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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Narad ji reminds Hanuman he doesn’t have much time left. You have to find your Guru soon. You will have to make him agree to accept you as his disciple. Hanuman agrees. I wont rest or halt anywhere till I succeed. Hanuman takes everyone’s blessings as he gets ready to go.

Maharishi Shringi is shown doing tapasya in a jungle. There is fire all around him. Hanuman flies away to look for Maharishi Shringi. Kesari and Anjana head back to their palace. Narad ji asks Matang Rishi why he looks so worried. Matang Rishi is worried thinking what if Maharishi Shringi too says no to him. Narad ji knows that there are 50-50 chances of it. He is one of the most knowledgeable and a great Guru. Matang Rishi speaks about Maharishi’s wife, Devi Shanta. She is the daughter of Raja

Dashrath. She chose to be the wife of a Rishi and gave up on all the worldly things. They talk about the yagya which was done in Ayodhya so Maharaj Dashrath gets blessed with sons. An eagle took the Prasad from one of the Rani’s hands and flew away. It was flying over Sumeru when the bowl dropped from her beak. That Prasad fell in Anjana’s hands. She got under its effect. Hanuman was born then. In a way, Hanuman is already blessed by Maharishi Shringi. These incidents will pave way for Hanuman and Shree Ram’s meeting in future. He may accept Hanuman as his disciple after realising the same.

Hanuman reaches the spot guided by Matang Rishi. He finds a hut nearby but cannot see anyone inside. He notices a lady sitting near a river and greets her. Is it Maharishi Shringi ji’s hut? I have to meet him asap. Devi Shanta can sense something pious about him. She looks at him curiously. Who is this kid? It feels as if I have some connection with him. He looks at the setting sun. What are you thinking? I am the son of Sumeru’s King. Please tell me fast where I can find Maharishi Shringi. She introduces herself. I am Maharishi Shringi’s wife, daughter of Maharaj Dashrath. She points at the jungle. Maharishi is doing his tapasya there. Hanuman flies away before she could tell him about Maharishi’s tapasya. She gets worried.

Ravan angrily scolds his Asuras as they failed to get any info about Narayan’s Nar Avatar. I want info about him at any cost. Narayan has taken avatar to save the world from me. He can be anywhere. Spread around and create problems for people. Be so merciless and cruel that the world is filled with fear. Kidnap kids. Kill whoever tries to block your way. Gather all the kids in a jungle. I will personally kill that Narayan’s Nar Avatar there. I will see how his powers succeed then. The Asuras leave to fulfil his command.

Devi Shanta knows Rishivar is in deep tapasya. Hanuman left before I could tell him anything. Hope nothing goes wrong with him. Maharishi Shringi is doing tapasya. Devi Shanta is worried thinking Maharishi might curse Hanuman for disturbing his tapasya. Devi Shanta decides to do something before it is too late. Hanuman falls down suddenly. He notices the fire that is spread in the jungle. Is someone there? Devi Shanta is on her way. I have to do something. I have to reach Swami asap. Hanuman flies up once again to see where all the fire is spread. This fire can hurt the animals and trees around. Hanuman thinks to douse the fire. It can also hurt Maharishi. I have to stop is from spreading. Devi Shanta runs to reach that spot. She looks at the huge fire in shock. Hanuman tries to jump inside but the blazes don’t let him. Devi Shanta knows it isn’t easy to cross these blazes. They are there because of Rishivar’s aura.

Precap: Hanuman decides to blow out the fire. Devi Shanta is shocked to see him doing the same. Maharishi Shringi opens his eyes. He looks pointedly at Hanuman.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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