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Recap: fun at orphanage n ragini upset with sanskaar..

Now chapter 7

Next day morning..

Sanskaar Comes down wearing his formal clothes as he’s going to office.
Ragini is preparing break fast for them.

Sanskaar: ginu.. Today I hv to go to office… I’ll come at night… So enjoy ur day, hv food, watch tv or anything u wanna do… K…?? I hv brought this phn for u… All important contacts are here.. If u want anything call me or Pooja okay???

Ragini is not replying. She kept the breakfast on table n went..

Ragini: sanskaar ji I’m coming in 10 mins… Till then hv ur food… I’ll hv later.. N yeah thanks for the mobile.
Sanskaar: ginu.. Are u still angry with me???
Ragini: ahh… Y will I be?? Well hv ur food..
Ragini leaves.

Sanskaar’s pov :
No problem ginu… Rehlo jitna naraz rehna hai… Uske baad toh maze hain……
He smiles and then looks at food.

Sanskaar: woah!! Aaloo parantha with curd…… Ginu u hv won my heart…. I love u yrrr…… ( after a pause) control sanskaar… Wht r u saying…… Well now concentrate on food..

He starts eating.. After sometime ragini comes back.. She looks at the dishes on the table… Everything is empty.

Ragini: sanskaar… Wht the hell??? U ate all the food?? Only 1 parantha left….. Eat this also y did you leave it???
Sanskaar: ginu I was going to eat but u came.. .
Sanskaar makes a cute pout face.

Ragini ( angry): n whole bowl of curd also???
Sanskaar: yeah I love curd na that’s y!!
Ragini: if u love curd that doesn’t mean that you’ll eat whole bowl……. Disgusting sanskaar…. Now wht will I eat..???
Sanskaar: sorry ginu…..
Sanskaar bows his head down.. Ragini melts…
Ragini: thik hai thik hai… Now go…. I’ll prepare food for myself…
Sanskaar: u forgave me??
Ragini: go sansku….

Sanskaar goes out…
Ragini then eats the parantha left and sone fruits…..

Rest of the day sanskaar was busy in office and ragini was getting bored as dadi also couldn’t talk to her as shekhar was at home…..

Evening :

Sanskaar calls ragini.

Sanskaar: hello ginu…
Ragini: bolo…
Sanskaar: u don’t wait for me at dinner I’ll come as there is an urgent meeting.. N don’t worry u can sleep I hv keys with me…
Ragini: ok.. Bye. .
Ragini was upset as sanskaar will not come for dinner…
Later she ate her dinner n went to sleep. .

Night at 11 pm.
Sanskaar comes home n straight away goes to his room. After sometime he comes to Ragini’s room.

He knocks the door and then goes in. Ragini was sleeping.

Sanskaar: ginu…
She doesn’t move but her eyeballs move which sanskaar sees.
Sanskaar: ok… Ginu u r sleeping.. Then I hv to watch the movie and eat pizza n ice cream also alone… .. u sleep… Gn ginu…
He pats on her head n leaves smiling.

Ragini gets up.
Ragini: o god. . Now wht?? Ummm…. No worries ginu.. You’ll also watch movie n eat pizza n ice cream…. How can he eat alone…
As soon as she comes out of the room, Sanskaar scares her by making sound of dogs..
Sanskaar: bhau bhau….
(Guys samajh jao….)

Not ready for anything like this ragini gets scared and is abt to fall but sanskaar catches her.
Ragini’s eyes are closed and sanskaar is staring at her lovingly.
Ragini opens her eyes n they hv a small eye lock. Then ragini composes herself and beats and scolds sanskaar…

Ragini: do u hv any idea how much I was scared??? aisa koi karta hai….
Sanskaar: voh I’m sorry ginu… I didn’t know you’ll get this much scared…
Ragini: wht if I get heart attack and die then???? If i’ll die then only everyone will be happy na…… Bolo if…..
Before she could complete sanskaar slaps her…. ( not very hard but slowly on her face)
Ragini is shocked by his reaction.
Sanskaar: don’t u dare ragini speak abt death n all…. I’m sorry I told u……. I’m afraid of death ragini… I hv seen my two loved ones dieing in front of me… First my Dadaji then kaka… Also I lost kavita…. Now for god’s sake never say abt death… Pls……
He cries and tightly hugs her..
Sanskaar: now I don’t want to lose u ragini… u hv became an important part of my life… Do u understand????

He’s still crying and hugging her.
Ragini ( reciprocating the hug and tapping on his back and head) : I’m so sorry sansku….. I hurted u… I’m soooooooooooo sorry….. Pls forgive me…. She also starts crying.
Feeling his shirt wet, Sanskaar Comes to his senses and breaks the hug.
Ragini is looking down and crying.
Sanskaar ( lifts her face by his finger on her chin) : its ok ginu…. Now promise me one thing u’ll never talk about dieing…. Promise me…
He forwards his hand. Ragini keeps her hand on his and says
Ragini: I promise sansku. . I’ll never talk abt dieing and will never leave you… I promise….
She hugs him.

