Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Kishkindha
Rama, sugriva and others are overjoyed as they find hanuman returning back with his team, to kishkindha. angad comes and tells them that sita has been found. sugriva asks them to narrate out in detail. they comply. angad says that now that they know, they should immediately get on Lanka, and get Sita back with them, defeating Raavan. Rama complies, and then asks how is sita and how is her mental condition, and if she sent any message, or asked about him. they get disappointed. he asks insistently. jaamvant says that hanuman shall tell this to him. they make way for hanuman, as he stands in front of rama, with folded hands, and eyes full of gratitude. rama stands overwhelmed too. hanuman takes his blessings and then produces

the CHURAMANI, that rama eyes, trying to recognize it to be Sita’s, as his eyes well up with tears and the throat gets choked. he asks Laxman to identify if its sita’s. laxman apologises and says that he only knows her feet as thats where his place was. rama then takes it in his hand, and through the tears. all are emotionally overwhelmed. he tells them that sita got it from her father, Janak. he says that seeing it, made him feel, that his Sita stands afore him. he says that he is restless being away from her, and asks hanuman to tell what else sita told him. Hanuman narrates everything that sita told him. rama says that noone knows about this incident execept for sita and he himself, and now he is sure that hanuman indeed met only his Sita. he asks hanuman to tell him more to soothe his pain, and how she is managing to stay amidst those vicious demons. hanuman then explains about the apalled situation of sita, giving every single detail, elaborating the pain that she was in, and how she was planning to cmmity suicide, but he got her cheerful, hearing which rama is unable to control his own tears. he talks how sita is staying under a tree only, but she isnt in pain because of that. he also gets enraged at the mention on Raavan and how she is merely waiting for him, as thats the only pain of separation that bothers him, as she only speaks out his name only. he talks how she refused to go with he himself for her reasons. he sees sita’s shadow behind hanuman, and hears from him, that she shall seek salvation only when he kills raavan with his own hands. he also narrates how sita has sent a message for him. the lords watch from above as they all anxiously wait. he says that she is forced to stay away from him, due to his kidnap by raavan, and she wouldnt be able to bear this separation for more than a month, and if he doesnt come by then, then she shall kill herself, and begs him to come earlier, to free her. he tells hanuman that noone can even imagine to do the unachievable feat that hanuman himself did, and by finding sita, he has spared them the ruins of the Raghukul, and that no warrior or the lord has ever done such a favour on him. he says that he is a mere jungle dweller and incapable of giving him, and even if he could have, he wouldnt have been able to repay this favour. hanuman says that his service to him is his duty and whatever he did, is his good fortune. He tells hanuman that he owes to him, but doesnt have anything to give him, except for a hearty hug. hanuman is ecstatic at this proposition. he hugs hanuman, who is emotionally overwhelmed as he got the best that he could ever have wanted. all get emotional seeing such an amazing sight. hanuman says that he got the ultimate happiness, because of this, and now only one wish remains, that is to see him with sita. he talks about how war is the only option, and jaamvant and his team tell how hanuman burned down lanka and killed his demonic warriors. sugriva and laxman are more than eager to fight and wage a war to get back sita. hanuman presents his eagerness too to fight, those demons and get back sita.

Scene 2:
Location: Lanka
Meanwhile, raavan steps back in the royal court room, in his disguise, when he is stopped by mandodari, who points a dagger at his back, and asks who is he. he takes off the shroud and reveals that its raavan, shocking her. she asks why is he walking around and sneaking in like this, when she hears outrageous words of the demons on the streets. she smirks. she asks if he doesnt have the guts to face his people. he warns her, and asks her not to irk him, or else he shall send her off too like aditi. she says that he can run from everyone, but not from himself and his fate and again requests him, to return sita back, or else watch himself be ruined. he is enraged as she walks back in. he decides to do something soon.

Raavan gets a courtmeeting, and narrates everyone that they cant let anyone come and challenge them, and they arent that forgiving that they forget hanuman, and his mischief, and if they forgive, then they shall be deemed as coward and not forgiving, and asks the councilmen what should they do, forgive hanuman and bow to Rama, or fight back for their self respect. they are all tensed. he reminds them of the atrocities that hanuman put the Lanka people through, recounting every crime, and asks if he shouldnt be punished properly. he asks if they should forget how rama, the jungle dweller, killed so many powerful demonic warriors, and asks if they want him to go and plead for forgiveness, and return sita back to him. one of them stands up and says that the rightful is that they should return sita. raavan and others get tensed. he gets up from his throne, and asks if this is his opinion. the councillor complies. he raises his sword and kills him that very instant. but then he thinks that he was imagining this all along, and then tells them all, that they havent been called to say the truth, but what he wants to hear. another says that if they talk about submission, then their death is decided. they think that they arent being asked, but threatened so that they dont go against him, and decide that they shall subdue their opinion as they know the result. he raises his voice finally, and asks them all to speak up, and give their opinion. they all stand dumbfaced. he asks if they should prepare for war, or else set an example of cowardice in front of rama, as they beg. they all instigate him for war and revenge. Raavan gets instigated as this is exactly what he had himself wanted, not knowing their plan. The screen freezes on hanuman’s humbled face.


Precap: Raavan is asked by his warriors as to who shall go first to thwart rama and his enemy. he talks and boasts about a woman warrior, who is sufficient alone to kill rama and his entire army, and that too without even touching them.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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