Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devi Annapurna changes form. Hanuman looks at her with a smile on his face. Everyone looks at the lady in confusion. Hanuman is about to greet her as Mata Parvati but stops himself. Anjana looks at them both in confusion. Devi Annapurna says it is a great thing for a married woman to make food for Rishi’s. I have got to know that Rishi Durvasa and his disciples will have food here. Can I also help? Hanumam shares that everything is polluted. Anjana laments that they have nothing to give to the Rishi’s. Devi Annapurna looks at the food. A great deed is always accomplished when it is done with a pure heart. You will surely find a solution to your problem. She looks at the plate of Mahadev’s bhog. It seems like that plate has food as well which is pure and veg. Anjana says I readied

it myself and kept it safely aside. Devi Annapurna tells her not to delay. Give Bhog to Mahadev first of all. Your problem will surely go away with Mahadev’s blessings. Hanuman nods at his mother. All of them are in the house temple. Devi Annapurna tells Anjana to keep the plate before the Shivlinga as his bhog. Hanuman helps his mother. Anjana prays that this woman’s trust should come true. Hope Rishi Durvasa and his disciples get pure food with your blessings. My son should be safe from Rishi Durvasa’s anger.

Rishi Durvasa asks for Hanuman. I have never been made to wait this way. It is disrespect to me! He is about to get up when Kesari kneels down before him with folded hands. I request you to wait a little more. Hanuman will bring food for all of you as soon as he offers Bhog to Lord Shiva.

Hanuman prays to Mahadev. If I have prayed to you with a pure heart; have taken care of my parents’ and people in their problems, then please help us. No one should go from here upset. Anjana also prays that Hanuman is able to fulfil his vow. My family’s respect should not be stained with the blame of not taking care of the guest properly. Hope no problem comes on us. Hanuman and ANjana together request Mahadev to accept the bhog. The plate of Bhog appears before Mahadev in Kailash. Mata Parvati says our Swami Lord Mahadev has accepted the plate and has thus made it Akshay-patra. Cover it well and then serve food to everyone. You wont lack anything. Anjana smiles but then is confused. How will this plate make up for everyone? Devi Annapurna points out that this is the Prasad of Mahadev himself. Don’t worry. Come with me. Start serving food. Hanuman nods at his mother. Devi Annapurna and Hanuman exchange a smile. Anjana picks up the plate.

Everyone is surprised to see one plate in Anjana’s hands. Rishi Durvasa thinks Hanuman came here with only one plate after such a long wait. Is this how he will satiate our hunger? Hanuman greets Rishi Durvasa. He keeps food in Rishi Durvasa’s plate but the plate keeps on refilling on its own. Rishi Durvasa looks shocked. Hanuman apologizes to him for the delay. Please have food. Rishi Durvasa speaks of his disciples. Hanuman says I will serve them food as well. Devi Annapurna smiles seeing Hanuman serving food to everyone. Everyone is relieved. Atibal peeks inside. He too is confused. What’s happening? Kesari and Hanuman’s friends help Hanuman.

Everyone has been served. Hanuman asks Rishi Durvasa to begin. Rishi Durvasa tells him that he is blessed by Devi Annapurna. You are really lucky. He and his disciples begin to eat. Hanuman looks thankfully at Devi Annapurna. Anjana helps Hanuman in refilling everyone’s plate once more. Rishi Durvasa looks pleased. Atibal is boggled. How can so much food come out of a small plate! My plan failed. He hides.

Hanuman turns and finds Mata Parvati gone. He thanks Mata Parvati and Mahadev for helping their devotee. Thank you very much.

Vali and Ravan are upset seeing Markat all fine. Atibal says Hanuman not just made food for everyone but also impressed Rishi Durvasa and his disciples.

At night, Hanuman looks after Rishi Durvasa while he is sleeping.

Atibal relates another incident when Rishi Durvasa asked Hanuman to bring water for him. Rishi Durvasa was asleep by the time Hanuman was back but Hanuman stood there itself. He dint even move. The same incident is shown. Atibal is shocked to see Hanuman standing at the same place entire night waiting for Rishi Durvasa to wake up. Rishi Durvasa is touched to see Hanuman there. Why are you standing here? Were you here all night? Hanuman shares that he asked for water before sleeping. I am here since then so your sleep isn’t broken. You should have water if you wake up feeling thirsty. Rishi Durvasa happily blesses him. Your way of taking care and dedication is commendable. Flashback ends.

Atibal praises Hanuman before them. Vali slaps him hard. You will dare to praise my biggest enemy before me? Atibal denies. I came to give you a very important news because of which your mission can complete. Ravan tells him to speak up. Atibal says Rishi Durvasa’s disciples asked their Rishi to appoint Hanuman with the task of protecting Kalp-Vriksha. Rishi Durvasa replies that he does not doubt Hanuman’s capabilities but I want to know if he is capable enough to look after it.

Rishi Durvasa tells Hanuman he wants to do a yagya but I need soil of Satyadweep. Hanuman agrees to bring it for him. Rishi Durvasa gives him time till today afternoon to get it.

Vali decides to make it impossible for Hanuman to return from Satyadweep.

Precap: Ravan appoints a mayavi Asuri to do the task. She acts to be an old, helpless woman before kids and then kill them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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