Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agni Dev’s Agni Sena is all set to stop Maruti from reaching out to Surya Dev. Maruti’s route is blocked. It makes Agni Dev happy. Maruti thinks that this Aakash-phal is really special which is why all these obstacles are coming in his way. I wont get scared and return home. I will eat it! He gets thinking. He closes his eyes.

The kids think about the fruit that was wobbling on its own. It came in the cave and the door of the cave closed down on its own. Has any mayavi Asura caught us? Another kid decides to try and break the door which is stopping their way. Atibal gets scared thinking that he will get beaten once again. The kids try to break open the stone. Atibal mentally thinks that he is enduring so much only for Lankesh!

Lankesh is waiting anxiously

for Atibal. He has sent no news since the time he has gone to Sumeru. It is time for solar eclipse. A guy informs him that the preps for mayavi yagya has been made. Lankesh wishes that Rahu covers sun every day like this as their powers increase on this day. We Asuras again lot many powers through this mayavi yagya! All his courtesans cheer for him. Kalnemi appears there just then. Your words have come true. Pampasur King had organised the meeting between vanar kings and human kings but it has failed. I have created a rift between both the groups. Lankesh is the only one who is not smiling hearing this. He turns to Kalnemi. There is nothing to be so happy about. These humans and vanars are nothing in front of me. We should get happy only when we get to rule over all the three lokas. Kalnemi says that day will come real soon. Lankesh talks about the vanar kid in Sumeru who is creating havoc for Asuras. I don’t know why Atibal hasn’t returned till now!

Agni Dev is sure Maruti wont be able to stand this heat for too long. You will die. Maruti apologizes to him. I dint want to do it but Maruti is very hungry. I want to eat that Aakash-phal. Ma could have made you understand. Please forgive me for what I am going to do just now. He closes his eyes and increases his size. It worries all the Gods present there. He douses the Agni Sena’s around him as he is too big in size now. Agni Dev looks on in shock. How is this possible! Surya Dev too is amazed at the vanar kid’s strengths. The other Gods feel that Maruti is a lot capable. Maruti extends his hand out for Agni Dev when he accepts his defeat. You have ended the arrogance in me along with my Sena. Please return all my Tatvas and move forward. He blesses Maruti. Maruti returns all Agni Tatvas to Agni Dev. Surya Dev is obviously unhappy. Maruti returns to his original size. Please forgive me if I troubled / harmed you in any way. Agni Dev lets him move ahead. He is surely rudra-ansh. There is no one else in the world who can hold Agni inside Him! I fought as I was blinded by pride and arrogance. Hey Rudra, please forgive me!

Surya Dev decides to take charge of the situation but Varun Dev offers to do it for him. Maruti’s vision gets blurred / hazy as too much of clouds / water stand in his way. He looks around in surprise as the storm builds up in sky, thunder roars, etc. Where is my Aakash-phal? These clouds have hidden it! He gets sad. Varun Dev appears before him. You came till here but wont be able to proceed further. He starts pouring more and more water around Maruti’s feet. Maruti eventually gets frozen inside a big piece of ice. He wonders what this is.

Anjana and Kesari are doing the yagya but Kesari can see that Anjana is disturbed.

Varun Dev tells Maruti that this is his Him Graha. It is so cool that you will also end up becoming a piece of ice inside it. You wont be able to even get out of this. You will stay here for forever. It is impossible to break it. You dint pay heed to Kal Dev or Agni Dev’s warnings. This is your punishment. You will stay here inside forever.

Precap: Rahu stands in Maruti’s way as it is his task to eat up sun on solar eclipse. Maruti wants to satiate his hunger only by eating Aakash-phal. Rahu decides to teach him a lesson but gets beaten by Maruti in the process.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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