Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaal Dev requests Hanuman not to swallow him. Spare me Hanuman. Hanuman still swallows him. Mahadev extends his hand towards Hanuman to calm him down. He emits some energy towards Hanuman. Your Raudra avatar is to kill Asuras, not Devta’s. Don’t swallow Kaal Dev, Kaleshwar. Inside, Kaal Dev folds his hands to mentally thank Mahadev. Mahadev says it is your (Hanuman’s) identity to be peace and calm. Calm down. Free Kaal Dev, Mahakaal Kaleshwar Hanuman. I will free your father from Kaal Dev. Hanuman thinks of his mother’s words and the promise that he had made to her. Hanuman opens his mouth. Kaal Dev is relieved to come out. All the Gods smile in relief as well.

Hanuman keeps Kaal Dev down safely. Kaal Dev greets everyone including Hanuman’s Kaleshwar avatar. He

says a stuti for him too. Mahadev says you freed Kaal Dev even after whatever he did to you. This proves how just and patient you have been. Kaal Dev has broken the rules by killing Kesari untimely. He has disrespected the flag of justice. This flag cannot be with you anymore Kaal Dev. He holds the red flag in his hand and extends it towards Hanuman. Hanuman holds the flag.

Vashkali tells Anjana to wait and watch. See what I do to Kesari now. He lights fire to a piece of wood. Anjana shouts no!

Mahadev says one who does justice should be calm and patient. Hanuman has proven himself as one. This avatar of Hanuman will be known as Mahakal Kaleshwar from now onwards. I announce that whichever devotee offers red flag to Hanuman will never fear dying untimely. He asks Kaal Dev to rectify his mistake now. Free Kesari. Kaal Dev readily agrees. He accepts it before Hanuman that he made a mistake. I broke rules by becoming arrogant. I apologize to you and all other Gods too. Narad ji cheers for Mahakaal Kaleshwar Hanuman. Everyone joins him. Mahadev disappears. Kaal Dev says I have realised my mistake. You (Hanuman) too should not be angry anymore. Hanuman nods. He comes in his original avatar. Everyone smiles. Kaal Dev adds that he will always follow the rule that Mahadev just spoke to you about. I return life to your father. Kesari calls out to Hanuman. Hanuman turns to look at him. He greets his father. He also thanks Kaal Dev for freeing his father. You have done a very big favour on me by freeing father. Thanks a lot. Forgive me if I made any mistake. This red flag will stay in Kaal Loka only. Please follow it diligently. He hands it over to Kaal Dev. Kaal Dev agrees. He places the flag in its place. Brahma Dev asks Hanuman to head back to Prithvi Loka asap. You have very less time. Hanuman nods. Kaal Dev too wants to accompany them. Your family had to bear a lot of problems because of me. I have to apologize to everyone. Hanuman greets everyone.

Vashkali sets fire to the pyre. Anjana asks him not to do so but he laughs at her. Fire is spreading. See how Kesari’s body will be on fire soon. Your pain will increase. She screams Hanuman. Save your father. Hanuman! Her voice reaches Kesari, Hanuman and Kaal Dev who are on their way to Prithvi Loka. Hanuman is sure there is some problem. He flies away. Anjana and everyone are relieved to see Hanuman. Anjana says I knew my son will come. She tells Vashkali his Kaal is here. The Asuras look angry. Hanuman assures his mother nothing will happen to father. Anjana’s father and his alies are still climbing up the mountain. The Asuras panic. Hanuman picks up his father’s dead body (complete pyre) and brings him down safely. Anjana rushes there. Kaal Dev and Kesari’s soul appear there. Anjana greets Kaal Dev.

Kaal Dev tells Hanuman to tackle the Asuras. I will make your father alive by then. Hanuman flies up.

Vashkali orders the Asuras to kill Hanuman. Hanuman singlehandedly fights with them. I wont let you succeed. Kaal Dev returns the soul in Kesari’s body while chanting a mantra. On the other hand, Hanuman beats the Asuras. Vashkali wants to take revenge from Hanuman for killing his brother. Hanuman pushes him in the fire.

Precap: Kesari asks about Bali from Sugriv. Bali asks for a boon because of which he gets half of the strength of whoever fights with him. Hanuman is sure Bali will succeed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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