Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman paves his way ahead. He remembers the warning of Tri Vikram Mountain. If you get lost inside the mountains then you wont be able to get out ever. Only the Mani can guide you out of it. He stops at one mountain. He is unable to see anything because the light is very bright there. He uses the boon given by Nav Durga Ma. I can see across this bright light if I concentrate hard enough. He does so. There are too many Mani’s around. Varun Dev told me that Suryakant Mani is only one. It might be that only one is the original one. The others are only reflectors. I will have to find the right one. He extends his hand towards one Mani when he hears a voice. Be careful, if you touch any of the fake Mani’s then their count will only increase. He touches one and the words come true.

He gets thinking.

Vayu Dev tells Surya Dev that all time of Hanumans education went in helping others and the world. I request you to extend it. How will he come back today itself after bringing his mother’s eyesight back? Surya Dev too is worried about the same. I am bound by the laws of nature though. Hanuman will have to finish his education today only. The bigger problem is, how will I help him attain Mahabir avatar of Tridev in such short span of time. Vayu Dev worries too much education can show negative effects on Hanuman. Surya Dev says I too am also looking for a solution. Vayu Dev suggests asking Tridev. They can show us the way.

Hanuman thinks Tri Vikram Mountain said that the real Mani’s heat can burn me. It means the heat of the real Mani will be highest. He keeps his hand near the Mani’s one by one to find out which burns his hand the most. He comes across the Mani that is throwing heat around. The Mountain Man was right. Even my blessings / boon wont help me in holding it. I have to take it with me anyhow. What should I do?

Narad ji says Mani is equivalent to holding all of Surya Dev’s heat at one place. Even the blessings / boons given by Gods wont be able to bear it.

Hanuman tries to hold the Mani but the heat hurts him. It is very difficult to pick it up. Hanuman realises he has chosen the right Mani as all the other Mani’s disappear. I will bear any amount of heat for my mother. I want her vision to return at any cost. The weather changes.

Anjana can sense that Hanuman is in pain. She prays for him. Please take all his pain away. Hope his time for education does not pass by the time he is back. Varun Dev talks positively.

Tri Virkam Mountain says your strength to bear this much pain shows you are highly motivated towards your aim. You will have to walk ahead very carefully. Hanuman finally picks it up. Tri Vikram Mountain points out that he wont be able to bear this pain / heat. It will disappear the moment you take your eyes off it. Hanuman assures him he wont look away from the Mani for even a second. I will take it safely to my mother. He flies up. He concentrates his eyes on the Mani as he flies, avoiding all the mountains. He thinks of the first lesson that his Guru had taught him. He taught me to focus on the bowl of water while counting the meteors. That will come handy today. Thank you, Gurudev! Tri Vikram Mountain asks Hanuman to return or the moving mountains will break him. Hanuman politely says sorry to him. This task is more important than my life. I have to hurry up or I might get late!

Surya Dev requests Tridev to show them way. How will Hanuman complete his education in just one day? Vishnu ji seconds him. Giving him entire knowledge in one day can explode him. Brahma Dev says he might turn into another Surya like you if he gets that entire amount of knowledge like you. Surya Dev is shocked. Two Suryas will end the world! Mahadev says what is predestined cannot be avoided. Whatever be the consequences, Hanuman has to get all that knowledge to complete the task he has been born for. Go, give him education and help him attain his Mahabeer avatar.

Tri Vikram Mountain wishes Hanuman good luck. Hanuman thanks him with all his heart. He reaches Pataal Loka where his mother, Varun Dev and the kids are. Anjana can feel his presence. He stops right before her just then. Everyone cheer for him. He greets Varun Dev and his mother. He holds out the Suryakant Mani. I was successful in my endeavour because of your (Anjana) blessing. Here is the Mani! Narad ji remarks Hanuman should return his mother her eyesight and then head to Surya Loka asap.

Varun Dev asks Hanuman to bring the Mani before his mother’s eyes. Hanuman does as told. He requests the Mani to return his mother her eyesight. Anjana’s vision returns. The Mani leaves a burn mark in Hanuman’s palm. Anjana is thrilled to see her son once again. They share a hug.

Precap: Hanuman asks Surya Dev what’s troubling him. Surya Dev shares his worry with him. I had to give it to you in 7 days. now I will have to do it in half of the day only. your body and mind can even explode while trying to hold it together. Are you ready for it?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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