Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Asura says I will eat Garud’s peacefully once I kill this vanar kid. They still have some time left. Hanuman smiles. I will jump to another place if you try to catch me here. Asura laughs and shoots a branch. Hanuman jumps aside. I am not there but here! He constantly repeats it which irks Asura Trishiraj. Trishiraj vows to catch him but fails. Hanuman thinks it is not right to waste another second. I will have to get the flowers before sunset. How do I free myself from this Asura? He gets an idea. Trishiraj asks him why he is smiling at him. it is the nature of vanar’s to jump here and there. I will catch you sooner or later. Hanuman agrees. Your sound vibes can hurt me. no one can be saved from them except you. I reversed the sound vibes back at you but nothing happened to you.

Trishiraj says till the time a part of me is inside earth then I cannot be killed. This is the reason why I keep one part of my body inside earth only. Hanuman thinks he fell in his trap on his own. Does that mean you will be safe inside earth? Trishiraj says no one can kill me without my wish. My death is impossible! Chitraketu is confused. What happened to Hanuman? Why is he talking to that Asura? Hanuman realises that he will have to get Trishiraj out of earth on his own. He gets an idea. Raise yourself if you want eggs. If you touch this then I wont stop you from eating them. Asura gets excited. I can do anything to eat eggs. Hanuman jumps in air to stay out of his grasp. I will have to go higher to get him out of earth. Asura is upset that he cannot even touch eggs. Hanuman tells him to try touching him atleast. I will not stop you then. Jatayu wonders what Hanuman is up to. He will die this way. Hanuman asks Asura to touch him then. Asura gets out of earth. Hanuman ties him with Sakha’s help and flies up in air. Garud’s are happy. Hanuman is up to something. Maharaj Jatayu says this is why they say greed is bad. You could have eaten us but you got greedy for eggs.

Trishiraj asks Hanuman to free him. I wont be able to stay alive for long if I stay out of earth. I will help you find the flower. Garud’s tell him against it. He will change his mind as soon as he is safe.

Anjana waits for Kesari. She thinks to ask commander if he has some info. She is shocked to see Kishkindha’s army coming towards Sumeru. Are they going to attack us now? What will I do if Kishkindha attacks us in Maharaj and Hanuman’s absence?

Garud’s again tell Hanuman not to have mercy on the Asura. Hanuman instead pardons the Asura. I am sure you wont trouble anyone in future. CHitraketu and Jatayu tell him against it. Hanuman tells Trishiraj he frees him with a faith. He frees the Asura from Sakha. Trishiraj is back inside earth. He folds his hands before Hanuman with gratitude. Hanuman tells Garud’s not to worry. I am with you. Trishiraj thanks Hanuman for trusting him and freeing him from curse. It was my nature to lie to people and break their trust. Therefore I was cursed. I have been troubling others in this form. You have given me Moksha by trusting me. I will forever be indebted to you! He disappears. They are surprised to see Prawal Dwip all green again. Hanuman does not want to waste anymore time now. Jatayu suggests flying and looking for that particular flower. A Rishi appears there just then. There is no need for you to go anywhere now. Everyone greets him. Rishi says you have freed me and Prawal Dwip from the curse so you have a right on everything here. I know your reason of coming here. I have brought Karni Pushpa here only. It will not delay your mission anymore. Hanuman thanks him. He keeps the eggs down. You will all be fine soon. He reduces his size. They all sprinkle the nectar of Karni Pushpa on the eggs. They begin to turn white right away. Jitantak remarks that Hanuman made the impossible possible.

Sugriv tells Anjana he has come here to gain all rights over Sumeru. I will have to use strength if this work does not happen smoothly. Anjana takes his name in anger and shock.

Garud soldiers and the wives of Garud’s appear there. Maharaj Jatayu is surprised to see all the ladies there. I dint expect to see you all here. His wife says they were worried about their kids. We decided to follow you. Hanuman shows them the eggs. They are relieved to see them all fine. Maharaj jatayu’s wife hugs Hanuman thankfully and cries. Hanuman thinks of his mother. They thank him. Hanuman says a son did this for a mother. There is no question of debt here. I have only done my duty. The eggs begin to break. Everyone looks on happily. Hanuman looks at the little Garud’s. I feel like going to my mother now after seeing all these mothers here.

Anjana says Maharaj Kesari and your father are close friends yet you are doing this. We have never thought of you as a stranger. You are doing it in the absence of your Kaka and your dear friend Hanuman?

Hanuman says I will go to meet Ma. He takes everyone’s leave and flies away.

Precap: Hanuman meets Vali. Tell me what boon you got? Vali thinks you will realise it on your own when I will gain half of your powers by fighting with you! He pushes Hanuman!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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