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Chapter 5

Recap: ragsan’s sweet moments, friendship and shopping.

Now chapter 6..

Sanskaar: come ragini lets go otherwise u will catch cold.
They both leave.
All the way they were sneezing..

As soon as they enter their house both sneezes at the same time.
They look at each other and laughs..

Sanskaar: ginu u go n change.. I’ll bring tea for u.
Ragini: ok..
They both go n get changed.

At dining table. Both are sneezing continously and are not able to drink tea also.
Sanskaar: ginu yrr.. ( acchhi) It’s so irritating. ( acchhi) do something yrr ( acchhi)
Ragini: wht Should I do ( acchhi) ma used to make ( acchhi) kada whenever ( acchi) I catch cold…. ( acchi)
Sanskaar: ginu don’t worry ( acchi) i’ll call dadi… ( acchi)
Sanskaar calls dadi but it is switched off.
Sanskaar: o god…. ( achchi)
Ragini: wht happened sansku?? ( acchi)
Sanskaar: her phn is switched off yrr ( acchi)
Ragini: o no… ( acchi) .. Ok call ur dad na. ( acchhi) He may help us ( acchi)
Sanskaar: yeah good idea ( achhi)
Sanskaar calls rp.
Sanskaar: hello papa ( acchi)
Ragini signs him to keep phn on speaker. Sanskaar does the same.
Rp: beta wht happened to u?? R u alright???
Ragini: uncle ji.. Actually ( achhi) we both were drenched in rain so caught cold ( acchi)
Sanskaar: n dadi is not picking call ( achchi) we hv to ask( acchhi) her abt kada… Hv u met them ( achchi) ???
Rp: yeah I hv met them actually shekhar ji has taken their phn so that they don’t talk to ragini….
Ragini: wht?? ( acchi) They hate me that much that they don’t even want dada dadi to talk with me….. ( acchi) Now how will I contact them ( achchi) ???
She cries.. Sanskaar consoles him.
Rp: ragini beta don’t worry I hv given them a phn u can talk to them… I’ll msg u the no…..
Ragini: thank you ( acchi) so much uncle… U r like my dad ( acchi) thank you so much uncle ( acchi)
Rp: kamaal karti ho beta… One side u call me dad n other side uncle!!!
All hv a slight laugh.
Rp: call me papa beta… Like sanskaar calls….
Ragini: ji papa!!!
Rp: if u need anything just call me… Ok??
Ragini: alright papa ji…
Rp: aur haan if sanskaar troubles u just tell me… I’ll take his class!!!!
Ragini: of course papa!! Yeh bhi koi ( acchi) kehne ki baat hai???
Both laughs!!!
Sanskaar: this is good…. Dad u got a new daughter n ginu u got a new papa… But wht abt me haan??? ( acchi)
Rp and ragini: nothing…..

They both laugh.
Rp: ok… I think now u should talk to kaki sa n sleep now. gn sd tc!!
Ragsan: ji papa gn…

After that ragini calls dadi n ask for the recipe of kada.
Ragini: sansku come we’ll make kada.( acchi) …
Sanskaar: ginu.. First of all idk how to make it..( acchi) .. N second.. I think we
Should drop the idea of making it ( acchhi)
Ragini: y?? ( acchi)
Sanskaar: you know ( acchi) from the ingredients only ( acchhi) I can say that it would b damn sour…. ( acchhi) …
He says by making weird face.
Ragini: hmmm…. U r right.. But how will we control ( acchi) this….
Pointing to the sneeze….
Sanskaar: hmmm….. Let me think……(acchi) Yeah lets call Pooja….
Ragini: no noooo….
She snatch tge phn from sanskaar’s hand…
Sanskaar ( shocked by her reaction) wht happened ginu??? Let me call her na……
Ragini: arre she must b sleeping na….
Sanskaar: yas..( acchi) ..n we should not disturb her… So now wht..???
Ragini: listen I’m making kada..( acchi) .. If u want to drink then drink….
Saying this she starts leaving.
Sanskaar: but ginu… ( acchi)
Ragini: no sansku…
She goes n prepare kada for them….

