Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Flashback is shown. Vibhishan does a tapasya. Brahma Dev grants him his wish. He will follow the path of dharma and bhakti all his life. Flashback ends. Kaikasi is upset with Vibhishan as she asked for Bhakti instead of power. Kumbhakaran too let me down. Kumbhakaran blames Indra. He played a cunning trick.

Flashback shows Indra Dev requesting Ma Saraswati to do something so Kumbhakaran cannot ask for Indrasan. Ma Saraswati agrees as it is what is good for the world. Kumbhakaran is doing tapasya. Brahma Dev appears there. He tells Kumbhakaran to ask what he wants. Ma Saraswati affects his speech whenever he tries to ask for Indrasan. Kumbhakaran is tensed. He mistakenly asks for Nidrasan (sleep) instead of Indrasan.

Kumbhakaran says I kept calling out for Pitamah

but he dint hear me. What can I do when Brahma Dev and Ma Saraswati side with Indra! Ravan asks his mother what he did wrong.

Flashback shows him doing Tapasya. He is about to cut his tenth head too when Brahma Dev appears there. He returns Ravan all his nine heads. Ravan wants to be immortal. Brahma Dev reasons that wahetevr comes in this world has to end one day. Ask for something else. Ravan insists on being immortal. Brahma Dev says it is equal to gaining immortality if you ask for something in relevance to it only. Ravan nods. No one should be able to kill me. Nar and Vanar are good for nothing. They cannot harm me in any way. Brahma Dev grants him his boon. Back to present, Kaikasi reasons that this was Ravan’s biggest mistake. Vishnu has taken birth in human form while this vanar kid is already so powerful that he has started killing Asuras! Ravan is still overconfident that no one can harm him.

Hanuman’s friends like his new name. Atibal is hiding in a corner waiting to hear what all powers Hanuman has.

Flashback is shown where Kaikasi gives him a magical toy that is to be given to Hanuman. Ravan assures his brother that he will find out where Vishnu has taken birth. Atibal will make this vanar kid spill about his powers. Flashback ends.

Hanuman’s friends are curious to know what all powers Hanuman has received from the Gods. Hanuman says I have become Mahabalshali now with all those powers. Atibal cannot hear them from a distance. Hanuman’s friends want to see his powers but Hanuman remembers the promise that he has given to his mother. Atibal moves closer. Hanuman tells his friends that his mother has told him not to use it fruitlessly. I have to use my powers only when it is needed. Atibal talks to Hanuman. Hanuman recognizes him to be the same guy who was trying to save that kid from the pit that day. Atibal nods. I couldn’t thank you that day so I came today. After hearing your talks I think that you are still a kid. If someone gets something special then they check it. If you try to help someone with your powers and fail then you might think that you dint have what you thought you had! Hanuman looks down. Atibal is right. Atibal asks Hanuman’s friends if he said something wrong. They support him. Neel too says the same thing. There is a volcanic eruption. They all get shocked to hear it. Hanuman tells his friends to head home as it can come here too. Everyone at home must be worried. They all turn to go when Atibal stops them. The time has come when Hanuman should use his powers. Hanuman looks at the volcano. Atibal points out to Hanuman that there is necessity now to use your powers. This is what your mother had said. The lives of the animals at that mountain are in danger. Save them. Use your powers. Calm down this volcano or understand it that you got no powers as boon. Hanuman nods. This is the time to use my powers to help someone. Thank you for reminding me of my duties. He calls Atibal friend. Atibal smiles as Hanuman flies up towards the mountain. His friends see that he has reached atop the mountain but wonder what Hanuman will do now.

Hanuman increases his size. He picks up a smaller mountain and holds it with one hand.

Precap: There is another big blast in the volcano once Hanuman puts the smaller piece of mountain inside the volcano. Lord Shiva understands that Hanuman has been misguided. He did so as he is young but this will certainly make him understand the difference between right and wrong!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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