears in the fire first only as a head and ravana stops cutting his heads. Tara devis head is laughing and going around the fire. Ravana gets a bit scared from seeing this form of tara devi.

Precap: lord ram says if anyone battles with ravana apart from me then I will accept defeat. Tara devi says to ravana that what do you want son? Ravana says mata I need your protection from that ram.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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