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Chapter 4

Recap: ragsan in Delhi

Now chapter 5.. .

Sun has rose… It’s 10 am but our hero n heroine are still having their beauty sleep.

Sun rays are coming from window.

Ragini and sanskaar are sleeping close to each other. Ragini’s head is on sanskaar’s arm, her arm around his stomach and he’s also sleeping peacefully taking her in his embrace.
Ragini is sleeping facing sanskaar.

Now rays are falling on them. Sanskaar changes his side and now both are sleeping facing each other. sanskaar’s hand is now on her waist. ( whts happening in sleep no one knows ?)

Sanskaar: ooo someone pls put the curtains yrrr….

He taps on Ragini’s face ( like happened in k3g)
Ragini :offo swara let me sleep yrr…..
She tightly hugs sanskaar thinking him as swara.
Then after 5 seconds….
Ragsan ( together in mind) : o shit….

Both get up with a jerk and are blushing like a tomato.
Sanskaar: I’m sorry ragini.. I didn’t know when I slept here. I’m sorry….
Ragini is so shy to say anything…

Sanskaar tries to go fastly but is pulled back with a sudden jerk falls on ragini giving her a slight kiss on her cheeks.

Now both are blushing hard. Sanskaar tries to free his watch from her collar but is unable to do so.. His hot breath is touching her neck making her more blush. Both are feeling butterflies in their stomach.

Soon sanskaar separates his watch with her collar.
Sanskaar: sorry ragini once again…… Voh its already late u get ready i’ll make……… You’ll hv tea or coffee???
Ragini: tea
Sanskaar: ok i’ll make
Saying this he rushes out of the room to make tea.

Ragini is thinking wht just happened now n touch her cheeks where he kissed. An unknown curve appear on her lips.
She goes to take bath.

After sometime when ragini didn’t came out sanskaar went to check whether she was fine or not.

Sanskaar: ragini where are u yrr??? Its been more than an hour… Wht type of bath u r having???
Ragini: sanskaar ji I’m in washroom… I forgot that I didn’t have clothes…. N these clothes are wet now…..

Sanskaar: don’t worry ragini I’ll do something…

He goes to his room brings another pair of his shirt and track pants.

Sanskaar: ragini I hv kept these clothes here… Wear this the. Later We’ll think of something..
Ragini: ok…

At gadodias..

Shomi coming out of kitchen.
Shomi: ragu beta finish your aarti n come to kitchen for my help..
Shekhar: shomi wht has happened to u?? Don’t u remember wht ragini has done with our swara n now she’s not here n never will be…
Shomi: o yeah.. How can I forget that…. But u know now I’m used to her…. But she didn’t do right…

Dadi: ( returns from mandir b hear their conversation) did u do right shomi?? n wht abt u shekhar???
Shekhar: maa I don’t want to talk abt that girl…
Dadaji: ( while reading newspaper) that girl is your daughter shekhar. .. Don’t forget that…
Dadi: one day you’ll surely realise your mistake….

Dadaji n dadi goes from there while shomi n shekhar continue to do their work.

At mm

At swalak’s room.
Swara wakes up n smiles thinking abt last night ( yes they consummated their marriage) She doesn’t find laksh in room so go to balcony only to find him in deep thoughts.

Swara ( hugging him from behind) wht are u thinking my handsome hubby???
Laksh: swara I was thinking abt sanskaar and ragini.
Swara: wht??? ( she sits on chair) u r thinking abt those ppl who tried to break our marriage??
Laksh: yeah swara… They tried but at last we r together na.. They realised their mistakes…
Swara: it was just their drama to gain sympathy from us n sanskaar look how he acted like mad.. I had a doubt on him but I ignored it…… they knew they can’t separate us… So they dropped the idea…
Laksh thinks.
Swara: offo now don’t stress ursself.. I’m going to freshen up….
Swara goes but laksh is still in deep thoughts.

Laksh’s pov.

Did I really did wrong with ragini??? ( he remembers all the things, where he tried to break his engagement, how for sanskaar he promised ragini for their relationship, n then betraying her by loving swara, Ragini’s accident,, everything) o god!! No… I didn’t do anything wrong.. Sanskaar was wrong, I’m not selfish ragini is selfish. ….

His thoughts are disturbed bt swara.

Swara: Laksh just forget her…. Come lets go….

They go downstairs.
Swalak: good morning everyone!!
Everyone reciprocate except ap,rp,sujata and uttara.

Ap :today’s your first kitchen ritual.. Go n prepare something sweet.
Swara: ok..
She goes in kitchen.

Swara’s pov :
O god.. I don’t know how to prepare anything.. Now wht??? Yes only one person can help me…. Ragini!! Yes….
She picks her phn n then remembers Ragini’s betrayal.
Swara :No… I won’t call that cheater… No wht??? Ummmm…. Yeah uttara..

