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Recap: sanskaar’s surprise and ragsan’s nok jhok!!

Now chapter 9…

The sun has rose, the birds are chirping, flowers ? have blossomed but our friend birds are still sleeping ? as it is Sunday!!!
But someone has to get up, so our cute angel ? ragini woke up and got freshen up!!

Sanskaar’s room:

He’s still sleeping, one hand hanging on bed other one under the pillow and one leg inside the blanket other one outside.

Ragini: omg!!! How he’s sleeping like a child!!! Who’ll say that he’s ceo of a big company!!!
She lets out a laugh.

Ragini: sansku Common get up!!!!
Sanskaar: ummmm sone do na yrrr. … Vaise bhi raat ko bhaga bhaga ke thaka diya tha…. Sone do abb.
Ragini: ok.. Let me massage ur legs…..
She starts massaging.
Sanskaar: Vaise I don’t want u to do this… But….
Ragini: its ok sansku… First I used to dadi’s massage now i’ll do urs….
Sanskaar gets up.
Sanskaar: ginu ho gaya… ( to divert her mind) yeh lo. .. Kar lo baat.. . I didn’t knew that tom cries also??,,
Ragini: tom?? Who’s tom now??? ( wiping her tears)
Sanskaar: u ginu…. U r tom…. U forgot every night u run after me like tom like you’ll eat me…… And I hv to run like Jerry to save my life from u……
He laughs

Ragini is happy seeing him laughing.

Ragini: bahut maza aata hai na meri Taang khichne mein?????? Haan??
Sanskaar: u r so smart yrr ginu…. I must say!!!
Ragini: sanskuuuuuuu
Sanskaar: ginuuuuuuuu
Sanskaar laughs.
Ragini: I’m not talking to u…..

Sanskaar tries to stop her but she goes.

Sanskaar: beta sanskaar… Tu fir gaya… Lord Krishna pls.. Now u can only help me….. How did u managed with soooo many girls. . I can’t even handle one…. Oh god..

He goes to take bath and comes out wearing towel on his waist.

He checks his cupboard but find empty..

Sanskaar: oye mere saare kapde kahan gaye??? ( where are my clothes)

He shouts.
Sanskaar: ginuuuuuuuu where are my clothes?????
No response.
Sanskaar: ragini….. R u there??
No response.

He comes down wearing towel only and some water ? droplets falling on his bare body from his wet hair.

He sees ragini sitting comfortably on sofa and reading magazine. Her back is facing him.

Sanskaar comes in front of ragini and is very angry.

Sanskaar: ragini..

Ragini looks up and is awestruck to see him.

Ragini’s pov.

O teri…… Is this the same sanskaar who always wear those boring formal clothes…. He’s looking soooo damn cute. Hot and ……… And wht ragini??? Wht r u thinking ??? R u mad or wht?? If he comes to know wht I was thinking abt him then??? Hawww….. He’ll think that I’m not a good girl…. Then wht will happen to me…… I know he’s………..

Sanskaar: looking hot and s*xy… Right???

Ragini opens her eyes wide open.. And then looks here and there.

Sanskaar smiles seeing her reaction.
Sanskaar: ginu I’m asking something??
Ragini: huh…. Umm…. Wht… Wht were u asking…..???

She stammers and avoids eye contact.
Sanskaar smirks.

Sanskaar: I’m looking hot and. . …
Ragini: and wht. Haan,??? Chalo let me go I hv so many work. .. ..

She tries to leave but sanskaar holds her.

Sanskaar ; kidhar chali???
Ragini: sansku pls let me go naa……
Sanskaar: ok… First tell me wht were u thinking??
Ragini: thinking??? When????
She acts innocently.
Sanskaar: o really.. U don’t know??
He brings her closer to him and puts her hand on her back. He twist her hand a bit.
Ragini: ouch…. Sanskaar its paining…….
Sanskaar: So tell me na. ..
Ragini: ok… I’ll tell first leave me…
He leaves her.
Ragini: ragini voh I was thinking that….
Sanskaar ; that..
Ragini: that a white monkey is drenched in rain and is all wet……
Sanskaar: ooo thank….. One sec…. Raginiiiiiii…
Ragini laughs and runs. . He too runs behind her… . He forgot that he was just in towel.

While running his towel got opened. He immediately picked it and ragini turned to other side and closed her eyes tightly.

Sanskaar: ginu…… U didn’t saw anything na.???
Ragini: iishh….. Sansku.. Wht r u talking…. Don’t worry.. I didn’t saw anything…
Sanskaar: haaash. .. But where are my clothes yrr??
Ragini: voh… I was angry on u na… So I just gave all your clothes to poor people…
She said innocently.
Sanskaar: ginu are u serious????? Like u literally gave all my clothes to poor???
Ragini: yeah. . . R u now angry on me???
She makes a very cute pout face.
Sanskaar melts.
Sanskaar: who can b angry on u my dear??? But now wht will I wear??

