Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hanuman’s Adulthood
As the demonic monekeys descend, their leader Vanaraksh instructs them that they shall disguise as stones, that will catch them unawares. hanuman is tensed that something is up, but isnt able to place it where. meanwhile he hears the story of shurpanakha, who proposes to rama and laxman and is thwarted by both. then she comes back seeking vengeance, for her cut nose and ears, that laxman did, when she tried to harm sita. but rama defeats her army, and her intentions too. she rushes to her brother, Raavan, for help, but he doesnt pay much heed. she decides to take revenge anyhow, and wonders what to do. she instigates him about how beautiful, the wife is, the reason for her condition today. she starts narrating about her

beauty to lure him. she says that sita’s place isnt in the jungle, but in Lanka, with him. he gets instigated, and says that he knows what needs to be done. Hanuman gets to know, that raavan got his uncle, Marichi, to pose as a gold deer, that mesemrises sita, who becomes adamant to get it. he leaves. there marichi, pretends to be Lord rama, and cry out. hearing this, laxman is told by sita to go and help rama. but he is reluctant. she insists. he draws a Laxman Rekha, that draws away all demonic powers, and asks her not to cross this. he leaves. sita gets tensed. Then ravan entered, but he couldnt cross, due to the Rekha. then he posed as a rishi, and pretended to ask for Bhiksha, and tempted her to cross it, and the second she crossed, raavan takes his form, and he kidnaps her in Pushpak Vimaan, and takes her away, while she screams to be saved. hanuman remembers how he had heard her screams while bathing. Rama is grieved, and hanuman is apalled to see him like this. he then finds a stone, and says that this means his doubts werent in vain, he rushes and all are boggled. he pushes the stone down, and screams are heard, as the stone takes the form of Vanaraksh. sugriva says that they are magical spies of kishkindha. hanuman starts fighting them, but soon finds that there are more. sugriva and jaamvant get tensed, but laxman stops them. then rama takes place. he draws out his bow and arrow, and then aims it at them, while all others are boggled to see what happens. hanuman meanwhile fnds another one turning, and fights him off. together hanuman and rama thwart off every demonic monkey. Later, sugriva is impressed with his archery skills, and bows in gratitude, or else they would have thought that he was planning to defeat baali through rama. but sugriva gets threatened, by baali’s power, and wodners what good would they be. sugriva says that they are themselves seeking someone’s help, then how shall they help him. laxman says that he doesnt like an unintended doubts on rama’s capability. rama asks him to calm down. hanuman intervenes in between and apologises to laxman, saying that sugriva doesnt know their calibre, and hence he is unable to believe. then he explains it to sugriva. Sugriva is not confident that he shall manage to defeat baali, who defeated raavan himself. laxman gets enraged, but rama calms him down. Ram raises an arrow, and then strikes it, while all watch, as the sounds resonate miles and miles around. the second one breaks through trees, while sugriva is shocked at such bravery. laxm,an watches appreciatively. The screen freezes on their faces.


Precap: surgiva is emboldened and challenges baali, in his courtroom. baali is furious too. sugriva says that he shall take revenge. they start a duel.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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