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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Gods request Kaal Dev to do something. Sankat Mochan Hanuman fell in this problem while trying to help us. Kaal Dev says he is bound by the laws of nature. It will be wrong to intervene. Vayu Dev points out that this way the world will be doomed. It all happened because of Shani Dev’s arrogance. Kaal Dev says it is happening because of the fight between Hanuman and Shani Dev. Narad ji points out that Hanuman tried his best not to do anything against Shani Dev. Kaal Dev says he should have moved out of Shani Dev’s way. His stubbornness has paved way for this situation.

Everyone has a different perspective on right and wrong. The same work can be right for someone or wrong for someone else. Kaal Dev is only doing his job. The one who stands firm in the face of problems


Hanuman keeps thinking how to save the world. I can see earth getting attracted to it again.

Kaal Dev and the Gods also see it. Kaal Dev says the Kaal Chakra which is made untimely is always dangerous. Narad ji asks for a solution to stop it. Kaal Dev shakes his head. It could have been stopped when it was beginning to form. You all trust Hanuman a lot. Let’s see what he does now. Kaal Dev takes their leave.

The whirlpool is back on earth, attracting / eating up many people and everything. Strong wind is blowing. Anjana takes Hanuman’s name in her unconscious state. Matang Rishi is sure something really wrong is happening. It is indicating towards a very big destruction. Kesari also worries about the situation. Anjana keeps on taking Hanuman’s name.

Ravan is happy to see the changes in weather. Rahu asks him if its happening because he has Amrit. They stopped me from drinking it too. Maybe this is all a ploy to stop you from drinking Amrit. Ravan refuses to fall in any plans of Devta’s. I will drink Amrit on the night of Purnima. Rahu has invited all the Asura’s to witness that epic moment. Ravan is sure this Maha Purnima’s night will give them immense powers. We have been waiting for it since decades.

Shani Dev is unable to balance himself. Hanuman is worried both for the world and his mother. Shani Dev tells him that he wont be able to stop this Kaal Chakra. Neither her fast nor her promise will fulfil now. This Kaal Chakra will eat up everything and everyone. You wont be able to save anyone. This Kaal Chakra is that black hole from which nothing can be saved. You wont be able to do anything! Hanuman decides to stop the Kaal Chakra. I wont let it destroy earth like this. What should I do but? He recalls his encounter with Chakrasur. I will have to go against the direction of the wind. He applies all his energies in the opposite direction of the wind.

The Gods are worried to see Hanuman. What is he doing? Vayu Dev says he is trying to fight with the situation / problem. Those who sit quietly can win. They all discuss what good it can bring. Narad ji compares Shani Dev and Hanuman. Shani Dev forgot everything in his anger and brought destruction to the world while Hanuman is doing his best to save the world.

Kaal Dev finds it against the laws of nature. Chitragupta ji says he is doing this to save the world. Kaal Dev still does not like it. The consequence will not be good. It is against the laws of Kaal Chakra.

Narad ji is glad that Hanuman is showing them a ray of hope. Indra Dev wonders if this is interference in Kaal Dev’s work.

Kaal Dev remarks this will destabilise the world for many coming years.

Hanuman can sense the Kaal Chakra becoming weak. I will have to increase my speed. I have to push everything out of it. All the planets are everything that is inside the Kaal Chakra begin to move back towards the entrance.

Vayu Dev says Hanuman made the impossible possible. He changed the time. You are amazing son! All the Gods look on proudly. Hanuman manages to come out of the Kaal Chakra.

Kaal Dev points out that Hanuman did the worst thing. A Kaal Chakra, which is forced to be close, can be equally dangerous. He has pushed time in opposite direction.

Hanuman returns to his normal size. The vibrations from the Kaal Chakra reach out to the galaxy and earth.

Chitragupta ji shares that Hanuman forced the Kaal Chakra to close down in the opposite direction. Kaal Dev decides to concentrate to bring back the world to normal. Make sure there is no interruption. Chitragupta ji nods.

Hanuman greets the Gods. They thank him for saving the world. Hanuman says my mother taught me to save the world before anything else. I only did my duty. Vayu Dev calls it a favour on the world. It is impossible for anyone else to do it. Narad ji is sure all the differences will go away now. You freed Shani Dev too. He wont be angry on Chandra Dev anymore. Shani Dev shouts against it. Hanuman did it all for his mother. Now I will do what I have to do! I wont leave Chandra Dev so easily. Hanuman requests him not to say so. Shani Dev says you saw the consequence of your action once. Move out of my way before anything else goes wrong. Leave Chandra Dev to me. Hanuman refuses to leave Chandra Dev’s side. I have to save him as my mother promised him for safety. I politely request you to forgive him. Don’t get angry on him. Shani Dev calls a request a method used by cowards. Fight with me! He throws a mace towards Hanuman. Hanuman thinks Shani Dev is still stuck on his thoughts. Hanuman hits at the mace which heads back towards Shani Dev. Shani Dev moves aside so as to avoid it. hanuman mentally says sorry to him. I will have to fight with you now.

Precap: Hanuman says he wont let any harm come on the world now. Shani Dev takes the challenge. The Gods worry because of their fight. No one knows what will happen now. Shani Dev and Hanuman fight. The world is in a mess.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Love bajrang bali’s stories since childhood. They r v.inspiring 🙂 Fight d problem and dnt gv up, however difficult the circumstances. Thanks tellyupdates and especially Pooja for giving us a platform to read these stories (Pooja is any way one of d best writers u hv with flawless writing skills) 🙂

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