She comes back after 10 mins. But find sanskaar sleeping on dining table itself.

Ragini: awww…. He’s looking so cute ???? but only when he’s sleeping otherwise he’ll just tease me….. Hehe…. But how will he sleep here???
She drinks the kada.

Ragini’s pov
I’ll take him to his room….. But noo…. How will I take him upstairs????? He’s so big…. Dole shole ( muscles) toh dekho iske….. ( she touches her muscles..) Ragini stop it wht r u doing…..
I’ll do one thing… I’ll make him sleep in my bedroom n i’ll sleep in his…. Good idea ginu!!! ( she pats her back)

Then she takes sanskaar to her room n then she comes to his room.
It was all blue n white.. Many pictures of maheshwari family were there..n . Some with 2 girls… One she thought to be kavita….. But who was the other one???? She also sees some soft toys there……
Ragini: omg…. Ceo of a big company have soft toys in his bed room….. Nice… I like it….. She laughs
Later she saw a guitar ? near the cupboard. Seeing the guitar, she remembered swara…. N some tears came out of her eyes. ….

Ragini’s pov
O god ginu wht r u doing?? U promised sansku that you’ll not cry…. At least for his sake don’t cry….

Then she sleeps on bed.

Next day morning.

Sanskaar wakes up… He’s fine now.
He sees his surroundings.
Sanskaar’s pov..

O god…. In one day ginu changed my room’s map… Nice….

(He comes out….)
O no…. Again I slept in Ragini’s room… Now wht she’ll think abt me!??? O god where is she. ???

Just then ragini comes.

Sanskaar: ginu voh…… ( he stammers) where were u??
Ragini: I went to temple..
Sanskaar: voh I’m so sorry ginu I again slept in ur room.. He keeps his face down.
Ragini: ( smirks) ( in mind) chalo lets trouble this innocent n cute friend of mine… ( to sanskaar) Sansku I thought u r a nice guy but u….. Y u did that to me last night???? Thats y u brought me here na??? Aap bas naam ke hi sanskaar hain.. ….
She acts like crying.
Sanskaar is shocked.
Sanskaar: ginu y r u crying yrr?? Wht happened last night??? I remember I slept on dining table….
Ragini: u remember that u slept on dining table after that wht u did u forgot??? I’ll call papa now…..
She smiles which is noticed by our sanskaar.
Sanskaar ( in mind) : acha bachu…. Hamse hoshiyari!!!!! Chalo now i’ll play ur game on u…. My dear ginu…. He smirks.. ( to her) ginu…. Actually u r right.. I brought u here for that only… I want some more….. Come na baby!!! After I enjoy then u call papa dada or anyone. I don’t care….

He comes towards her with naughty eyes n smile.

Ragini: wht do u mean sansku???
Sanskaar: wht happened ginu?? If yesterday u didn’t stop then y now??? Come we’ll have fun….
He comes more near her and places his hand on her waist. Both are feeling butterflies in their stomach.

Ragini feels shy.
Ragini: wht are u doing sanskaar??
Sanskaar: shhh………( He keeps his finger on her lips.) Don’t try to act smart with me otherwise……….
Ragini feels embarrassed and runs from there..
Sanskaar ( shouts) : ginu get ready.. I hv a surprise for you!!

Both smiles thinking abt the recent moments between them in their respective places…

After 1 hour.
Both are in car.
Ragini: sansku where are u taking me??
Sanskaar: ginu hv patience yrrr…. Its surprise na…..
Ragini: okk…
She switch on the radio.
Song: jadu hai nasha hai…
Both feel awkward and remembers morning incident.
Ragini changes the channel.
Song: ang laga de re….
Both look at each other. They hv a eye lock. Then….. Ragini again changes tge channel.
Song: pee loon….
Ragini gets frustrated n sanskaar smiles.

