Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maruti’s parents and Acharya start looking for Maruti and the other kids.

Vali motivates Neel to move the stone. You have to win. You can do it! Neel lets go of the stone and Vali’s hand comes under it a little. Vali lets out a little scream. His face contorts with pain. Vrikshasur understands that it was Vali. What happened to him?

Maruti and the kids are nowhere to be seen. Anjana is tensed. They return to the palace. Anjana is still in a fix. Where could he and his friends be? I am really worried. Their commander calls out for Kesari. He goes aside to talk to him. Commander shares that no soldier could find Maruti or his friends anywhere. Anjana cannot understand where her son can go to without seeking her permission! Maruti had come back to say something in the

morning. She recalls him seeking a permission to go to the old school. She is shocked. She tells Kesari about it. Kesari is shocked to learn that the kids are near Shambsadan forest. He orders his commander to reach there asap with the soldiers. He leaves with Anjana.

Sugriv wakes up. He wonders what his brother would have done by now. I should reach that venue asap. He gets up and starts walking towards the forest.

Vali is in very much pain. I am unable to move the stone as my fingers are under it. I cannot even use my palm. I will have to do something fast or what will these kids think about me! Only this Markat can move this stone other than me. He looks at Maruti. Maruti wants to help Vali but Nal suggests him against it. He himself is capable enough to move it out of its way. Neel sits down to help Vali. He moves the stone a little upwards but Vali is unable to free Vali’s hands. Nal yet again stops Maruti from helping Mahantam Vali. He wont like it. If you cannot see him thus, then sit on a stone and wait a little. I will call you as soon as Vali is able to free his hands. Vali looks at them. Maruti looks sadly at Vali. Maruti goes to sit on the stone. Vali continues to try and free his hand but in vain.

Kesari gets ready to go to the forest. He tells Anjana to wait here itself. I will bring Maruti and the kids back safely soon. She is in tears. It’s all happening because of me. Maruti dint even put Anjan today. I ignored the sign (of the glass breaking). He tells her not to blame herself. Nothing will happen to Maruti. He must have gone a little away from the palace for the competition. He will be back in front of you along with the other kids real soon. Trust me. She is feeling restless. I too will come with you. He picks up his gada and begins to go. She starts following him.

Vali looks at Maruti who feels bad to see Vali in that condition. Vali fails in his attempts to free his hand from under the stone. He keeps on looking at Maruti on and off. Hanuman Chalisa plays in the background. Maruti decides to help Vali Bhaiya. Everyone turns to look at him as he gets down from the stone. Maruti moves the stone in one swift action and Vali’s hands come free. He next lifts the stone over his head with ease and throws it up in the sky. The kids look at him with amazement. Vali too is dumbstruck. They all see the stone going up in the sky. The rock returns but Vrikshasur grabs it and crunches it. I will enjoy killing you the same way! Your father had closed the cave’s exit while you have opened it. You have indirectly help me for future. I will be able to get hold of my preys easier now. He laughs evilly.

Kesari, Anjana, their commander and the soldiers hear it. They deduce that it is Vrikshasur!

The kids cheer for Maruti. Vali wipes the sweat off his face. He smiles thinking of what lay ahead. Go and bring the anga-vastra that your Ma had given to you. Maruti walks inside the cave. The kids and Vali go to the other side to look over Maruti’s progress.

Vrikshasur is glad that today he will snatch Kesari’s son from him just like he had killed his father once.

Vrikshasur’s energies are all time high on the day of Amavasya. If anyone tries to cut his branches on that day then more branches used to grow right back on him in no time.

Kesari thinks if anyone got to know about the cave that joins Sumeru and Shambsadan forest. Anjana trips on her way. She looks at their Kuldevi temple and prays for her son and his friends’ safety. I will die in your temple today if anything happens to them. She gets up again and starts walking.

Sugriv decides to break all the ties with his brothers if he tries to harm Maruti in any way today.

The kids hear Vrikshasur laughing and are scared. Vali tells them not to pay heed to the voice. It is just the wind. Vali mentally scolds Vrikshasur for getting impatient. He might ruin my plan. The kids realise that it is Vrikshasur laughing out loud. Maruti’s life is in danger.

Martui walks towards the tree where the anga-vastra is hanging. Vrikshasur extends his branches. Nal runs inside the cave to help his friend. Neel asks Vali to save his friend. It wasn’t the wind but Vrikshasur. Vali shushes him. Neel is petrified. Vali leaves from there. Vrikshasur is eyeing Maruti. Nal pushes Maruti just in time and Vrikshasur picks him up in his branches. Vali is irked that Vrikshasur dint pick the Markat. Maruti thinks of how he had first become friends with Nal. Vrikshasur is holding Nal up in the sky. Maruti talks to Sakha. Let us have some fun now. Maruti jumps to the edge of the mountain. Sakha too nods happily to fight with Vrikshasur. Vrikshasur drops Nal. Sakha extends. The kids wonder if they are imagining things. Maruti’s tail can stretch to any extent! Sakha frees Nal from Vrikshasur. The kids cheer happily. Maruti keeps Nal to safe place. Vrikshasur isn’t pleased at all. A tribal guy notices Vali and the kids. Vrikshasur says you saved your friend but you are in my vicinity now.

Maruti turns to go while Vrikshasur extends his branch. Vrikshasur gets holds of Maruti’s shadow. The tribal guy is watching everything from a distance. Vali is certainly glad to see what’s happening. Maruti wonders why he cannot move further. He notices Vrikshasur.

Sugriv, Kesari, Anjana and everyone else is still on their way.

Maruti turns and Vrikshasur grabs hold of him. Vali smiles while the kids are worried for their friend. Maruti talks to Sakha. Vrikshasur looks hungry. Let us help him. He smiles. Maruti jumps while Sakha yet again extends and catches a stone. It throws the stone right in Vrikshasur’s open mouth. Maruti smiles. The tribal guy looks on in awe. Vali is taken aback. Vrikshasur isn’t happy with Maruti playing games with him. I will just teach you a good lesson. Kesari and Anjana hear some strange sounds.

The kids encourage Maruti to break Vali’s branches. Maruti breaks Vrikshasur’s branches with his Sakha’s help. He lands safely on the ground. Vrikshasur’s branches grow right back in no time. Maruti is surprised to observe this. Vrikshasur says you made a very big mistake by coming here on Amavasya. You wont be able to get away from my powers. Maruti smiles. Sakha envelops itself all around Vrikshasur. It jumps and reaches back atop Vrikshasur. Vrikshasur is angry. Leave me Vanar! Sugriv, Anjana and Kesari too reach there where Vali is standing with the kids. Maruti starts stomping over Vrikshasur. Anjana is crying. Please help my son God. Vrikshasur’s powers cannot help him anymore. Maruti extracts Vrikshasur out of the soil and starts beating him with Sakha. He throws Vrikshasur up in the sky. Maruti takes Vali to a safe place with Sakha’s help as Vrikshasur was just about to fall on him. Lord Vishnu’s shadow is seen behind Maruti. Vali looks on speechless.

Precap: Nal thanks Maruti for saving him on time. You dint even worry about yourself while saving me. Thank you very much. Everyone except Vali is finally happy that all the kids are safe and sound. Maruti notices his Ma. He calls out for her but then turns as he thinks of something.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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