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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman runs around Maharishi Shringi in speed to blow out the fire but in vain. Devi Shanta gets worried for Hanuman. Hanuman realises that he will have to douse the fire first of all. He decides to blow out the fire as he isn’t able to get inside. Devi Shanta is shocked to see him doing the same. It will all go against him. Maharishi Shringi opens his eyes. He looks pointedly at Hanuman. Hanuman wonders if he created a hindrance in Rishivar’s tapasya. Maharishi Shringi recognizes Hanuman’s real identity. A smile appears on his face.

Hanuman greets Maharishi Shringi. Devi Shanta runs forward to stop her husband from doing anything wrong to Hanuman but her clothes catch fire. Hanuman blows out the fire. Devi Shanta requests her husband not to punish Hanuman. He

is a little kid. Maharishi shares that his tapasya finished long ago. I got lost in my meditation. Hanuman came on the right time. I am not going to curse Hanuman, but I also cannot give him for what he has come here. I know why you are here Hanuman. You want me to be your Guru. Hanuman nods. Please accept me as your disciple. Maharishi says I have to finish the next level of my tapasya. I too have same time like you. I cannot accept you as my disciple.

Kesari and Anjana look at the sun. Will Hanuman get his Guru before sunset? Kesari says it will happen as it is supposed to happen.

Devi Shanta says after meeting Hanuman I feel as if I have some deep connection with him. You (Maharishi SHringi) should accept to be Hanuman’s Guru. Maharishi keeps his hand on Hanuman’s head. Ram word flows through his heart, mind and soul. I know about your connection with Hanuman but I am helpless. I have to go to another place to complete my tapasya. He is a kid who is bestowed with many powers. Very rare people will be capable to teach him. I suggest Hanuman to request Sapta-Rishi’s. Devi Shanta asks Maharishi Shringi to call Sapta-Rishi’s here. He agrees. Panch-Rishi appears there on Maharishi’s request. Two of the Rishi’s are busy in tapasya so only 5 come there. Maharishi asks them to accept Hanuman as their Guru. They reason that it would have been possible had all of them been here. We cannot do so without the rest of the Guru’s. Hanuman wonders if he will not have any Guru. Sunset is pretty near. One of the Rishi’s say there must be something special for Hanuman. This isn’t happening for no reason. You know Hanuman is Rudra-ansh. Only that person can be the Guru who has all the knowledge about Tridev. It can be only that person who lights up the entire world with his knowledge – Surya Dev. Only he can be his Guru. Hanuman will have to go to Surya Loka for the same. Hanuman thinks of Surya Dev. I have gone there earlier as well. But the sun is about to set. If I don’t find a Guru before that time then my parents will be hurt. I wont be able to meet those who I am supposed to meet. Please allow me to leave. Devi Shanta says you should take your parents’ blessings before going to another Loka. Panch-Rishi adds that their blessings help in accomplishing bigger tasks. Maharishi Shringi says parents should also know about a kid’s whereabouts.

Mahadev tells Mata Parvati that a good Guru is the store of knowledge yet it isn’t easy to reach that Guru. Mata Parvati nods. How will Surya Dev become Hanuman’s Guru?

Anjana is worried for Hanuman. The sun is about to set. I wonder if Hanuman found his Guru or not! Hanuman comes there just then. Hanuman tells his mother that he has got to know about his Guru as of now. It is still time to go there. She tells him to go asap then. Hanuman looks at the sun. I have to go to Surya Loka. Anjana is shocked. Rishivar Shringi and Panch-Rishi have suggested me this. I came to seek your blessings. Anjana refuses to send Hanuman so far away. He has faced so many problems whenever he has gone there. Kesari assures her nothing will happen to Hanuman. Hope your love will not spoil his future. Anjana tells her mother that she cannot send her son so far away. I wont be able to go there on my own, whenever I wish to meet him. Nani reasons that parents have to give a test of patience for their kid’s wellbeing. Nani and Marjariks reason that life is incomplete without a Guru. Anjana stays put. I wont send my son to Surya Loka.

A kid’s future is of utmost importance for parents. It is their responsibility to find the right Guru for their kid as per his or her talents. Never let your love for your kid become a hindrance in your kid’s progress. A kid’s life is incomplete without a Guru.

Anjana repeats that she wont send her son to Surya Loka.

Precap: Hanuman walks up to Surya Dev. Surya Dev gets unhappy. You dint listen to me. I had told you to wait. You lost your patience. I cannot accept you as my disciple. Hanuman is in tears.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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