Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman does Shivlinga’s Jal-Abhishek. The water pours from over Lord Shiva’s head in Kailash. He sits there with a very serene smile on his face. All the Gods and Goddesses look on with a smile. Anjana and Kesari are amazed as the pot is not getting empty. The water continues to flow. Surely it is happening as per Lord’s wish. It is such a miracle! Ma Parvati notices the calm, happy expression on Lord Shiva’s face as the water pours down from over his head. The Jal-Abhishek ends finally. Ma Parvati is happy to see her husband happy. She tells Nandi that they get to see such sights very rare. It happens only when Bholenath loves someone a lot.

Hanuman wants to eat an apple but Anjana wants him to wait till his Anna-Prashan. We offer food to Lord first after doing Jal-Abhishek.

He nods.

Lord Shiva opens his eyes. He is holding that apple.

Hanuman peeks at his parents when they are praying with their eyes closed. Lord Shiva eats the apple. She gets sad. Nandi folds his hands before her. She is sad as she too wants to enjoy seeing Anjanaye (Hanuman). I too want to do something. Nandi reminds her about Gauri and Gauri ki Gaiyya. He talks about a calf too as he too wants to see / meet Hanuman. Ma Parvati smiles.

Kesari and Anjana observe Hanuman doing the rest of the puja. Kesari wants to find out the reason behind Hanuman’s birth. They think of all the incidents that have happened so far. Anjana too wants to know how all these miracles are happening and why. But who should we consult?

Ma Parvati, her cow and Nandi take avatar of Gauri, her Gaiyya and the baby. Hanuman hears her and points out to her mother. Anjana recalls meeting her before her son’s birth. They all go outside. Ma Parvati is overwhelmed to see Hanuman. They all greet each other. Hanuman jumps excitedly and walks up to her. He addresses her as Ma and touches her feet. Ma Parvati is touched and so are the other Gods above in heaven. She hugs Hanuman. She parts the hug as she realises where she is. Hanuman plays with Gauri’s Gaiyya and its baby next. He makes similar sounds to communicate with them.

Anjana asks Ma Parvati about the Rama naam that their son has been chanting. What’s their relation? Hanuman again starts chanting Rama with love and devotion. Ma Parvati too says it after him. She turns to Anjana first. One of the ladies had given a tarak-mantra to you for your son. Anjana recalls the same (Rama). This Rama naam is your son’s tarak-mantra. It is inside him now. Ma Parvati shares that her son has taken birth to help Vishnu’s Avatar Rama. The entire world will be amazed and besotted by his acts. She makes Hanuman stand between his parents. Surely tell your son the story about Rama when the right time comes. Hanuman gets happy. ANjana wonders how she will realise that it is the right time. Ma Parvati says Lord Shiva will guide you. don’t tell anything to anyone else.

Ma Parvati sings a song and Hanuman dances with her. she instructs them what to do and when. Your Tejasvi son, Shivansh! The word echoes in all the three lokas.

Precap: Anjana and Hanuman play hide and seek. Anjana hides behind the bed. He goes to the wrong place first and she laughs. He lifts the entire bed next.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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