Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the demon showing himself, demon says you can do nothing to me, I am brahma rakshasa as many times you try to stop me, I will make everyone turn into a rock. Hanuman attacks the demon and he falls down, hanuman then say jai shree ram and turns everyone back to normal form. The demon then turns everyone back to stone and gets up, he says I am brahma rakshasa if you hold me then. The demon stays quiet. Hanuman thinks so this demon has given me a hint if I hold him he wont be able to use his powers. The demon thinks what was I doing? If I had told this monkey that if he catches me I wont be able to free myself then I would be defeated. Demon says monkey I will use all my power to turn you into a rock. The demon uses his powers and attacks hanuman. nothing happens

to hanuman, hanuman walks towards the demon. Demon thinks what kind of a monkey is he? Nothing is happening to him. hanuman comes near the demon and holds his hand and punches the demon. Demon is hurt and says please leave me. Hanuman twists the demon’s hands and says you get fun from turning everyone to a stone? Hanuman says I will show you pain. Hanuman twists the hands of the demon, he screams and says please leave me, I ask for forgiveness, please! Hanuman says promise you will bring everyone back to normal and tell me why you are doing this? Demon says I will tell you why I am doing this, I will. Demon says long time back I was a rishi, I was a teacher, I taught students and they all respected me when one day I had to felicitate the best student in my school, so the king sent an order to felicitate the best student but I felicitated the student who didn’t deserve the awards because his father gave me gold and I did not felicitate the one who deserved. Demon says my blindness for gold made me a fool, and the student who deserved one day jumped into the river and killed himself, later the one who didn’t deserve knew that I had given him felicitation for the wrong cause he jumped and drowned in the river too. Demon then says, then all the rishi’s knew this and they came to me, they all cursed me to be a brahma rakshasa for my sins, later I regretted and asked for forgiveness and the rishi’s saw that I felt guilty and was ready to pay for my sins, they said to me that I would be turned back to my normal form only when mahabali hanuman would come and defeat me and tell me the story of Ramayana, so to stay alive I had to turn living things to stone as many living beings I turned to stone my life increased.
Hanuman smiles and says I am only hanuman, lord ram’s disciple. Demon smiles and falls at hanuman’s legs and says save me prabhu please save me. Hanuman says yes rishi. Hanuman tells the story of Ramayana through a song. The rishi listens happily, slowly the surrounding turns back to normal and everyone come back to normal. As hanuman finishes the story, rishi is turned back to his original form and is freed from the curse of brahma rakshasa. Rishi says thank you hanuman ji, prabhu you freed me from my curse, I bless you that whoever will worship you will also get the advantage of lord ram’s worship. Hanuman smiles. Everyone is normal. Shatrugan and pushkar come forward and say pranam. Rishi says hanuman ji, you saved me but now all the demon powers that were here have escaped which means some other demon will be there to take these powers, so I suggest you to stay alert on your road ahead. Hanuman says yes rishi. Rishi goes.
Hanuman and everyone now start going ahead, as they walk ahead. Suddenly they hear the voice of rishi’s saying save us, save us, shree ram save us. Hanuman says stop everyone, someone is calling for help, rishi said right, there is a demon here. hanuman says I will go and see. Hanuman goes inside the forest and sees rishi’s coming, they are looking in the sky and saying shree ram save us. Hanuman says stop everyone what happened? Tell me, I will help you! the rishi’s don’t stop and go ahead looking in the sky. Hanuman is puzzled and he goes flying and stops beside shatrugan. The rishi’s come out of the forest and say save us shree ram. Hanuman now says stop please everyone, we are here to help. Shatrugan says we are from ayodhya, this is the army of lord ram, we will help you. rishi’s don’t stop. Hanuman says I am the disciple of lord ram, I am hanuman. all rishi’s stop and say hanuman? you are sankatmochan hanuman? hanuman says yes. Rishi say please save us from this demon trishulrom. Hanuman says trishulrom? Rishi say yes. Rishi says trishulrom is a powerful demon, he has pillaged the ashrams of rishi’s and destroyed our Pooja, whenever we sit for pooja’s he comes and damages everything. rishi says indra dev was annoyed of trishulrom so he attacked him but as trishulrom had a wish from lord Shankar, he had trishul growing on his body and those trishuls defeated indra dev.

Precap: trishulrom says stop singing the bhajan you monkey, you are annoying me. Luv and kush catch the horse and say this horse is beautiful, luv says lets catch this horse, as the horse runs.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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