Hii everyone!! I’m RICHA.. I’m new here.. I hv read many ffs here so thought ? to write one… Actually after Sanskaar’s entry I thought the pairs will be ragsan n swalak but you know what happened……. So as I’m a die hard fan of ragsan that’s why I’m writing a ff on them how their friendship change into beautiful relation called love…….. This is my first time so pls support me n ignore my mistakes….

So here goes the story……
The scene is when swaragini are going to temple on the day of swalak’s marriage.

They are praying. Pandit ji ask swara to do the pooja at the Riverside, so she went there. Ragini sits on the temple stairs n thinking deeply of what all happened in the past few days.

Ragini’s pov:
What has happened to me? Why I’m behaving like this? Just for laksh who doesn’t give a damn about how I feel n wht all I’m going through?? Main kya thi aur abb kya ban gayi hun?? I hv done so much bad things but couldn’t break their marriage that means they are made for each other. I hv no right to do all these things.. Swara who trusts me more than anything.. I tried to prove her bad in front of others y??? Just for laksh…… No I can’t do all this…. Now its enough… N jahan tak baat sanskaar ji ki hai i’ll talk to him. I don’t know what’s the reason behind his hatred but I’ll stop him somehow but I’ll not snatch my sister’s happiness… After their marriage i’ll tell everyone the truth that I was behind every wrong happenings..

Her thoughts were disturbed by swara.

Swara: ragini ragini!! where are you lost yrr??
Ragini: umm nothing swara.. Chalo let’s go… We are getting late..
Swara: yeah come..
N they leave for badi….

Scene shifts to MM..
There everyone is busy in preparations.
( ok let me tell you guys the reason for which sanskaar has came to take revenge is different, you’ll get to know later)
Sanskaar is acting like mad n moving here and there. He comes near dp’s room and hears dp n ap talking and gets shocked.

In sanskaar’s room :
He’s moving here n there.

Sanskaar’s pov:
O god! What I was going to do? I misunderstood bade papa.. But he should have told me earlier but no yahan toh sabko mahan banne ki aadat hai…. Huh…. But first I hv to stop ragini..

As soon as he’s going to call her his phone ? rings.
Sanskaar: ragini mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai… Pls meri baat dhyan se sunna…
Ragini: sanskaar ji hume bhi aapse baat karni hai..
Sanskaar n ragini together: plan cancel!!
Both are shocked.
Sanskaar: ragini.. Kya sach mein tum abb kuch nhi karogi na??
Ragini: nhi sanskaar ji hume samajh mein aa gaya hai ki hum jo bhi kar rahe the galat tha….. But aapko kya hua??
Sanskaar: voh sab main tumhe baad mein bataunga.. Chalo abhi main rakhta hun mom aa rahi hai.. Bye m thank you!
Ragini: ji sanskaar ji aapko thank you bolne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai.. Hum badi mein milte hain…
( here sujata don’t know about ragsans planning… No DAYAN drama happened in my ff so swara also don’t know abt sanskaar)

Now the maheshwari”s arrive at badi.
All the rituals happened successfully n now its time for bidaai.

Everyone are crying.

Shekhar to laksh: beta the love which she carved for n I couldn’t give hope you’ll give to her…
Swara hugs him.
Laksh:. Baba you don’t worry I’ll give her all the happiness of the world.
Next they move to shomi
Shomi: beta always keep her happy.. ( to ap and dp) if she do any mistake then pls forgive her..
Dp: don’t worry we’ll always treat her as our daughter.
Ap smiles.
Then dada and dadi also gives her blessings. ( dida is in coma)
After that swara hugs everyone n they leave for mm.

Sanskaar: ragini are you sure that you’ll tell the truth… I mean do you know the consequences??
Ragini: yes.. Sanskaar ji I know but I hv to do this… I can’t keep everyone in darkness and ap aunty now also think that swara takes drugs.. I don’t want any complications in swara’s married life.
And don’t worry I’ll not tell your name in front of everyone as you have got your family after 5 yrs.. You tell me will you be with me??
Sanskaar: ragini I’m always with you!! n pls don’t take all blame on your self.. Pls.
Ragini: don’t worry sanskaar… I know my family. They will be little angry but later they’ll forgive me. ….. Now lets go.

They all reach mm. Greh pravesh rituals are going on n ragsan are holding their hands. They are tensed and praying for somewhat cool reactions from the family members.
Now all are sitting and chit chatting.

Dadaji: now I think we should leave.
Dp: ji swalak will come for pagphera tomorrow..
Dadi: thik hai swara apna khayal rakhna…
Shekhar n shomi blesses them n are abt to leave…..

Ragini: before we go I want to say something to all of you….
Shomi: kya hua ragu??
Shekhar: sab thik hai na beta?? Kya baat hai bolo…

Every one look at her with curios faces and she’s tensed.
Screen freezes on tensed face of ragsan……
Precap: truth is out..

So guys here is the first episode so tell me how was it…… From your valuable comments….
With Love

Credit to: Richa

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