Sanskaar: I’m sorry ginu.. I slapped u… I’m so sorry..
He holds his ears ? and makes a cute face.
Ragini smiles and puts his hands down.
Ragini: now its enough sorry sorry… .
She wipes his tears and he wipes her tears..
Ragini: u were talking something abt movie pizza n ice cream… If I’m not wrong?? Hmmm???
Sanskaar: o my chatori ginu…. Every thing is in my room u go n select a movie i’ll come with drinks…
Ragini: drinks…???

Sanskaar: yeah I’m thinking that wht u hv wished i’ll make it true….
Ragini ( confused): which wish??
Sanskaar: arre u forgot abt yesterday morning haan?????
Ragini ( blushes) : sanskaar stop it pls….. I’m going… U come fast…..
Sanskaar ( smiles) : ok ok…. U go.. I’ll come with cold drinks…
Ragini leaves for room and sanskaar to kitchen.
Sanskaar is taking bottle from fridge when he hears Ragini’s scream.

Sanskaar runs out of the kitchen and reaches ragini who’s lying on the floor with her hand on her leg.

Sanskaar: wht happened ginu??? y r u sitting down haan……
He laughs…
Ragini: idiot I’m not sitting.. can’t u see I hv fallen….
She hits him on his head..
Sanskaar: I mean to say how?? I’m sure u must be dreaming about me or someone… He winks.
Ragini: is this time to joke.???
Sanskaar: ok.. Sorry… But now all plans cancel!!!

Ragini: y?? No…. Never…. I want to enjoy yrr. . Whole day I was getting bored yrr….
Sanskaar: but how will u go upstairs?? And if we bring everything down it will take much time Coz I hv only one cd player….
He thinks……
Ragini: sansku!!
Sanskaar: ya say… Got any idea??
Ragini: y hv u made this body n Dole shole n all if u can’t just lift me to ur room????
Sanskaar: ginu r u mad??? U r so heavy yrr…. I’ll hv backache for the next whole month n I can’t take chance….
He chuckles.
Ragini: o really?? Then in that case Mr. Kapoor i’ll sit here only…… U go alone… Watch movie eat whtever u feel like.. Then tomorrow cook for yourself and also do all household work urself….. okay???????
She turns her face.

Sanskaar: awwww…….. My cute doll! ( she smiles but hides from him) !! I was just kidding yrr…… Come i’ll take u upstairs….
Ragini: no…..
Sanskaar:.. Now wht??
Ragini: first tell me am I really fat????

She looks at her self with a pout face.
Sanskaar smiles at her.

Sanskaar: not at all!!! U r a barbie Doll…. Slim and trim….
Ragini: n wht if I become fat u’ll break our friendship???
She asked this with enlarging her twinkling eyes.
Sanskaar: ummmmmmmm. …… No… If u ever became teddy bear from barbie Doll.. U’ll remain same for me always…. Coz ik whtever ur body size be your heart will always be king size…..
They hv an eye lock.
Ragini is amazed with his words.
Ragini: thank you sanskaar for this lovely bond!!!!
Sanskaar: ginu… Haven’t u heard wht prem baba has told..???
Ragini: who’s prem baba?? N wht has he told.?? I’m telling u sansku don’t get into these baba. And all haan……….

Sanskaar: are meri maa…. Prem baba means Salman Khan and he said that in friendship no sorry and no thank you… Buddhu… ( he hits her head) …
Ragini: oo acha… I haven’t watched much movies na so idk….. Dadi didn’t allowed me..
Sanskaar: koi ni ji…… Now u r with me……. I’ll show u every movie….
Ragini: ok….. Vaise puri raat yahin bitane ka irada hai kya??
They laugh.

Sanskaar is abt to pick her in bridal style but ragini stops him.
Sanskaar: now wht ginu???
Ragini: pls can I climb on your back…. If u don’t mind…. Actually hamare paap ne toh kabhi hume apni back pe uthaya hi nhi……
She becomes sad n he can’t see her sad soo….
Sanskaar: come.. First i’ll take u to sofa there u stand then climb my back ok??
Ragini gets happy and hugs him then he carries her upstairs on his back… She enjoys and laughs while going up…. And he’s happy to see her happy.

They reach his room. He makes her sit one bed and does hee first aid and keeps her injured leg on a pillow.

Sanskaar: u select a movie.. I’ll comeback with COLD DRINKS!!!
Sanskaar goes out.

Ragini’s pov :

He’s so nice yrr.. . He’s making my every wish true…. I hope he always stay happy…
She prays to god then selects aashiqui 2.

Sanskaar: I’m back.. hv u selected!!
He keeps glasses and bottle on table and checks the cd.

Sanskaar: didn’t u get anything else??
Ragini: voh kya hai na…. I love Aditya roy kapoor…
She says with dreamy eyes
Sanskaar gets jealous.. ( awwww bechara ??)
Sanskaar: thik hai thik hai…..
He switches off the light, brings pizza, cold drinks and ice cream on the small table kept on bed.
And sits beside ragini.

Ragini is watching film while he’s watching her in between… . ( how cute na) …

They are enjoying the movie, eating and whenever ragini wants to go to washroom sanskaar would help her. At some points they would feel uncomfortable, at that time sanskaar will excuse himself.

Later at 3am they slept in same room only as ragini was not well so she requested him to sleep there itself by making a pillow wall between them.

Precap: another surprise from sanskaar.

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