Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shree Krishna talks about the Gyarahmukhi Avatar of Hanuman. He is the most powerful of all the Gods. Troubles go away if you even think of him. Ravan has come here to stop him only.

Hanuman’s weapons cuts off Ravan’s weapons. Ravan takes it as a challenge. They continue to fight. Narad ji is worried about the consequences that this fight between 2 powerful men will bring.

Kaikasi notices the worry on her husband’s face. What happened? He shares that he can see the probability of death in Ravan’s kundli. Today is not a good day for him. Kaikasi is shocked. A meteor blocks the sun. They book look up. Something has gone wrong! Kaikasi recognizes the voice of Ravan’s mace. He might be fighting with that vanar kid! Ravan’s father thinks it will be wrong if

this vanar kid kills Ravan today. It will be like going against destiny. I will have to interfere to stop this from happening. He asks Kaikasi why she dint stop Ravan. He is in trouble. She had tried but he dint listen to her. He is still wearing that powerful kavach given by Shukracharya. Nothing will happen to him.

Kesari walks up to Marjarika. What is mother saying? We did a yagya for the planets to calm down, but we should do something for Hanuman too. Ma is suggesting keeping a kirtan for him. Marjarika is relieved that Nani dint say anything to Kesari. Kesari wants to keep a kirtan for Hanuman. He might be facing too many problems at the moment. I will bring the mace. You can make preps along with Ma. Atibal understands that Nani too supports Marjarika. But now no one will be able to save you. Just wait for what I do next.

Anjana feels restless. Probably my son is in some trouble. Please help him Lord.

Marjarika paces in her room. Atibal comes there. Marjarika scolds him for coming here again. Seems like you will die by my hands! Atibal laughs at her. Death is certain, but of Sumeru’s Maharani by Sumeru’s Maharaj’s hands. You went against Lankesh, but this magical water given by Rajmata Kaikasi will bring out your truth in front of everyone. He pours it over her. Marjarika returns to her original form. Atibal says you wont be able to turn yourself into Anjana for one whole day. You wont be able to become Anjana. Now I will call Kesari here.

Kesari comes to the room and finds that mace. He picks it up.

Atibal starts throwing stuff in the room. Kesari hears the noise. Marjarika threatens Atibal. He is not scared of her at all. Kesari is coming here. You cannot stay here now, neither can you go to Lanka. What will you do now? Marjarika is sad that she wont be able to fulfil the promise that she gave to Hanuman. Nani stops Kesari. He asks about the noise. She replies that maybe something fell because of the earthquake. Let’s make preps for Kirtan. Kesari leaves. Atibal disappears when Marjarika tries to hurt him. Marjarika cannot go out in front of anyone for one whole day now. I hope things are fine till Hanuman is back. Nani comes there. Marjarika asks her why she saved her. Nani says you are working for our favour. I don’t want Kesari to be hurt in this troublesome minute. His attention might get diverted. Marjarika thanks her. You saved me today. Atibal says till when it will happen. You will have to go out in front of everyone. I have trapped Kesari. Marjarika says no one can hurt him till he is here. They hear the sound of other Asuras laughing. Atibal enjoys it all the more. Marjarika goes out. Atibal looks at Nani.

Ravan is over confident of his powers. Neither of your weapons / powers can hurt me.

The Asuras laugh at Kesari. It is impossible for you to get away from us today. You will neither be able to save yourself nor Sumeru today. They attack him but Kesari wards their attempt using his mace. You all are mistaken. You wont get away from here alive. He notices Marjarika coming there. Kesari thinks that she is also with the Asuras. Marjarika instead saves Kesari. No one can hurt him till I am here. Kesari is surprised. Marjarika and Kesari together fight with the Asuras. Kesari saves one Asura from attacking Marjarika when she is looking in the other direction. You came to attack on me and Sumeru. He pushes all the Asuras out and down the window. He turns to thank Marjarika next. Nani steps in between. Are you alright? Kesari nods. He asks Marjarika who she is. You helped me even though you were also one of them. Nani notices Atibal there. He might tell the truth before Kesari.

Ravan challenges Hanuman. Do you have any other weapon? Try them as well. Hanuman shoots a powerful arrow at Ravan but his kavach protects him. You cannot stand before me. Hanuman looks at the kavach. Why is there so much light around it?

Hanuman attacks Ravan using his Chakra. Ravan’s kavach eventually breaks. Ravan looks on in disbelief. Narad ji wonders what Hanuman is up to. Narayan in Nar form has to kill Ravan. That is how the world will be at peace. Hope he doesn’t kill Ravan because of his anger! Brahma ji too thinks of the same. it will be disrespect to Vishnu Dev if Hanuman kills Ravan now!

Precap: Hanuman tells Ravan that his death is certain. He attacks Ravan using his mace. Ravan moves aside but falls in the process. His crown falls down as well.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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