His phone rings and ge goes to his room to get his phone.
He comes down after attending the call.

Ragini: kiska phn tha??
Sanskaar: kaisi baatein kar rahi ho ginu?? Its my phn only.
She gives hum an angry glare.
Sanskaar: ok fine baba… Actually I hv a meeting in office.. After orphanage we hv to go to my office. Then we’ll go for shopping.. Okay??
Ragini ( shrugged) ; okay ?!!
Sanskaar: wht okay???? Wht will I wear yrr??
Ragini: wait.
She goes and comes back with a packet.
Ragini: here.. Wear this….
Sanskaar opens the packet and finds a faded blue jeans ? with red shirt ?…

Sanskaar: ginu… I’m not gonna wear this….. U know na I don’t wear these types of clothes. .. .. Kya yrr…..
He puts the clothes on the sofa.
Ragini: I brought it with so much love and u……. Papa ( rp) told me that earlier u used to wear these clothes only…. Then y not now…. These are so cool…
Sanskaar: ragini… Time has changed yrr…. N if I wear this to orphanage there is no problem.. But I can’t wear this in meeting…..
Ragini: look sansku… We are already getting late…. aunty ji ( head of orphanage) has already called 2 times.. Now its upto u….

Sanskaar: arre yrrrr. … .
Left with no other choice he wear those clothes and comes down.

Ragini starts laughing looking at him.

Sanskaar: ginu y r u laughing?? See that’s y now I don’t wear these clothes….
Ragini ( controlling her laugh): sansku.. Problem is not in clothes it’s in ur mind……
She again laughs.
Sanskaar: ginu wht r u saying?? Say clearly.
Ragini: sanskaar…. U are wearing jeans and shirt and with that u hv worn black leather formal shoes… Does this make any sense!?? Common yrr… At least wear sports shoes or something like that….
Sanskaar: Yrr ginu….. Sports shoes are kept in store room and I don’t hv any interest nor do I have time…..
Ragini: sanskaar.. Just wait for a moment.. Main yun gayi aur yun aayi……

She runs from their before he could reply and after so much difficulties she found his shoes cleaned it and brought it for him.

Ragini: take this…. Now wear it fast i’ll just. Come…

Sanskaar: now where r u going??
Ragini: wait na.

Ragini comes with his guitar ?.

Sanskaar: ginu y u brought this??
Ragini: I thought that we’ll take a good cover for it… Look so much dust is there… ( she said while cleaning it)
Sanskaar: fine come…….

They both leave for the orphanage.

At orphanage.

Sanskaar: hi maa…
Head: hello beta.
Ragini: namaste aunty ji.
Head: namaste…
She blesses both of them.

Sanskaar: wht happened maa….?? U r looking tensed…
Head: beta as u know today these children are going for a skit competition.. They are so nervous and are also afraid….
Sanskaar: o toh yeh baat hai…
Ragini: sansku listen… I hv an idea….

She tells them her idea…

Later ragini and head go to meet children with chocolates and flowers.

Ragini: hello bacha party!!!!
No response….
Ragini: ok… So one wants chocolates today??
A boy ?: ginu dii today is our skit and we are really nervous….
Ragini: don’t worry everything will be fine… Take the name of the gracious god and everything will move smoothly… Come lets pray.

All join their hands and close their eyes. Ragini sings an arti. ( itni shakti hume dena data )
Sanskaar is mesmerised to hear her voice.
They finish the aarti.

Sanskaar ( sits on a chair with his guitar ?) : Aashaayen …
Aashaayen …
Kutch Paane Ki Ho Aas Aas
Kutch Armaan Ho Jo Khaas Khaas
Aashaayen …
Har Koshish Mein Ho Waar Waar
Kare Dariyao Ko Aar Paar
Aashaayen …

( all children come and stands in circle encircling sanskaar. Ragini is looking at him with so much love and affection)

Toofano Ko Chir Ke
Manzilo Ko Chin Le
Aashaayen Khile Dil Ki
Ummeedein Hase Dil Ki
Ab Mushkil Nahi Kutch Bhi
Nahi Kutch Bhi
Aashaayen Khile Dil Ki
Ummeedein Hase Dil Ki
Ab Mushkil Nahi Kutch Bhi
Nahi Kutch Bhi

O Ho O…

( he looks at ragini.)