Ragini: not a single good song ha nhi toh….
Sanskaar: ginu don’t worry we hv reached..
He stops the car.
Ragini: orphanage!
Sanskaar: yeah.. U love kids na.. I come here every weekend… Come lets go. …
Ragini: wow sanskaar!! chalo…
She jumps and go inside. He smiles at her childish behavior.


Head: hello sanskaar beta….. How r u??
Sanskaar takes her blessings.
Sanskaar: I’m good ma!! U tell…. How r u n kids??
Ragini smiles seeing this shade of her sansku.
Head: I’m fine….. But kids…….. Can’t say abt them….
Sanskaar: wht happened??
Head: u haven’t come from 5-6 weeks si they are upset with u….
( remember he was in mm)
Sanskaar: don’t worry ma…. hv no fear when sanskaar is here…..
He lifts his collar…. Ragini laughs seeing him..
Head: who’s she sanskaar??
Ragini: ahh she’s ginu… I mean ragini.. She’s my best friend from Kolkata.. Now she lives with me..
Ragini: namaste aunty!!
She takes blessings from her.
Head: always be happy…
Sanskaar: ma u take her inside.. I’ll come….
Head: ok.Come fast ok….. Come ragini..
They both leave…
Sanskaar: So bacha party…. Get ready for ur surprise!! Heeaahaa!!!!
He smiles.

Ragini gets mixed up with children ?. N they also loved her company.. All are talking when suddenly light gets off….

There is some noise. :
Chaka Raka Chi Chai Cho Chaka Lo Rum
Gando Vando Laka Raka Tum
Akko Takko Iddi Giddi Giddi Go
Iddi Pai Vidi Pai Chiki Chaka Cho

Gili Gili Mal Sulu Sulu Mal
Maka Naka Huku Buku Re
Tuku Buku Re Chaka Laka
Bikko Chikko Sili Sili Sili Go
Bagad Dum Chagad Dum Chiki Chaka Cho

Light comes and also Sanskaar Comes in jokers costume with lots of chocolates n gifts n he sings song and dance with everyone.

Dekho Dekho Kya Woh Ped Hai
Chadar Ode Ya Khada Koi
Dekho Dekho Kya Woh Ped Hai
Chadar Ode Ya Khada Koi
Baarish Hai Ya Aasmaan Ne
Chod Diye Hai Nal Khule Kahin

Hum Jaise Dekhe Yeh Jahaan Hai Waisa Hi
Jaisi Nazar Apni

Khul Ke Sochein Aao
Pankh Zara Phailaao
Rang Naye Bikhrao
Chalo Chalo Chalo Chalo
Naye Khwaab Bun Le

Hey Hey
Sa Pa [Sa Pa] Dha Re [Dha Re] Ga Re [Ga Re] Ga Ma Pa Sa [Ga Ma Pa Sa ]

Bum Bum Bum[Bum Bum Bum] Bum Bum Bum Bole[Bum Bum Bum Bole] Hey Bum Chik Bole[Bum Chik Bole] Arre Masti Mein Dole[Masti Mein Dole]

Bum Bum Bolemasti Mein Dole
Bum Bum Bolemasti Mein Tu Dol Re Hey
Bum Bum Bolemasti Mein Dole

Bhala Machliya Bhi Kyun Udti Nahin
Aise Bho Socho Na
Socho Sooraj Roz Nahaye Ya
Baal Bhigoke Yeh Budhoo Banaye Hume
Yeh Saare Taare Timtimaye
Ya Phir Gusse Mein Kuch Badbadate Rahein

Khul Ke Sochein Aao
Hey Hey Hey
Bum Bum Bolemasti Mein Dole

( everyone sings and dances with him)

O Rat Rat Ke Kyon Tanker Full
[Tanker Full Tanker Full] Aankhein Band To Dabba Gul
[Oye Dabba Gul Dabba Gul] Oya Band Darwaze
[Khol Re Khol Re Khol Re] Ho Jaa Bindaas Bol Re
[Bol Bol Bol Bol Re] Main Bhi Hoon[Main Bhi Hoon] Tu Bhi Hai[Tu Bhi Hai]

