Helllllllllllllooooooooooooooo guys ……… so are you people happy seeing me back again…….
Guys this is an os on sibling bond. This story is not fully my idea as it is inspired from a story I read long ago…………..

Before that guys I have written this poem on SISTER so please do tell me if you people like it or not………
If all the relations in this world are kept aside there is one special person in whose heart I surely reside
She sometimes becomes my friend and sometimes my mother this bond is as close to my heart as no other
Can anyone tell her that how much I love her?
I just want to tell her one single thing……………………….. that there is no better friend than a sister and there is no better sister than YOU

Guysssssssssssssssssssssss this poem is dedicated to alllllllllllll the dear sisters in this world. The bond of siblings is the beeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssstest in the world. You people agree with me right? So now enough of my emotional talks and let us began with the story………..

Most people have an inspiration in their life. Sometimes it’s the person you adore and love and sometimes it is just a simple talk with someone…

Whatever the inspiration, it tends to make you look at life with a different perspective.
My inspiration came from my sister ANJALI. Anjali Maheshwari, she was not a fashion diva, nor a famous politician or something else. She was a simple, sweet person. What I adore in her was her care and love for people. Her ability to make people smile even when she is not happy. Her way of living and her simple thoughts were all I adored her about.
The summer before my college, I received a phone call that anji was rushed to the hospital. She had collapsed and the right side of her body was paralysed. The preliminary indications were that she had suffered from a stroke. However, test results confirmed that it was much more serious. There was a malignant tumor in her brain causing paralysis. The doctor didn’t give her more than 3 months to live. I remember wondering how could this happen? The day before she was perfectly fine and now she was dieing at such a young age.

After overcoming the shock and the feeling of emptiness that had began to form in me that all anji needed was HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT. She needed someone to make her believe that she could overcome this obstacle. I became her coach. Everyday we would visualize the tumor shrinking and everything we talked about was positive. I was determined to help anji inbeating the tumor. She and I made a deal of 50-50. I would do 50% of the fighting for her and she would do the other 50%.

Then there was a time when I had to stay 1000s of kilometres away from anji because my junior college had started. I was unsure of leaving her and going and I made a mistake by talking to her about it and she became very angry with it and told me to go and that she would be fine here. I realized that me not going to the college will sent her a message that she is dying and I didn’t want her to believe in that.
Leaving that night for the college knowing that this would be the last time I see her alive was the toughest thing I have ever done in my life. While at college I never stopped fighting my 50% for her. Every night before falling asleep I would talk to her hoping that she could listen me in any way. I would say,” anji I am fighting 50% for you and I will never quit until you quit it, together we can do anything and we will surely defeat this tumor.”
A few months had passed and she was still holding on. I was talking to an elderly friend of mine and she asked about anji to which I told:

Me : her condition is getting worse but she is still holding on.
My friend : do you think she hasn’t let go because she doesn’t want to let you down?
Her question really made me think about it.
Maybe she was right? Maybe I was selfish for encouraging to keep anji fighting? That night before going to sleep I talked to her,” anju I understand that you are in a lot of pain and that you might like to let go. If you do than I want you to. We didn’t lose because you never quit fighting. If you want to go to a better place than I understand. We will surely meet again. I love you and I”ll always be with wherever you are.”
The next day my mom called me and told me that anju had passed away.

So here it ends I am sorry because there were no pairs in this story. And if you all are willing to read such stories without any pairs and with lessons and inspiration of life then do tell me I will surely write more..
If ragini fans are interested to read the stories than I will keep the female lead anonymous othersise the lead will be swara…
Please do tell me if you are willing to read it or not……….. I will be eagerly waiting for all your views. Meet you next time till than bubbye………………………………………..

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  1. nice…no need of pairs for every story

  2. Amul


  3. Phoniex

    god, it’s so so so heart touching dear. loved it so much. not always we need lovey dovey pair and sweet romance to make a story wonderful.

  4. Sus

    its really nyc

  5. it is too good…no need of pair…

  6. Anjali30

    I really loved it… All the more so, Because the name was Anjali… (i’m very self obsessed 😛 )

    But an amazingggggg story <3 <3
    Would def love to read more.. And make them longer if u can

  7. Arshaanya

    It was amazing…
    Yup every tym pair is not needed…
    Bt i cant read more stories on anonymus chrctrz…
    Sometymz inspirational stories r gud bt as m swasan fan…i prefer to read on dem bt ocassionaly i can read 1-2 os lyk dis…

  8. Scooby

    Awesome… Yup u cn post all the creations u feel..

  9. nice…i would love to read this story..

  10. Seebu_s

    loved this concept…go with ur story…no need of pair acc. to me

  11. Manasvi

    You brought tears in my eyes..
    The bond we share with our siblings is the most special bond, either With bro or sis..
    The most special bond in the world..
    I loved it..
    I would love reading more stories like this..?

  12. Simi

    Nice concept.. ??

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