Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with durdhubi saying thank you hanuman and because of you my son and husband have been freed too. Kaalmedh comes and neelmedh come and they say pranam to lord ram and laxman. Makardwaj comes. Before he comes, hanuman tells ram the story of his son and how he was born. Makardwaj comes and lays his gadha at rams feet and says pranam lord. Ram gives blessings and says I know about you makardwaj and hanuman told me. Makardwaj gets up and says I had to fight my own father and forgive me for that, lord ram says son you did your duty well and a man who does his duty is a true person. Ram says do your duty like this. Hanuman says yes son never step back from doing your duty to your master and now you will serve kaalmedh as he is the new successor of hell. Kaalmedh says

pranam and says makardwaj will be the commander of our army. Hanuman says now we have to go and if you ever need me makardwaj just remember me and I will come. Makardwaj says I will lead your way and show you out of hell. Hanuman gets big and takes lord ram and laxman on shoulders and goes behind makardwaj.
There ravana and mandodari are sad but ravana says I am not scared of anyone and I have many powers. Mandodari is crying and ravana goes from there to sita. Woman devil tells sita that mata lankesh has come. Sita covers herself and holds a leafe and looks at it. ravana remembers how at the start sita was sitting like this and she said that you will be the reason for lanka burning and all your people will die. Ravana sees everything is true. He suddenly says sita stop your rude words and I will not listen to it anymore. The woman devil thinks sita did not say anything and why did ravana scold? Sita says ravana my lord will now come for you and kill you. Ravana says keep quiet and I have powers from lord brahma and lord Shankar and I will use my divyashakti against that monkey and that cheap human ram. They wont be able to do anything to me as I am the only one in the entire universe who can defeat them. Sita says ravana remember, my lord walks on the path of righteousness and no one can do anything to the one who walks this path and my lord is coming for you and walk away now and save whatever you can as you are walking into fire yourself. Ravana says I will defeat him with my powers and he walks away and as he goes ravana hears sitas words that he will die.
There hanuman and makardwaj come out from hell and land on land. Hanuman says makardwaj I think you should go now and hell needs you. Makardwaj says pranam to lord ram laxman and hanuman. They bless makardwaj and hanuman says remember what I taught you son. Makardwaj says yes and goes. Hanuman tells ram that lets go now. Hanuman goes with ram and laxman on shoulders and they reach the battlefield. Everyone see hanuman and ram and laxman and say jai shree ram and they say finally you are safe lord. Hanuman tells ram that lord I think we should give ravana some time for his sorrow for the death of his son mahiravana. Ram says yes I agree hanuman and let him have some time. Vibhishan says lord I totally agree that ravana shall have time but he will plan something dangerous in the time we give him so we have to be prepared.
There ravana and advisor go and see mahiravanas funeral where his body is being burnt. Ravana says I impressed lord Shankar and lord brahma and even if that hanuman is lord shankars form and that ram lord Vishnu’s form they wont be able to defeat me as I will now pray to goddess taradevi. Advisor is shocked and says impressing taradevi is not easy king and her form is destructible and she is not so easy to pray for. Ravana says I am not scared of anyone and I will pray so faithfully that taradevi will be forced to come in her form and grant me protection and then ram wont be able to do anything. Lord Shankar is disappointed. Advisor says but maharaj no one has ever been able to impress taradevi and once a sage prayed to her and she came in her form and burnt him. Ravana says I am not scared of dying but I will impress taradevi and she will be forced to come in her form and grant me protection. Advisor says but there is a more easy way which your sister told you. Ravana remembers surpankha told him that ram said himself when he went to war that if he stepped back from war due to some powerful enemy then he will accept his defeat. Advisor says you can make ram step back. Ravana says I will do that and make ram step back but I will not step back from this Pooja. Ravana walks to the funeral and says I will impress mata Shakti and force her to come in her form of taradevi and grant me protection.

Precap: lord ram says this time I will fight alone and not with the army. Ravana is praying to taradevi and he puts white powder on him and dances and pray to taradevi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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