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Recap: movie night.

Now chapter 8…

Sanskaar gets up n gets freshen up then goes to kitchen to make tea for ragini and coffee ☕ for himself.

Later he came up and started waking ragini.

Sanskaar: good morning ginu… get up… Its already 7 and I hv to leave for office… Common get up…

He takes off her blanket.
Ragini: yrrr let me sleep na….. yesterday also we slept late…… Pls let me sleep…
She again puts her blanket.

Sanskaar: ok fine…. Here is the tea i’ll come after changing.

Ragini: hmmm ok….
She sleeps. Sanskaar goes to washroom and comes out after changing and sees ragini is still sleeping.

Sanskaar: ginu.. How’s ur leg?? Do u want to go to doc??
Ragini: ummm…. Nah I’m ok…
She gets up n tries to walk but wince in pain…
Ragini: ouch…
Sanskaar holds her.
Sanskaar: ginu u r not fine come lets go to doc.
Ragini: no sansku. I’ll be fine… Just take me downstairs…
Sanskaar: r u sure???

He asked concerned.
Ragini: yeah I’m sure baba… Now take me….
Sanskaar lifts her n takes her downstairs in her room.
Sanskaar: i’ll cancel all the meetings today…. U stay here i’ll just come….
Ragini Holds his hand.
Ragini: sanskaar already u r doing so much for me… U go i’ll be fine…. Its just little pain…. It will heal… N I promise if i’ll need ur help i’ll surely call u….. But pls dont miss ur office…. Vaise bhi u were not here for a month… So pls go….
She smiles.
Sanskaar taps her cheeks.
Sanskaar: ok… But call me if u need anything…. Okay??
Ragini nods.
Sanskaar: here is ur tea… And i’ll send ur food here only so need to cook….
Ragini: okk…. Now don’t act like my mom… ( she gets sad but composes her for sanskaar.) pls take me to living room so that I can watch tv…..
She makes a cute face.
Sanskaar: yes boss!!
He picks her n keeps her on sofa…
Sanskaar: okay… anything else??
Ragini: no.. Thank u n sorry!!
Sanskaar: again thank you and sorry!! Chalo I understood y u said thank you but y sorry??
He sits beside her.
Ragini: because…. U hv to carry me so many times…… I’m becoming a burden on u…..
She keeps a sad face.
Sanskaar: are u mad ginu?? How can u be burden on me??? Never say like this again ok??? no need to say sorry for that….
Ragini nods a little.
Sanskaar: yeah for picking u, u can say sorry because now my back is aching…… But u r not a burden okay???
He keeps his hand on his back and makes a painful face.
Ragini: haan… Sorry….. Wait wht???? Sanskaar laughs……
Ragini: how dare u??
Sanskaar runs from there.
Ragini: oye ruk…. Once I get fine then u see…..
Sanskaar: ok… Tab ki tab dekhenge…. Bye….
Ragini: yeah we’ll see…. Bye take care…
They wave each other bye…… And he leaves.

Ragini then drinks her tea and read newspaper.
Ragini: till when will I live like this??? I hv to find a job… I can’t be dependent on sanskaar whole life. I know he can take care of me but still………

She thinks…….

Ragini: but where I’ll find job……

O god its so confusing…. I will talk abt this with sanskaar….

Then a girl comes and gives her a food parcel to her saying sanskaar has send it.. She asked her to sit but she left saying she has work.

Ragini then ate her breakfast and watched tv..
After every hour sanskaar would call her and asked her abt her well being.

Later ragini called rp and asked abt everyone and told abt sanskaar surprise and got to know abt his likes and dislikes.

Later she slept for sometime..

In evening.

Sanskaar: I’m back. Ginu, where are u??
Ragini ( shouting from kitchen): I’m here sansku…
Sanskaar ( comes in kitchen): wht are u doing here.. U should be resting na… Chalo come with me…
He picks her n takes her to living room.

Ragini: arre leave me sanskaar…. Now I’m fine…
Sanskaar puts her down.
Sanskaar: wht?? Are u sure?? I mean… There is no pain na??
Ragini: relax baba… I’m perfectly fine… See I can jump ( she starts jumping) , I can also walk ( she walks here and there n then she hears cookers whistle from kitchen and runs there) see I can run also….
Sanskaar smiles seeing her and goes behind her in kitchen..
Ragini: u go n change i’ll bring coffee for u..
Sanskaar: ok…
He goes n comes back after changing.

They hv coffee.
Ragini: sanskaar I wanted to talk to u..
Sanskaar: yeah say na…
Ragini: I was thinking to do some job here… U know I get bored all day….. And….
Sanskaar: ginu from day after tomorrow u will not be bored anymore….
Ragini: matlab??
Sanskaar gives her an envelope.
Ragini: wht is this??
Sanskaar: ginu u remember u hv won a singing competition in ur college ?

( in the first episode off swaragini)

Ragini: yeah so wht abt that??
Sanskaar: So they wanted to give u training for singing but then all ur marriage and other drama started so they couldn’t contact u… But yesterday they called Dadaji and told abt ur training and somehow he called me and told abt it…. So I called ur principal and asked if training could be given in Delhi… So they agreed and ur training will start from Monday i.e day after tomorrow.

