Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ram puts forward his point before Kaikayi. It is the duty of a prince to take care of his citizens. Kaikayi says they are servants. Ram believes in giving equal respect to everyone. Manthra thinks Kaikayi should get back on track. Ram will not differentiate between you and these servants otherwise! Kaikayi is impressed by Ram’s point. She compliments him and then asks the Daasi’s to sit down to have food. Don’t be scared now. The Daasi’s finally do so. Hanuman serves them laddoos.

The Pishachs are on their way to Sumeru. A pious herb is spread around which stops their way. How will we enter inside the bodies of the citizens of SUmeru now? We will have to do something fast!

Two citizens of Sumeru discuss about Anjana and Sumeru’s condition since Hanuman has

left. The Pishachs look at them. We might not be able to get inside their body but we can divert their minds to negativity! They cast some spell on them. They begin to counter argue and end up fighting. The Pishachs decide to do the same with every citizen of Sumeru. Their friendship and love will end then!

Guru Vashishtha wants the ashes of the yagya to be spread around the town. Maharaj orders his commander to fulfil this right away. The sooner we get free from the Pishachs, the better it will be! They have tried to attack twice. Commander leaves to do it. Hanuman too wants to help. Lakshman wants to prove it to his brother that he is better than Hanuman. All the kids greet Raja Dashrath and Guru Vashishtha. Lakshman says we also want to help us in this task. Raja Dashrath is glad that he himself showed an inclination towards it. The excitement doubles up when people from royal family take part in it. We anyways needed people as we have to do it in one day. Every kid picks up ashes. Hanuman thinks to do it asap so his Prabhu can be free. He requests the permission of Guru Vashishtha and Maharaj to fly high and spread the ashes around. no one will have to toil then. Guru Vashishtha likes the idea. It is good for the town to be free from Pishachs soon! But you are a guest. It will be wrong to make a guest do something. Hanuman reasons that it is selfishness to not help someone in problem. They allow him. Lakshman looks unhappy. Guru Vashishtha compliments his parents for giving him right upbringing. You can start right away. The Pishachs will have to come out of their hiding place? Maharaj asks him how will he do it one go. The quantity is huge. Hanuman assures him he will do it in less time. Maharaj allows him.

Hanuman stands next to the huge bowl of ashes and increases his size. Maharaj is surprised. I did not know Hanuman has so many powers. Hanuman picks up the bowl. Lakshman thinks of Hanuman to be arrogant. Hanuman flies up.

In Sumeru, people bicker and complain to one another over small matters. The Pishachs enjoy seeing them thus. They decide to attack on the royal palace and Anjana now. Hanuman will not waste another second in Ayodhya once he hears this news.

Hanuman flies around Ayodhya while holding the bowl of ashes in his hands. People look at him. Hanuman sprinkles the ashes over and around them. Hanuman notices animals at one place. Pishachs can hide inside them also. Animals cannot protect themselves. We only have to take care of them. He sprinkles ash on the animals too. He remembers the hiding place of the Pishachs. He sprinkles ashes there but finds no Pishach there. It leaves him confused. Where did they go all of a sudden?

A soldier tells Maharaj that all the ingredients are impure now as the Pishachs touched it. How will yagya happen now? Guru Vashishtha too gets tensed. Pishachs are increasing around Ayodhya.

Hanuman returns after spreading the ash around Ayodhya and returns to his original size. Shatrughana appreciates Hanuman for doing such a big task in such short time. Hanuman greets Maharaj and Guru Vashishtha. He updates everyone on the same. I did not see any Pishachs here. Everyone is tensed. Maharaj wonders where they all went to. Commander (Sumant) says maybe they left. Guru Vashishtha explains that Pishachs are stubborn. They don’t leave anyone so easily. Their fear will be there till Maha Pishach is alive! Maharaj reasons that the pious ash has been spread around town. Guru Vashishtha nods. But the ingredients are impure now. How will we get them so soon? The yagya might remain incomplete without them. Maharaj says only God can save us now! I will make some arrangements so no obstacle comes in the yagya. He leaves with Sumant ji. Hanuman wants the yagya to complete so Ram can become the King. What should I be doing?

Precap: Maharaj tells Hanuman that the Pishachs have created problems in Sumeru as well. Your mother is in problem. Hanuman is in a fix. Who to save – Ma or Prabhu!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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