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Sanjana the teenager (Intro)



It is the story about the teenage girl sanjana mehta and her family.In this lead role is played by sanjana(sanju),who has a beautiful voice and likes to become a famous singer.She likes shopping,travelling….she always helps others but end up in disastour way.But she is cute and confident girl ( which is said by herself…ahem).Ok now lets introduce her family-Amar mehta….sanju’s father.He is an veterian(animal) doctor and he is a sweet papa n also a sweet husband…..but has only one problem,he likes to sing but others dont like to hear ( i think you understood).Vani mehta-sanju’s mom….she is very friendly mom and a nice wife(but sometimes become horrible due to the suitation).Sanjay mehta-sanjus brother….he likes to become a wild photographer….n likes go for an adventourous trip(which he did not go)….and he is fun and lovely….he used to help sanju in problem but he makes that problem double.Divya mehta-Sanjus younger sister….likes to become fashion designer….n also loves to disturb sanju…..n also to spoil the things 😉 .

Now sanju’s best frnds -Riya and fiza (you will understand them later)…….so guyz this is a comedy family serial…..i hope u will like it …..are you all excited about this?!………

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  1. yaaa I am excited dea…Please update soon…I am waiting…its just awesome….take care

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