Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman saying mata parvati gave me a hint but I have to find out what hint that is. Hanuman then sees king suman and says but everyone here in the kingdom is sleeping, but this cannot be con-incidental and this has been done by a cunning demon. Who is that? Yes! Maybe it is nikumbh, he is the one who has done this as he is trying to make the ashvamedh yag unsuccessful. I have to bring him out, he is hiding here in the kingdom. Hanuman says pranam to mata parvati’s statue and goes.
In heaven, lord Shankar says hanuman now knows who did all this, he has to bring nikumbh out.
Hanuman goes in the market and stands and thinks how do I bring nikumbh out? Yes, nikumbh is cunning and evil, I have to be intelligent and cheat and bring him out by plan. Hanuman

then keeps his gadha down and starts acting. He cries and looks in the sky and says I have not right to live as I cannot complete my lord ram’s task. I cannot live with this and I have to die if I cannot complete lord ram’s task. Behind near a shop, nikumbh is hiding and watching, he turns himself into a woman and thinks what is hanuman doing?
There hanuman looks in sky and says lord ram please forgive me as I was not successful. I will burn myself alive. There lord ram and sita smile as they look from the fire. In heaven all gods are smiling. Hanuman says to his tail, Sakha please put wood together for burning. The tail takes wood together. Hanuman then says I need fire now, he looks at surya dev and says suryadev please lend me some of your fire so that I can die, in heaven surya dev smiles. Hanuman says at least agni dev, you give me some fire so that I can burn the wood. Hanuman says any god, please send someone in any form to give me fire so that I can die. Nikumbh sees and thinks this monkey hanuman has accepted his defeat and he needs fire. He said in any form the gods sent, I will go and give him fire in this woman’s form and then he will die. Hanuman looks in sky and asks gods to give fire. From behind nikumbh comes as woman and says you need fire? I have brought fire. Hanuman smiles and thinks, this nikumbh got trapped in my plan. I will defeat him now. Nikumbh comes as woman and says take this fire. Hanuman looks at nikumbh and then holds his hands tightly. Nikumbh says so hanuman you know it is me, nikumbh changes his form. Hanuman says yes, I will beat you for bringing difficulty in lord ram’s ashvamedh yag. Hanuman punches nikumbh and beats him. Nikumbh laughs and says no one is going to wake up, as hanuman hits nikumbh, he tries to escape but hanuman holds him with his tail and puts the woods on fire. He then says if you don’t tell me how to wake up everyone, I will put you in this fire. Nikumbh says that king chitra raj got the news that you are coming with the horse, he went running into mata parvati’s temple to tell her that ram’s horse has arrived but before going in his dirt stuck to the mattress outside and his legs put the marks as he walked in, even though evil cannot enter a temple, I entered by stepping on his foot marks and then put him in deep sleep. I went and put everyone in the kingdom in deep sleep. Now here you are, nikumbh laughs.
There pushkar hears the sound of hanuman and nikumbh fighting and he says shatrugana kaka I have to go in and help hanuman ji as he is fighting some demon alone. Shatrugana says pushkar! No! hanuman ji told us to wait here for him. As pushkar hears more fighting, he says I cannot wait more now, I will go. Pushkar fires his arrow and steps on it and goes, but the mountains start closing, pushkar says I will go in at all costs to help hanuman ji, the mountains close and their waves hit pushkar. Pushkar is thrown away. Shatrugana says pushkar no!! psuhkar comes back. Shatrugana says are you hurt? Pushkar says no I will go again. there lord ram and sita watch and bharat is worried. Pushkar attacks arrow again. the mountains say we know how to stop kids here. The mountains keep attacking rocks on pushkar and everyone.
There nikumbh himself steps into the fire and hanuman thinks why did he step himself into the fire? Nikumbh says I am very powerful hanuman, you cannot do anything to me, I will take the spirits of all the people present here. Nikumbh pulls the spirits of the people, hanuman is shocked and says I will kill you. nikumbh laughs and then says I will also take your spirit, nikumbh with his power starts soaking hanuman’s spirit. Nothing happens to hanuman and nikumbh starts burning from inside, he says what is this fire? I cannot handle it. hanuman says I am a disciple of lord ram, it is the fire of my spirit that will kill you as you cannot take my spirit. Nikumbh is in pain and he goes in the sky and is suffering from the fire, nikumbh leaves hanuman’s spirit and says I will take everyone’s spirit here. Nikumbh starts taking all the peoples spirit. Hanuman goes in the air and fights nikumbh and holds him by his head and neck. There pushkar is attacked by rocks and is pressed under a rubble of rocks. Shatrugana says no! I have to save pushkar. Pushkar inside says how do I get out from here? I am stuck here.
There nikumbh thinks hanuman will waste time here as the kid will die there.

Precap: hanuman goes to king chitra raj who is awake now and fine. Suddenly soldiers come and say stop there and don’t go near the king. There a huge hurricane and storm comes which is pulling all shatrugana’s soldiers in the air and shatrugana loses his bow and arrows to the hurricane.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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