Sanjana the teenager (Part 2)

Sanjana is in her room.Sanju-‘oh god…… i had signed my test paper!…ma did not know about ,god plz dont trap me’.Sanju looks her paper suddenly house bell rings,sanju keeps her paper in a file n go to open the door.It was her papa.’hai papa……kaise thi aaj ki dhin?’asks sanju.’horrible beta!…..aaj ajeeb log aya tha!’says papa in a tired way.’wat happened?’asks sanju.’Today one man came n said his dog is making another sound like bow bow…..n i said dog makes bow bow sound itself…n he said no hedoes not make any sound…n i said then woh apka problem hai dog ka nahi….’says papa in a weird face expression.sanju smiled,suddenly sanju remembered about the paper n check her room but sh relaxed becoz there wa her file on the table.When she opened it she shocks….there is no paper inside!.She go outside the room that time she sees her brother sanjay.’Bhaiyya kya apn koi paper dekha?’asks sanju in nervous.’huh konsa paper?…’says sanjay.’That paper wa in the file but wen i opened it ther i no paper inside’says sanju.’oh woh paper….woh maine ma ko diya’says sanjay.’kya!….kyonnn?’shouts sanju.’Coz ma said to give her a paper so i gave that……any problem?’says sanjay.’BIG PROBLEM…’says sanju n ran towards ma.Ma was busy cooking.Sanju changed her nervous face to cool face.’Ma….wat r u doing?….’says sanju.’kya sanju….kya chahiye tumhe?…’asks ma.Sanju-‘woh actually ma….we hav to save our tree right!…..wen weseed a plant…it becomes tree from that we get paper….’.’Point may aao sanju..’ma turns n asks her.’Sanjay has given a paper to u….so i need that paper’say sanju speedly.’why u need that?’asks ma in a confused way .’To save our tree!’sanju smiles.’You tak another paper….i hav written address in that so i cant’says ma.’But ma..did u see anything else’asks sanju.’What?..’says ma.’Nothing…’says sanju n goes from there

Sanjay’s bedroom:
Sanju says whole story to him.Sanjay nods his head n says’sanju why did u score low marks?asks sanjay.’ahem…’says sanju n show his test paper which has 0 mark.Sanjay sees that n says wat u want?.Sanju says ‘i hav to take that paper any how before ma sees…..otherwise i m gone!’says sanju.Sanjay thinks n say i hav a plan.Sanju rushes to him and says what plan?.Plan 1- say everything to ur mother.’Wow wat a plan bhaiyya!….i dont know u r this much intelligent’says sanju.’oh dont appreciate this much?says sanju victourly.’worst ndxt plan’says sanju.Sanjays smile fadesPlan 2-take that paper as a thief.Sanju thinks this is onlya way.

At night:
Everyone sleeps but sanju nsanjay does not.Sanju n sanjay was standing outside ma n papas room silently.Sanju says signal me if anyone wakes up.Sanju says wat signal?.’A whistle ‘says sanju silently n moves to the room.Sanjay thinks that he dont know to whistle.He calls her.Sanjuwas busy opening the cupboard ….suddenly by hearing the voice ma wakes up.Sanju runs from there.Ma gets up n look around.She get back to sleep.Sanju asks’why did u call me?’.’coz i dont know to whistle’sayssanjay.’oh god make anh sound ok’says sanju n moves inside.Sanju opens the cupboard n starts to search.That time….’NAHI…..’screams papa n wakes up ma.Sanju run from there.Ma get up n see papa wa sleeping she sees the cupboar open n locks it.Sanju sees that n says to herself ‘now sir will not leave me alone.’…

So guys how it is till here?….

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