She calls uttara inside the kitchen.
Swara: uttara pls help me na… In preparing something… Pls…
Uttara: sorry but I can’t help u… I would hv helped u but whatever u did with my bro I can’t forgive u… So do whtever I want ursself….
Laksh ( comes there) uttara how dare u talk to her like that….
Uttara: Laksh bhai I don’t need to give any answer to u…
She goes from there….
Laksh: how dare she??
Swara: leave her laksh now tell me wht Should I do??
Laksh: call shomi maa n ask her…
Swara: yeah good idea now u go i’ll come…
Laksh leaves. Swara calls shomi n ask for some recipe.
Shomi tells abt rasgulla and she makes it.
She serves everyone n every one blesses her..
Dp: rp, adarsh come we’ll go…
Rp: u go bhaisa i’ll come later… I hv some work..
Dp: ok..

Later rp,dadaji n dadi. Meeta at garden…
Dadi: did sanskaar called u in morning?? Actually our landline phn is not working n we don’t have mobile phn… Shekhar took it so that we don’t talk to ragini…
Rp: yeah everything is fine… We’ll go to meet them after they settle and ragini gets comfortable.. N yeah take this phn n tell me of there is any problem..
Dadaji: thank you rp ji… U r doing this even though u don’t hv any relation with ragini… Thank u so much. Nowadays own people turn their faces……….. Thank u so much….
Rp: ik kaka… How it feels…. Well now I need to go……

They all leave.

Here in Delhi.

Sanskaar goes out n after sometime ragini comes out wearing his loose clothes with wet hair. Sanskaar’s heart skips a beat n stares at her.
Ragini feels shy .. Shee sits on table n start having her breakfast.

Sanskaar: ragini u don’t have clothes so come today we’ll go for shopping…
Ragini: no I don’t wanna go sanskaar ji..
Sanskaar: acha that we’ll discuss later.. First tell me whts ur age???
Ragini: wht type of question is this sanskaar ji?
Sanskaar: no pls tell na….
Ragini: 24…
Sanskaar: ok… N wht do I think is my age??
Ragini: I guess 25…. But y r u asking this??? ?
Sanskaar: ragini will u pls stop calling me sanskaar ji???? It sounds so weird.. I feel like I’m 60 yrs old. …. Common yrr…..
Ragini: sanskaar ji aap humse bade hai Vaise bhi hum aapko aapke naam se kaise bula sakte hai??? ( sanskaar ji u r elder than me… N how cam I call u by ur name??)
Sanskaar: o Common ragini I’m just 6 months elder than u… N call me anything but pls remove that stupid ji.from behind my name ….
Ragini: ji sanskaar ji…
Sanskaar: arre Hadd karti ho I said to remove it from behind n u fixed it in front also….. ( he keeps a pout face)
Ragini smiles seeing him….
Ragini: ok i’ll try…
Sanskaar: ok… So from today idk u n u don’t know me. K?? It’ll b easy for you… So let me introduce myself… Hii I’m sanskaar kapoor!!! Will u like to b my friend??? ( he forwards his hand for a handshake)
Ragini: ok… So I’m ragini ga…..( she stops saying gadodia, she remembers how her father disowned her)
Sanskaar: ragini ga isn’t it a unique n a bit funny name…
He laughs.
Ragini ( giving an angry look) no… My name is ragini sharma….
Sanskaar: ok so miss ragini sharma will u like yo be my friend??
Ragini: ummmmmmmm…… Ok! Friends!!! ! i’ll call u sansku then…. K??
Sanskaar: yeah of course ginu!! ( he winks n ragini smiles)
They shake their hands…
Sanskaar: … Chalo now hv ur break fast then we’ll go for shopping…
Ragini: nhi sansku…. I told na I don’t want to go….

Sanskaar: ragini r u sure u r a girl ????? I think u r a boy ?!!!
Ragini: hawww how can u say that….???
Sanskaar: aur nhi toh kya?? Bhala aisi kaunsi ladki hai jo shopping k liye mana kare?? Tumhara naam ragini nhi ummmm…………( acts like thinking) haan raghu hona chahiye…. Kyun raghu bhai!!!!
Ragini: acha bachu!! Main raghu toh aap sanskriti……. Huh….
Sanskaar: are y e u changing my name haan???
Ragini: of course u r so excited for shopping.. … She smirks!!
Sanskaar: ok ok fine. But u need clothes na….
Ragini: ya but how can I go like this.!??
She looks at herself.
Sanskaar: oo toh yeh baat hai…. I hv a solution…