Ragini is shocked to hear this…. She started crying and hugged him…..
Ragini: thank you so much sansku….. U r doing so much for me its my dream … I don’t even know how will I repay this debt of urs??? Thank you so much yrrr!!!!
Sanskaar ( reciprocating the hug): ginu common yrr…. U r my best friend and I can do at least this for u… N no need to say thanks n all that… . N if u want to repay my debt then u can do two things…..
Ragini release the hug and wipes her tears…
Ragini: ya tell me wht I can do..?? I’ll do anything…
Sanskaar: acha… Really?? You’ll do anything???
He ask with a naughty smile.
Ragini ( worried): ummm… Yes say… Wht can I do??
Sanskaar: Then promise me you will always keep smiling…. And never cry….
Ragini: I promise sansku… And the other thing ( she asks him with curious and worried eyes)
Sanskaar: and second pls give me some tasty food coz I’m really hungry..
They both laugh.
Ragini: acha voh… Chalo na… . I thought u will ask for…
Sanskaar: ask for wht haan,,,??
He again smiles naughtily.
Ragini: voh…. Voh…. Main…..
Sanskaar: main main wht ginu????
Ragini: voh I thought u would ask for party. Yes party..
Sanskaar: ahh.. Party.. Voh bhi karenge….. But first lets hv food.

They both have their dinner.
Ragini: acha can I ask you something??
Sanskaar: y r u asking ginu?? Bolo…
Ragini: u also sing very well then y don’t u also join music academy??
Sanskaar: r u mad ginu?? How can I join?? I don’t sing that well… N also I hv to handle office….
Ragini: how u sing let the professionals decide…. N abt office… U can join the weekend batch…. I’ll also do the same…
Sanskaar: y will u join weekend batch?? Do in regular na…..
He said while having food.
Ragini: I hv to do job also na…..
Sanskaar: whts the need yrr?? I’m here na… Don’t u trust me??
Ragini: sansku this is not abt trust…. But I want to stand on my legs and make my identity…..
Sanskaar: ok I understand….. U can join in my office…
Ragini: sorry to say sanskaar but I want job only on my capabilities not on anyone’s sifarish….. I hope u don’t mind… I’m sorry…
Sanskaar ( holding her hand): ginu no need for sorry… N I’m proud of u!!!! N don’t worry first you’ll give interview then you’ll get the job… Okay????
Ragini: thank you so much sansku!!!!!
Sanskaar: its my duty ginu…. I hv Already snatched everything from you…. So somehow I hv to give u a new life…
Ragini ( keeping her hand on his mouth): sanskaar u hv not done anything…. N if u again said something like that then I’ll leave from here and never come back…….
Both cries.
Sanskaar: I’m sorry ginu…. I’ll never say it again….
Ragini: promise??
Sanskaar: yeah pinky promise!!!
Ragini: hmmm… Now finish ur food….
They eat the food.
Every thing was according to sanskaar’s choice . then they go out for a walk and have ice cream party.
While returning back.

Ragini: how did u liked the food.??? I made everything of ur choice…. ( while eating her ice cream)
Sanskaar: it was just amazing….. btw ginu.. How did u know that I like all those dishes that u made tonight???
Ragini: actually today I called papa as I was getting bored so he told me. …
Sanskaar: ooo nice haan…. Baap beti talks n all that…. ( finishing his ice cream)
After few minutes…
Ragini: acha sansku… I don’t hv my sitar.. How will I practice???
Sanskaar: ginu… Y do u take so much tension… I’m there na… Tomorrow we’ll go for shopping… Ok??
Ragini: ok.. Thank u…
Sanskaar: o stop it ginu… Chalo now let me taste ur ice cream…
He takes her ice cream.
Ragini: hawww……. U hv Already finished urs and now eating mine also not fair……
Sanskaar: ginu if u will eat this much then you’ll become more fat…. Already u ate so much in dinner….. Although all were my favourite dishes…..
Saying so he runs from there…..
Ragini: sanskaar k bache…. I’ll not leave u….
She also runs behind him..

They reach home and both fight like tom and Jerry where sanskaar is Jerry and ragini is Tom. ????

They come in sanskaar’s room and run here and there. Ragini is not able to catch him so she acts.

Ragini: ahh ( she holds her leg))
Sanskaar stops and comes to her.
Sanskaar: o no… Ginu r u alright??? For a ice cream u r running like a mad behind me… Now see.. Lag gayi na….
He caresses her foot. And she sees him lovingly but comes in her senses and beats him….

Ragini: caught you Mr. Kapoor!!!
Sanskaar: ginu… This is not fair yrrr….
Ragini: ahaan.. Everything is fair in love and war.. And this…. This is world war 3…. Hehe… Sansku tu toh gaya!!!!!!!!!

She starts beating him..

Again they start running in the whole house like tom and Jerry……..
At last they get tired and sits on sofa…
And laughs like anything…

Sanskaar: now everyday u do something and we end up running like Tom and Jerry……
Ragini: hawww I do no u do……
Sanskaar: youuuuu
Ragini: thik hai I do……
She said with a sad face…
Sanskaar: thik hai… I do… Fine??
Ragini: yeah very fine…..
Sanskaar: Chalo now lets sleep.. Tomorrow first we hv to go to orphanage then for shopping….
Ragini: yeah tomorrow will be a long day….. Chalo gn…
Sanskaar: gn….

They both go to their respective rooms and dozed off.

Precap: orphanage and shopping and a shock for ragini …

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