Sanjana the teenager (Part 1)


Sanjana enters the dining room.Sanju-‘gud morning papa…..gud morning ma…..’.She sees her sister divya and thinks worst morning.Divya -‘haan?…… no gud morning for me?…’.Sanju smiles and says-‘oh how cud i forget to say to my princess…gud morning divu’.Sanju thinks ahh wat a day!…..’i know wat u r thinking’-says divu smiling in a naughty way.’oh really…’says sanju.They both starts arrgue.’ tum dono band karo abh…..morning me hi shuru kiya!..’says ma annoyingly.’Ma isne shuru kiya tha!!…’says sanju angrily.’Please stop now n eat ur food’ says papa.That time ma says-‘sanju, do u hav any test today?’.Sanju says-‘no ma…..that horror is not today…..and dont scare me lik this..’.Mom says -‘oh god dont say like this …..i thought you have test today’.Divu-‘agar test hua toh kya…hamara sanju di kam marks he milega!’.Sanju fumes n says ‘Youuuu….’.She runs back of divu.’Ma mujhe bachaloooo……’screams divu.They run around the table.Ma stops them n says-‘You two stop it n go to ur school….divu!….i know my sanju will never get low mark!’.Ma winks to sanju n smiles.

Sanju enters the classroom that time she sees her friends who is busy studying.’Hai guys!….kya kar rahe hoon?..’asks sanju.Riya n fiza look at each other .Riya-‘dont u see the book in our hand?’.’Yah…..i saw that but why suddenly?’asks sanju in confused way.Fiza says ‘ i think our sanju has forgot about maths test!’.Sanju says ‘maths test is on thursday guys’.Riya n fiza laughs n says ‘Today is maths test….did u forgot?….sir came yesterdy n said it’.Sanju shocks and thinks it…..Sir enters the room …’toh bacho yeh maths test kal hoga’…sanju was busy daydreaming.Sanju remembers it.’Oh trouble wrouble yaar!….meine kuch nahi pada yaar..’says sanju sadly.Riya says’easy peasy yaar….dont worry’.’Riya!….u r sitting near me plz help na’.asks sanju.Riya-‘i didnt study much but i will show u’.’Oh thanks riya!’says samju happily.Sir enters the classroom.He is bald person with angry face.He asks-‘Students are u ready for the test?’.’Yes sir!’says everyone.Sir distributes the question paper.Sanju looks her paper worriedly and asks riya to say this question.Riya looks puzzeled and says’ hey i think i dont hav that question ‘.’What?’sayssanju.Sanju looks her question paper and understands the it is different question paper.’Excus me sir is everyones question paper is different?’asks sanju.’YES… u hav any problem?’says sir angrily.’No problem sir’says sanju with a fake smile.She looks her paper n prays to god n starts to write.Bell rings everyone stops writing.Sanju realised she will not get nice mark.

Lunch time:
Riya-‘it was very difficult yaar’.’really?….but it was ok for me…wat about u sanju?’says fiza.Sanju lean down and gets up n says’Fantastic!’.’Rea’lly’asks riya n fiza.’yah…..i will be fantastic when my mom realise my great marks…..i will get low marks ‘says sanju.’dont worry everything will be fine..’says riya.

Sanju get her mark….low marks.’hey i got 26/30…’says fiza.’hmmm ‘says sanju.’i got 24/30’says riya.’hmmm’again sanju.’how mauch sanju?…’asks both sadly.’15/30……i m killed’says sanju looking down.’ But iwill not show this to mother…problem solved’says sanju happily.That time sir says to get the signature of ur parents n show tommorow.Riya n fiza look sanju.Sanju witha weird smile says’ iwill put the sign thats all’.
This episodes ending will be in next part….

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