He calls someone
Sanskaar: hello haan Pooja
Pooja: yes
( ragini: again Pooja. ..Hadd hai… ) .
Sanskaar: listen send me one of ur dress to my home now via drive… Its urgent…
Pooja: ok..
Sanskaar ( while looking at ragini) : yeah.. N pls send large size only if u hv…
He chuckles while ragini frowns….
After cutting the call.
Ragini: do u think I’m fat haan????
Sanskaar: I didn’t say anything like that raghu bhai…
Ragini: i’ll not leave u sansku….
N she starts running behind him…. The while house.
After sometime both gets tired n sits on sofa n laughs uncontrollably!!
Then the door bell rings n sanskaar Comes in with a bag.
Sanskaar: ok ragini.. O sorry raghu.. Go n change then we’ll go.. .
Ragini: ok my dear sanskriti jiiii!!! ?
She goes n comes out wearing a dress ?.
Sanskaar is mesmerised to see her..
Ragini: shall we move??
Sanskaar: yeah sure..

Then they go to mall n buy clothes for her…..Ragini selects some suits.

Sanskaar: not again ginu ‘!!
Ragini: wht happened to u yrr???
Sanskaar: don’t buy these suits…. Pls…
Ragini: Then wht Should I buy?
Sanskaar :Kurtis, jeans,skirt, tops and some dresses like this.. .
He shows her some clothes..
Ragini: ok… I must say u hv a good choice.
Sanskaar: ik dear… Thats y I hv chosen u….
Ragini: wht???

Sanskaar: ummm…. I mean u r my frnd na… N u r so good so of course I hv good choice….
Ragini: o yeah.. Chalo….
They buy some other things also.
Its evening.
Sanskaar gets pooja’s call.
Sanskaar: haan Pooja.
He goes a bit far from ragini n talks to her…
Ragini’s pov:
Yrr who’s this pooja….. Sanskaar is so dependent on her .. Well y I’m so worried.

Sanskaar: ragini its already late… We’ll hv our dinner here only…..
Ragini: ok..

They have their dinner.

Now they are going back.
Sanskaar: ragini u wait here i’ll come back with car..
Ragini: okk

Sanskaar goes and ragini waits for him.
Then ragini saw a family where the papa was pampering his daughter and mamma was pampering their other daughter.
Ragini remembers her time with her family ? and then their taunts n rude behavior towards her. She silently cries which is seen by sanskaar.

But he thought not to question her.
Sanskaar: come ragini..
Ragini sits in the car n they move.
Ragini silently cries remembering her old days..
Its starts raining n ragini who’s not able to control her emotions ask sanskaar to stop the car.

Ragini: sansku pls stop the car..
Sanskaar: wht happened ginu??
He stops the car..
Ragini gets out and cries thinking sanskaar will not be able to find out.

Sanskaar’s pov :
Ragini ik u must b thinking that I won’t come to know that u r crying…. But u forgot that I was also in same situation 5 yrs back. . I also used to cry in rain so that nobody can see my tears…. But those who are connected by heart they come to know like kaka n kavita always knew that I cry in rain…….Now u r crying in rain Well I promise u ginu, that one day you’ll happily dance in rain…. I promise u….

He gets out of the car..
Sanskaar: ragini come or else u will catch cold..
Ragini ( controlling herself so as not to sound like she was crying) sometime more sansku!! Pls..
Sanskaar: ik ginu u r crying!!! U can share with me…

Yaariyan ve… Yaariyan
Yaariyan ve… yaariyan ve..
Yaariyaan… yaa….

Dil mera hai nasamajh kitna
Besabar ye bewkoof bada
Chahta hai kitna tujhe
Khud magar nahi jaan sakaa

( she sits on bench and cries)

Is dard-e-dil ki sifarish
Ab kar de koi yahaan
Ki mill jaaye isey woh baarish
Jo bhigaa de poori tarah (x2)

Sanskaar: ragini pls.. Now I’m ur friend… Don’t cry pls….
Ragini: sanskaar I hv lost everything to get one thing…..
She cries miserably.
Sanskaar: ragini don’t worry everything will b fine I’m with u….
Ragini hugs him n cry!!
Sanskaar: ginu now u r not ragini gadodia now u r ragini sharma…. Pls forget everything.. Ik its difficult but u hv to do it… Promise me , your new friend that now you’ll not cry for those who don’t care abt u… Ik u hv done mistakes but u haven’t taken anyone’s life.. U hv not done any sin…. So u shld not cry or feel bad… . Promise me.. U won’t cry again for those people…
Ragini looks at him…
Ragini ( wiping her tears) : I promise sansku!!
She hugs him..
Sanskaar: good n I promise that I’ll always be there for u…. ( they hv a cute – cry eyelock)

Episode ends with hugging ragsan.

Precap: surprise for ________

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