Udd Jaaye Leke Khushi
Apne Sand Tujhko Waha
Jannat Se Mulawat Ho
Puri Ho Teri Har Dua
Aashaayen Khile Dil Ki
Ummeedein Hase Dil Ki
Ab Mushkil Nahi Kutch Bhi
Nahi Kutch Bhi
Aashaayen Khile Dil Ki
Ummeedein Hase Dil Ki
Ab Mushkil Nahi Kutch Bhi
Nahi Kutch Bhi

( ragini is very happy)

Aashaayen …
Gujre Aaisi Har Raat Raat
Ho Khwaahisho Se Baat Baat
Aashaayen …
Lekar Suraj Se Aag Aag
Gaaye Ja Apne Raag Raag
Aashaayen …
Kutch Aaisa Karke Dikha
Khud Khush Ho Jaaye Khuda
Aashaayen Khile Dil Ki
Ummeedein Hase Dil Ki
Ab Mushkil Nahi Kutch Bhi
Nahi Kutch Bhi
Aashaayen Khile Dil Ki
Ummeedein Hase Dil Ki
Ab Mushkil Nahi Kutch Bhi
Nahi Kutch Bhi.

Everyone claps for sanskaar.

Sanskaar: So now everyone is confident??
All: yes sanskaar bhaiya!!!

Everyone hugs him and smiles.
Sanskaar thanks ragini through eyes for this idea. Ragini smiles.

Ragini: So now here is good luck chocolates and flowers from us…
She gives each to everyone.

A girl: didi you’ll not come with us..???
Sanskaar ( he picks her up) : voh kya hai na chutki!! We hv to go to office, so we’ll not be able to come… But don’t worry I hv told ma to record ur play then we’ll see it……..
A boy: promise??
Sanskaar: pakka promise….
Chutki: n if we don’t win then????
Sanskaar: how will u not win?? Yeh jo aapki ginu dii hai na… She’s a good luck charm for every one.. So u hv got her blessings then you’ll surely win…

Ragini looks at him with teary eyes.

Sanskaar sees her.

Sanskaar ; okay Chalo u t getting late… We’ll also leave…. All the best…. Bye…

Ragsan hugs and kisses everyone and bid them bye.

In car.

Ragini: sansku y u told that I am a lucky charm for every one??? I’m a bad luck for everyone… Mujhe itna upar matt uthao sanskaar ki neeche utarna mushkil ho jaye………

She cries.

Sanskaar: ginu… U r bad luck for whom haan?? For those silly people who don’t even care abt u… Its been a week but did anyone of them tried to contact u…. To know whether u r alive or _______

He also breaks down.

Sanskaar: ragini.. You’ll get to know y I called u a lucky charm…….
Ragini looks at him.

They reach office and composes them selves.

Sanskaar: ginu u wait in my cabin n if u want anything then tell someone.. My meeting will be over in half an hour…. Be comfortable.. Okay???
Ragini: yeah!! All the best!! ? ?
Sanskaar: thank you ginu…
He kissed on her forehead and left.

Ragsan’s pov :

Wht did I / he kissed her / me??

Somewhere they were happy but didn’t realised

After half an hour, Sanskaar came in his cabin…

Ragini: how was ur meeting?? Everything fine na??
Sanskaar: yeah… We got the contract……. Didn’t I said that you are a lucky charm…. …. ( ragini gave a confused look) I wanted this contract from last 1 year and we all were trying very hard. … But since u came everything went smoothly.. They themselves contacted us and now we have the contract….
Ragini: that’s really good sansku…But it was all your hard work and dedication that brought u here. ….. Not me……
Sanskaar: offo ragini… Tum bhi na….
Ragini: well I’m soo happy for you… Congrats….
They shake hands and then hug.

Sanskaar: thank you ginu!!! And not only this… u know mr. Verma our neighbour.. He has also signed a contract with us……. But….

He looks somewhat tensed.

Ragini: sansku wht happened??? Y r u tensed??
Sanskaar: ginu I don’t know how to say??
Ragini: common just say it.
She keeps her hand on his arm.
Sanskaar takes a deep breath.
Sanskaar: actually ginu… You know when u first time came here 1 week ago at night….
Ragini: hmmm…
Sanskaar: and I was wearing sherwani and u were wearing lehnga….
Ragini: yeah so wht…. We were coming from swalak’s wedding na…….
Sanskaar: yeah…. But mr. Verma thought that we both are married…. And he has thrown a success party at his house and invited us and told most of the ppl that we both are married… ..
Ragini( shocked) : wht the……………
She keeps her hand on her mouth.
Ragini: Then y didn’t u told him the truth…
Sanskaar:. Ginu… I was going to tell but…….
Ragini: but wht yrr??
Sanskaar: but I remembered your dadi’s words that ppl will raise their fingers on u that’s y I didn’t said anything……… He hate lies and I wanted to tell this to u before saying him anything…… He consider us as husband wife…. Moreover he has many times seen us together going out…….
Ragini: o fish….. Now wht???
Sanskaar: ginu its ok…. U can tell me till morning ur decision….. Mr Verma had another meeting so he left…… U can decide and tell me……….. Chalo now lets go for shopping………..

Ragini looks at him and then moves after him.

At shopping mall.

Both are feeling little awkward but still managed to buy the things they have come for.

Later they had dinner and went home.

Sleep was nowhere to be seen in their eyes.

Episode ends with confused faces of ragsan.

Precap: ragsan’s pov and Ragini’s decision… .

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