Main Bhi Tu Bhi Hum Sab Mil Ke
Bum Chik Bum Bum Chik Bum Bum Chik’
Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum

Bum Bum Bolemasti Mein Dole

Aisi Rangon Bhari Apni Duniya Hai Kyun
Socho To Socho Na
Pyar Se Chun Ke In Rangon Ko
Kisi Ne Sajaye Hai Apni Duniya
Upar Wala Kya Hai Apni Duniya
Upar Wala Kya Koi Kalakaar Hai

Khul Ke Sochein Aao
Chalo Chalo Chalo Chalo Chalo Chalo Chalo Chalo
Chalo Chalo Chalo Chalo Naye Khwaab Bun Le

Bum Bum Bolemasti Mein Dole
Oye Bum Bum Bole

Everyone dances with him…
Ragini is impressed to his love for children.

After sometime he gets changed.
Everyone talks, eat, plays and dances..
Last but not the least he gifts everyone chocolates, toys and clothes.

They bid bye to everyone n leaves from there.

In car.
Ragini: sansku I didn’t know u sing so well…
Sanskaar: ginu…. I don’t think that I sing well. … But for kids I can do anything..
Ragini: u also play guitar ???
Sanskaar: how do you know??
Ragini: last night when I went to ur room saw a guitar there n ur name was also on it….
Sanskaar: yeah… Kavi gifted me that…
Ragini: oooo…… Can I ask you something???
Sanskaar: ginu.. Y r u asking just say!!
Ragini: I saw photo frame in ur room with 2 girls… On eis kavita I can understand but who is the other one haan???
Sanskaar: o she…… She is Pooja…
Ragini: Pooja… U didn’t told me anything abt her… Y??? Am I not ur friend?? n whenever I see u r talking to her…. Wht is this?? Itni baatein toh mere se bhi nhi karte…….
She keeps a pout face.
Sanskaar: ragini… R u jealous??
He smiles while ragini frowns.
Ragini: y would I he jealous haan?? N u see talking abt her u forget everything… First u call me ragini n not ginu… N secondly our house is left behind…….
Sanskaar: awww. . My jealous ginu…. I’m sorry I called u ginu….. N then we are going fir dinner so I’m taking u to a new Chinese restaurant ?…. k??
Ragini: wow Chinese!! But I won’t talk to u…. Btw who’s she haan???
Sanskaar: ginu u don’t need to worry.. Actually she’s kavita’s sister n my pa….
Ragini: wht???
Sanskaar: yeah…. She’s also like my sister…. But…… U…… U r jealous of her.. ?? Huh…
Ragini: o acha……. Btw I was not jealous ok… I was just asking….. N if u again tease me i’ll call papa…. Samjhe….
Sanskaar: oh meri maa!!!
He joins his hands in front of her. And ragini laughs….

Sanskaar’s pov :

Ragini I promise u now i’ll make ur everyday special n will always make u smile….. Now no more tears in your eyes…. I promise u….

Ragini ( moving her hand in front of his face) where r u lost man??? Lets go v hv reached…..
Sanskaar: yeah come…

They have their dinner.
Later while going back.

Ragini: sansku I want to hv ice cream…
Sanskaar: no ways…. yesterday only u caught cold.. If dad n ur dadi comes to know.. They will put me in fridge n make ice cream of me. … Then eat me for ur rest of your life…..

Ragini: don’t joke yrrr…. I really want to eat…..
Sanskaar: no means no….
Ragini turns her face… Sanskaar smiles seeing her like this..

Sanskaar ( in mind) Don’t worry ginu…. I’ll give u a surprise treat…. Just wait n watch……
He smiles.

They reach home but ragini without talking to him goes to her room n sleeps!!!

Sanskaar ( shouts) good night ginu!!!!!
He also goes sleep..

Episode ends with sad face of ragini and smiling face of sanskaar!!!!!

Precap: whts sanskaar’s surprise???

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Credit to: Richa

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